For those of you who missed the chat or haven't yet comitted it to memory LucasArts has put up a transcript of the questions and answers. As usual with the LEC chats the actual rooms weren't logged, just the questions and answers sent through the moderator. Some people would probably be embarassed if that stuff was logged anyway. ;)

Also dont forget to check tomorrow for their first E3 game announcement!

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If you're interested, a Q&A with the EMI project leads, mostly concerning the upcoming PS2 port is going on right now at The chat doesn't seem super full so your question has a very high liklihood of being answered!

The chat is now over and a lot of questions (some pretty biting) were asked, which is not suprising, it being a Q&A and all. LucasArts will likely have a log of the questions up tomorrow if you missed it!

Here's some interesting news for all you developers and pocket pc owners out there. PocketAdventures, is an adventure game system for the Pocket PC under development by Kaiton Buitendijk. Two versions are now being developed, the first being "an easy SCUMM adventure system, for games like Monkey Island, Fate of Atlantis, Day of the Tentacle etc. There are just 40 commands to use." The second is "a jscript powered GAPI/Sprite engine."

Neil "Trapezoid" Cicierega, author of numerous Monkey Island fan songs, and more recently the deliciously insane animutations has been interviewed by online magazine The interview covers some of Trapezoids history with animutations and tackles some larger social issues, for instance:

What did you eat for breakfast this morning?
I skipped breakfast this morning. If I did have breakfast it would've been some Lucky Charms.

Thre is a site on the net.. it lists web designs people think are nice looking.. It's called Wowwebdesigns and we were added to the database today. So! You should go check us out and vote for us :) Go here to take a peek!

Lucas Learning is Hostsing a Game Play Event and you could win a PS2 and play Super Bombad racing!

Be one of the first to play Star Wars Super Bombad Racing and meet the development team from Lucas Learning! This Saturday, April 28th 12 - 4 PM, Lucas Learning is teaming up with PlayStation @ Metreon(R) ( in San Francisco to showcase Star Wars Super Bombad Racing for the PlayStation 2
computer entertainment system.

Enter a raffle for a chance to win a PlayStation(R)2 computer entertainment system donated by Sony Computer Entertainment America, a copy of Star Wars Super Bombad Racing, and Autographed posters from George Lucas and the development team!
Damn you Americans... the raffle starts at 12:00 p.m. on April 28, 2001 and ends at 4:00 p.m. Visit for
full rules.

If you've already visited LucasArts today you've already seen the monsterous, very cool (and very Star Wars) E3 teaser which has temporarily replaced the first page. Additionally, has been updated with a real web page, promising two game announcements the first and second of May, followed by what appears to be five more at a later date (the additional 5 titles are covered by a slightly clipped off panel). As to what kind of games will be announced, who knows.

Of note is the new slogan this year. Last year's LucasArts E3 slogan was something along the lines of "As long as there are new worlds to discover... we'll take you there." This years appears to be "Never underestimate the power of the force." Who knows though, last years theme reeked of "Original Title" but all were franchise games except one (EMI). Maybe we'll get the opposite this time around (heh heh)?


Bombad racing for the playstation2 is about to hit the stores, and The have posted a review of the game. