Mac Central reports that publisher Aspyr Media has reached the Final Candidate milestone for the Macintosh version Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. Simply put, the game is very close to being released on the Mac platform. Here are some system specs for eager Mac gamers:
  • Mac OS 9.1 or later (including Mac OS X)
  • G3/400MHz or faster
  • 128MB RAM
  • 4x CD-ROM
  • 665MB free HD space
  • ATI Radeon or Nvidia-based hardware 3D graphics acceleration
Jedi Outcast for Macs is already available to preorder directly from Aspyr.

Booyah! We've got five more retro-articles up for your reading pleasure. Enjoy these new ones, and we'll try to have the last batch of them fully ported before you can say Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogery-chwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch!

Check 'em out:
  • Interview with Simon Jeffery (The First One)
  • EMI: First Impressions
  • Zak McKracken Review
  • Maniac Mansion Review
  • Super Bombad Racing Review

  • Mojo wants to be more than just friends.

    Hot on the heels of the last batch of shots, we've got seven new pictures from the upcoming Psychonauts. As usual, for those of you who don't know, Psychonauts is the new game from Tim Schafer (creator of Full Throttle and Grim Fandango) and gang at their new game studio, Double Fine Productions. Read our preview of Psychonauts here.

    These shots are primarily from an excellent story about Psychonauts and life at Double Fine that ran in a recent issue of XBox Nation magazine, now reprinted here digitally. If you get the chance you should definitely pick up the current XBN, as their article reads like a good version of our Double Fine story.

    Anyway, click and enjoy. (Unless you're trying to stay spoiler-free, of course. If so, don't click, and start squinting now so you can't see the thumbnails.) These are some nice ones.

    Another Friday has come and gone, meaning there has been another update. The Clone Wars product spotlight has several new goodies, although none of them are terribly interesting. In Bounty Hunter news, you can now view the ILM-animated intro cutscene over at There is also a new Bounty Hunter screenshot here, demonstrating how you can pick up some optional bounties in the game to earn extra cash (or credits or whatever.) And last but not least, you can look at some pretty cool new concept art at the RTX Red Rock product spotlight. Weeee!

    It took way too long, but we've gotten around to converting over some of Mixnmojo's featured articles from the Mojo7 era (Late 2000-August 2001), and have put them up for all to view in our features section. There are ten features that have been ported to date, and the rest will be following soon!

    Converted so far:
  • The Old Days
  • Barbican Museum: The Art of Star Wars
  • Contest: Create the Ultimate Insult
  • EMI: A Random Rant
  • A Day at LucasArts
  • Review: EMI for Playstation 2
  • EMI PS2 Release Party
  • PC Format Collectors Series
  • Trip To Double Fine (The first one)
  • Interview with Gary Winnick

  • We hope you enjoy these, and it won't be long before the remaining features reappear.

    Even though voice actor Doug Lee has portrayed Indy in Fate of Atlantis and Infernal Machine, it was not publically known if he would return to play the same character in The Emperor's Tomb. We even asked several LucasArts employees about this at the summer press event, and none of them were able to provide an answer. However, Lee's credit page on The Internet Movie Database indicates that Lee will return to voice Dr. Jones in the new game. Of course, who knows just how reliable IMDb actually is, since it also claims that Hal Barwood is directing the title.

    The SCUMM Bar staff has put up another brilliant section on the site: Interactive Islands. This section features and has shots of virtually every location on every island in the entire Monkey Island series.

    Warning: May cause mild to intense nostalgia. Please consult a physician before viewing.

    HomeLAN Fed has a nice Q&A with Jim Tso of LucasArts about Indiana Jones And The Emperor's Tomb. I'll just copy this text straight from Shacknews as it saves precious time:

    Q&As are about picking The Collective (Deep Space Nine, Buffy for the Xbox) as developer, why the game is coming out on multiple platforms, the settings in the game, how combat will be handled and why this game will be more action than adventure, among other things.
    HomeLAN - What was the genesis behind the actual storyline for the game?

    Jim Tso - We wanted to take Indy someplace that hadn't been explored in previous movies or games. The Far East seemed like a natural choice. From there, it was easy to pick 1930's China as the location since it offered so many opportunities for gameplay and storytelling.
    Indiana Jones And The Emperor's Tomb will be released some time next year... maybe.

