First Nintendo Clone Wars details... and don't hope for much at E3 19 Jun, 2008, 20:24 / 3 comments

In an article at Venture Beat, the first details on the Clone Wars games for Wii and DS were revealed;
...two additional Star Wars titles will ship this November based on “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” the new Warner Bros. computer-generated (CG) animated movie and TNT/Cartoon Network TV series.

“Star Wars The Clone Wars: Jedi Alliance” on Nintendo DS is the first game developed at the LucasFilm Animation Studio in Singapore, which is where the new Clone Wars TV series is being animated.

Krome Studios is behind “Star Wars The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels” for the Wii, which will deliver lightsaber battles via the Wii’s remote control. Although Star Wars The Force Unleashed is being released on Wii, Lightsaber Duels marks the first original Star Wars game for Nintendo’s best-selling console. Both of these new Clone Wars games will be playable at E3 and the Comic-Con convention in July.

Also it was confirmed that Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings is still in production, "a source inside the company confirmed that the original Indiana Jones game, which was first shown at E3 2006, is still moving forward with some of the development team from The Force Unleashed."

Update: There's a lot more info, including screenshots at this IGN interview.

Update by Tingler: The same article at Venture Beat also mentions that LucasArts will not be unveiling any new games at E3 this year. While this could hopefully mean Indiana Jones might make an appearance, I wouldn't hold your breath. Force Unleashed and Fracture are the only confirmed games appearing.


  • The Tingler on 19 Jun, 2008, 12:27…
    From readig that interview, it sounds like the Wii version is just lightsaber duels, there's nothing else to the game.

    And the DS version is sounding very Lego Star Wars-y. Being made by 'Lucasfilm Animation Singapore'? They sound like they have a lot of experience in videogames!
  • jp-30 on 19 Jun, 2008, 20:12…
    Actually... this, this and this.
  • The Tingler on 19 Jun, 2008, 22:48…
    I'd forgotten that!