    ...Just the way you like it. It's time once again for you to go vote on the excellent new poll: How Involved in the LucasArts Community Are You? We're curious as to how many of our readers have an LEC fan site tucked away somewhere. Feel free to let us know about it in the comments section!

    Here's the run-down of the previous poll, Has Mixnmojo sold out?: 43% of you don't care, as long as we keep making with the news. 37% of voters love us dearly and would never accuse us of selling out. And what of the other 20%? Well, we made sure to delete their accounts as a precautionary measure. Democracy wins again.

    The prolific Nightlight Productions, creators of the Grim Fandango-esque radio drama Tierra de los Muertos, has sold out big time begun a new radio drama series which is an outright parody of Star Wars. The first installment of Lost Cause I: There's No Hope! is available here. Listen...and learn!

    In addition to our previous report that the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb may be facing a delay, new evidence has emerged. boeffl points out that the official Emperor's Tomb website now lists the release date as spring 2003. This would contradict the original release date of fall 2002. We'll just have to wait and see what the official word from LucasArts will be.

    It being Friday, LucasArts has put up new gadgets and doodads on their site for us to play with and enjoy. The most notable, added to the 20th Anniversary site, is a video of the opening scene from Sam & Max Hit The Road. It looks stretchy and stuff but is really funny, so watch it anyway.

    Also on the 20th page is part 2 of The History of LucasArts, covering many of your favorite classic adventures (from Monkey Island 1 to Sam & Max Hit The Road) and everything in between. Also check out this Steve Purcell drawing from Defenders of Dynatron City, profile of RTX Red Rock's lead programmer Eric Johnson, and new screenshots from Knights of the Old Republic.
    10 has obtained a scan of this article from Animation Magazine. The article discusses voice acting in video games and focuses on some of the upcoming LucasArts titles (mostly Bounty Hunter). Here's a quote from Darragh O'Farrell, voice department manager at LEC:
    "Every project throws us some kind of curveball. We're always looking for Star Wars movie soundalikes, or in the case of Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb we needed to find actors who could speak Cantonese and Mandarin. So we're kept pretty busy."
    They also have to find someone who can replicate the performance of the late Roy Conrad in Full Throttle. Be sure to read the full article for a bit of a glimpse into the game voice acting process.

    Yesterday, the now infamous international Talk-like-a-pirate day, announced the release of a 1/32 scale model of Skywalker Ranch's own Fire Trucks!
    The Star Wars saga tells the story of larger-than-life heroes, but among the everyday heroes are firefighting and emergency rescue personnel who risk their lives to keep us safe. For the past five years, Code 3 Collectibles has been recognizing the efforts of fire and rescue workers through their high quality, realistically detailed, limited edition collectible models.
    Apparently the model boasts over 500 different parts in it's construction, is priced at $209.96, and comes complete with a unique patch inspired by the Skywalker Ranch Fire Department. Buy it here.... should you wish.... (nutters..all mad I tell you.)

    Source: Simon (Dave)


    Microsoft and gang were kind enough to hand over three nearly-new screenshots from Psychonauts. These screens apparently originally appeared in this months EGM magazine with an accompanying article which you might want to pick up and read.

    In the interests of spoilers, potential retardation, and saving face I won't attempt to guess at what the screenshots contain. We have, however, made some desktop wallpaper out of the middle shot. Grab it here as 640 for the lil'uns, 800 and 1024 for us normal folks, or 1600 for those with The Big Screen. ...Arr!

    Arr! I just be returnin' from an official Star Wars: Knights o' the Old Republic chat! The chat be among such scurvy sea dogs as the game's first mates and jolly minstrel Jeremy Soule ( Questions from the chat monkeys mostly be regardin' the original music fer the game. Here be some highlights from composer Jeremy Soule, matey!
    I've been an avid gamer for almost 20 years now. I've enjoyed past LucasArts and Bioware games greatly. Anybody remember Ballblazer? ... I've enjoyed many game scores over the years. I certainly loved the music in The Dig. It had such an epic quality to it. I've also enjoyed the music for Baldur's Gate. Great stuff.

    Arrr! *hic*

    IGN be runnin' a preview for Jedi Knight II fer Gamecube. If ye ask me it not be lookin much different at all from the PC version, but they have videos and some new screenshots! Arrrr!

    DAR! ECTS be the place that one fine pirate cap'n n' another did finally meet. Cap'n Bronstring from thee good ship AdventureGamers, long time Ally o' myself, Cap'n Spaff o' Mixnmojo, the finest ship in the high seas! We be Meetin' to discuss plans o' Grog Swilling and Treasure Yar! Here Be a fine paintin, painted by me first mate to commemorate the Day! YAR!

    Source: Jim lad


    Psst! Avast there! It be too late to alter course, mateys, and there be plundering pirates lurking in every cove, waitin' to board. Sit closer together and keep yer ruddy hands inboard! Today be official pirate-talk day so ye best be talkin' like a pirate which be meanin' lots of "yar." Yar. Aye, yar's a'pleanty. Ye best be leavin' yer piratey comments here. I have a parrot, and I be incredibly bored.

    This Thursday, September 19th at 5 pm PST, there will be a chat event with BioWare and LucasArts producers concerning the upcoming PC and Xbox RPG, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Composer Jeremy Soule, who is writing original music for the game, will also be online to answer your questions. Check back with on Thursday to join the chat and ask... things.

    Happy birthday to The Monkey Island SCUMM Bar, who has turned six years old today! The SCUMM bar is probably the oldest site left active in the community. Its existence pre-dates Mojo's by a little less than a year from the sound of it (we're about five years old). Since you all love them (or at least act like it when they're around), go stop by the SCUMM Bar and give them your best.

    Ok everyone, it's time for a new poll. With the help of a very angry two headed baby, Tim Schafer quickly dispatched the Skeleton Guy / Robox tag team combo, making Schafer the winner of Mojo Poll Showdown '02. Who honestly cares (besides Tim Schafer's mom, maybe)? Well, nobody. That's why we're finally moving on from that showdown business and starting anew.

    After reading comments in this recent news thread, we figured it would be fun to find out what people think about The Mojo these days. Have we sold out?

    I don't know what "selling out" really entails, or to whom we'd sell out (Besides those horrendous popups that keep appearing, that is. Damn them). Anyway, maybe you know, so maybe you can vote and then yell at us about it in the comments.

    Blow out the candles and wack that pi?ata, because it's time to celebrate. ScummVM, the fan-made tool that allows you to play LucasArts SCUMM adventure games on Windows and a variety of other operating systems, is celebrating its first birthday this Tuesday, September 17th. Stop by the Birthday Forum or the #scummvm chatroom on to wish the developers a happy birthday.

    For those of you who don't already know (shame on you), Lucasfilm announced last monday that Episode II will be released onto IMAX screens across North America. Here's what Jim Ward, Vice President of Marketing for Lucasfilm had to say:

    "Star Wars: Episode II The IMAX Experience will provide an entirely new way to experience the Star Wars universe, for the first time, fans of Star Wars will be able to see all their favorite characters, environments, vehicles and droids in a setting that is up to eight stories high and over a hundred feet wide."

    You can read the entire article here.

    That's right, with the conclusion of the tenth episode, Tierra De Los Muertos is now available for preorder on CD. This CD contains the digitally-remastered, much-better-than-mp3 version of the entire series, and 8 of 12, the man behind the magic, really wants to make it worth every penny. Click here to find out about all the details, and to read up about the preorder giveaway! Yeah, you like that.

    I noticed this a few days ago, but forgot to mention it until now. Monkey Mug, The fairly new Monkey Island fan site (located at suffered a brutal attack on it's webspace not long ago. Blaze Marley-Flamestrike, the site's webmistress, has forwarded all domain pointers to Mixnmojo for the time being. We at Mojo wish Blaze the best of luck on the repair and recovery of her site.

    Screw it. It's Friday! has updated with numerous little and big joys for all of you to discover. Finally some action going on around here today.

    This week we're treated to a brand new product spotlight page for Gladius. The new site features some additional screenshots, a tour of the world of Gladius, character and equipment bios, desktop wallpapers, a looping soundfile, and a whole lotta brown. Better take a look.

    Stopping by the 20th Anniversary Site will treat you to some concept art from The Eidolon, a game reference bound to confuse even the most hardcore readers [info on The Eidolon].

    Also included in this week's Friday update is a new screen of the week, featuring Jango Fett doing the Ben run.

    Today is a sad, boring day. If anyone finds anything newsworthy (or not newsworthy at all but at least entertaining), please leave a comment. My brain is about to implode out of sheer dullness.

    Skyfox, over at The SCUMM Bar has written an article about a recent trip to the Barbican Museum to visit their 'Game On' exhibit. More importantly, of course, was the fact that he met up with LucasArts' PR guru, Tom Sarris, and Mixnmojo's own Spaff and Lemonhead at this event. Go read about their wacky adventures!

    In what can only be describe as the most exciting news ever, the Double Fine offices have captured a mouse and have taken a picture of it here. Will the rats unite to rescue their captured furry friend? Will the enslaved mouse reveal the location of his hidden base and seal the fate of all Double Fine rodents? Will our hero ever complete his game on time and under budget? Stay tuned.

    Well, not exactly. An accidental fire broke out on the set of Disney's upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movie. The damage to the set will cost about $350,000 (or $525,000 as some sites are now reporting) and will delay production a few days. See, this is what happens when you mix pirates with curses.

    Since Mojo is notorious for *cough*some occasional downtime*cough*, and we all love you to death for still reading our site despite our *cough*outtages*cough*, we've got a special treat for all you addicts. Mojo reader and more, Riffage, has made a small PHP powered glee machine he calls the Mojo Server Checker.

    This handy page lets you check to see if Mojo is really dead of if it's all some bizarre video game level inside your mind. All hopefully without the need to try and hack our server! I'm sure if you have any questions about it, Riffage will be glad to answer in the comments.

    Nightlight Productions has released the final episode of Tierra de los Muertos, a radio drama set in a world similar to Grim Fandango's Land of the Dead, but with an entirely different cast. You can grab it here.

    For those of you who haven't checked this series out, or who may have missed an episode, they are all available for a limited time in the archives. If you're interested in what Nightlight Productions is doing, and want to give your support/feedback for specific episodes or the whole series, check out their forum.

    Also be sure to stay tuned for the next Nightlight Production: The Lost Cause: There's No Hope, a Star Wars parody, already in production. The first episode is set to air in 10 days!

    Ever wondered what the connection is between Tim Schafer's Double Fine Productions and the recording artist P!nk? Then read the latest news over at to answer these burning questions. Time to get this party started.

    Okay, I'll make this short and sweet so people don't get tired of seeing us repeat this. Adventure Developers has published Adventure Game Tip Number 4, which gives design advice from Bill Tiller and Larry Ahern. Be sure to keep and eye on this page for the remaining 17 helpful tips in the coming weeks, as this is probably the last time we'll draw attention to it. After all, we wouldn't want to become too predictable!

    Well, not exactly. But close! Kevin O'Hara, Community Relations Manager on the official Star Wars Galaxies message board, has posted a new message asking for gamer opinions. The design team is concentrating some of the finer points in the upcoming online RPG and are looking for some fan feedback to influence their decisions. If you like Star Wars games and have wanted to make a difference in a LucasArts product, now is your chance. Don't say I didn't try to get you involved!

    Cinefex has reported that George Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic has been tapped to do the visual effects for the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movie. If you didn't keep ignoring us when we talked about this, you'd already know that the Disney theme park ride was a major inspiration for Ron Gilbert and his creation of Monkey Island. They share such similarities as island governors, the undead, sinister curses, loads o' booty, and of course, loveable pirates. John Knoll, responsible for some of the effects in Episode I and II, will supervise the visual effects for this movie.

    Source: Corona Coming Attractions


    That old fart of a Monkey Island fansite, The SCUMM Bar has a brand new design. Well, it's not entirely new, but it is a huge step up from their old (placeholder) design, and combines many familiar elements of old designs. Go take a look.

    Double Fine Action News has two new updates, and here they are in a completely needless summary, as anyone interested has already clicked the link to the page and is gone:

    The most recent update, apparently written by Double Fine's office itself (Or maybe by Tim Schafer's computer? Oh, the speculation!) is letting someone know that their sweater was left behind at the office. If you own a blue sweater with three roses on it, you know where to look. The second update deals with Schafer's increasing infatuation with poorly drawn adult cartoons.

    Also, apparently there are some legitimately new screenshots of Psychonauts in this month's issue of EGM. "Not the one with that same old screenshot of Raz in the campgrounds. The NEW one with the NEW screenshots." Totally killer. You love it.

    Update: I got the description of the sweater wrong. It's "a small, fleece sweater with three blue roses on it." The roses are blue, not the sweater. Sorry.

    The Mojo recently got a chance to "sit down" and "talk" with LucasArts veteran composer Clint Bajakian. In the interview Clint answers questions and talks about his score for the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb. This is the first original score that both Clint and LucasArts have done that is recorded by a live, full orchestra. Go now. Go.

    This article on the Miami Herald explains that the 19th of september is 'talk like a pirate day'. This, as you can imagine, means that on the 19th, everyone should talk like pirates for the entire day, at work school or in the pub.

    I expect each and every one of you to uphold our pirate love, and blast away having the best pirate slogans the earth has ever seen. To uphold this, I vote that every news story we run on that day is also written in the lingual genius of a galleon bound swashbuckler!

    Shifting the regularity of their appearance from almost never to frequent, Adventure Developers has put up part three of Bill Tiller and also Larry Ahern's Adventure Game Tips series. The series is a collection of short pointers aimed to help new and amateur adventure game developers avoid design pitfalls.

    Finally, the moment you've all been waiting for: a new poll! After days of stalling and an amazing tied vote between Robox and the fat skeleton guy from that one cutscene in CMI, Round 3 of the Ultimate Poll Showdown has begun. Having tied, Robox and fat skeleton dude are now fighting on the same team, taking on none other but Tim Schafer himself (who won the second half of Showdown Round 1).

    Who will win? Only week after week of the same, stagnating, voteless poll will decide. To vote, just click on the team you think should win in the fight, down on the right side of the page.

    In its usual Friday evening updates, has posted quite a few new screenshots. First, you can view screenshots for the Gamecube port of Jedi Outcast on its official website. But wait, it gets better. The Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic site has posted some very impressive new shots from this upcoming RPG. And in this screenshot from Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb, it looks like Indy is about to pull the ol' casually-shoot-the-impressive-swordsman gag.

    Oh, the main page also contains a new poll asking, "If you had to choose, which character from Sam & Max would you be?" Let the good times commence.

    It was revealed today that the once familiar "Spaff" was today found updating news and taking an active part in the running of Mojo.

    Community members were sent reeling in horror as the 5 letters spelling the name were read by crowds of adventure hungry and Mojo "friendly" "readers."

    What could just be a sick joke by perverted Mojo staff, could also be the most exciting piece of news since that one the other day that you can't remember.

    Source: Unknown


    This weeks MCV, "The Market for Home Computing and Video Games," the UK based Games industry paper, has an interview with Simon Jeffery about LucasArts' 20th. He offers this insight:
    When Monkey Island 2 came out in 1992, one of my colleagues at Electronic Arts brought me over the box to look at. I was drinking milk at the time and when I read the bit about 'laugh so hard milk will come out of your nose' I laughed so hard that milk came out of my nose! True story!
    The article then goes on to say that, speaking of milk, maybe LucasArts "tugged on the Episode 1 teat a little too hard."

    As well as the interview, the cover has a nice 20th anniversary logo on it, whilst the reverse is a poster of the Heros for the next generation. Im not sure if its available in newsagents, but it should be dammit!

    Our friends at Adventure Developers have published Adventure Game Tip #2, written by Bill Tiller with Larry Ahern. The duo, in case you don't know, were responsible for The Curse of Monkey Island's art direction and design. Click here if you want some suggestions on how to make an entertaining and non-frustrating adventure game.

    Hungry for some intergalactic shenanigans? Then check out the official box art for the upcoming Star Wars Bounty Hunter on its official website. Looks like fun, eh? Pick up Bounty Hunter for your PS2 or Gamecube in stores this November... if you feel like it, that is.

    The LucasArts 20th Anniversary Website has been updated with a few interesting things. You can check out this piece of concept art from Mike Stemmle's Afterlife, a game I haven't played myself but a lot of people enjoyed. There's also a new trivia questions asking, "In what game did the line 'I'm selling these fine leather jackets' first appear?" If any LucasArts fans ranging from casual to hardcore answer this question incorrectly, the Fat Skeleton Dude will come to your house and kick you!

    As we reported earlier in our Editor's Day feature, Skywalker Sound was working together with LucasArts to create effects for the upcoming game Bounty Hunter. LEC just announced in a press release that the sound design for the game has been completed. Check out below:
    Marin County, Calif. -- September 4, 2002 -- Seeking another outlet for its Academy Award(-winning sound library, Skywalker Sound, a division of Lucas Digital Ltd. LLC, recently completed the sound design for Star Wars Bounty Hunter, a Sony PlayStation 2 game developed by sister company LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC. This is the most recent endeavor into games for the legendary facility, which has been at the forefront of the audio post industry for more than 25 years.
    "The gaming industry has made great technological leaps in recent years with regards to imagery, and it is only natural that sound design follow that curve," said Glenn Kiser, VP and General Manager of Skywalker Sound. "This project was a lot of fun for us, and we plan on pursuing other ventures in this market." The Skywalker Sound Effects Library currently contains more than 70,000 originally recorded sound effects, including master sound designer Ben Burtt's Star Wars catalogue, which supplied the raw materials for the Star Wars Bounty Hunter soundtrack. Recent feature production credits include sound design and audio post-production for Minority Report, Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones, Monsters Inc., Pearl Harbor, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, From Hell, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Fight Club, Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, Jurassic Park III and Titanic. Inspired by events between Star Wars: Episode I and II, Star Wars Bounty Hunter presents an original, compelling third-person action game which establishes the bounty hunter Jango Fett's place in the Star Wars galaxy. Gameplay emphasizes intense combat and physical action in the relentless pursuit of prey across six fantastic worlds and 18 levels of play. "It's a privilege for LucasArts to work with Skywalker Sound, who are world renowned for their sound design work," says Liz Allen, director of marketing for LucasArts. "Skywalker Sound's expertise enriches the overall game play experience in Star Wars Bounty Hunter, and results in a greater and more realistic level of immersion into the Star Wars universe."

    About Skywalker Sound

    Skywalker Sound has been associated with a total of seventeen Academy Awards for Best Achievement in Sound and Best Achievement in Sound Effects Editing. Located in Marin County, California, just north of San Francisco, Skywalker Sound is a division of Lucas Digital Ltd. LLC, which also includes Industrial Light & Magic (ILM). Formed in 1993, Lucas Digital Ltd. LLC is dedicated to serving the digital needs of the entertainment industry for visual effects and audio post-production.

    Funtimes are now!

    Just in case people never caught these pictures at Adventure Gamers, and didn't see them in the E3 Video Trailer Mix at, I've uploaded a couple older screenshots from Full Throttle II to Mojo for your viewing pleasure. Figured it was a good idea after reading the comments in the last FTII screenshot post.

    There's a new version of the popular software, LEC Quick and Easy available with several new features, including support for the CD version of Loom. For those who haven't heard of LEC Q+E, This program was written by bgbennyboy, and helps people running on NT-based OSes (Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP) play classic LEC adventures with full audio and music. Grab it!

    Update: There's also a new version of ScummVM Quick & Easy available for those of us with Windows 98/Me.

    Source: SCUMM Bar :)


    The latest GameSpy Bizbuzz had an interesting story about what happens when two gaming companies give their products similar titles. The players? Our very own LucasArts Entertainment Company, and newcomer Crave Entertainment. The games in question? LEC's Star Wars Bounty Hunter, and Crave's Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter. Go read it and see how this situation was resolved.

    Source: Marek


    In case you missed this one, our own LucasTones has posted an article concerning the upcoming film based on the Disney theme park ride, Pirates of the Caribbean. The article discusses the connections between the ride and Monkey Island as well as providing an overview of what we know about the movie thus far. Also, for those of you who haven't been on the ride, you can find a lot of Pirates of the Caribbean pictures, video, music, and more. Check it out. It's more fun than gettin' drunk with pigs. Yarrrr!

    In addition to our previous report of the PC Gamer feature concerning Full Throttle 2 and Larry Holland's upcoming game, we have obtained two scans from the article. First, you'll find a nice shot of Ben standing in what seems to be a 3D rendered environment. Secondly, you can see this somewhat crude scan of Larry Holland's new World War II flight action game. Be sure to buy the new PC Gamer issue to read the full interviews and gaze at two more teaser images.

    Update: Laceyware adds this:
    This is also in PCGamer UK edition, and the picture you show of Ben in a 3d world is slightly larger with more to the right. Unfortunatley, though, this has another picture in front of it, so the bottom right is covered by another picture. There is still more detail than in the US version pic, though.

    On Friday, published a new official site for the upcoming Star Wars: The Clone Wars, featuring all kinds of new stuff. You can now find wallpaper, an FAQ, vehicle information, and more.

    However, if Star Wars games aren't your thing, you can also check out this new screenshot from Hal Barwood's upcoming RTX Red Rock action/adventure game. It shows E.Z. Wheeler exploring the Mars surface, perhaps looking for the legendary race of broom aliens, eh?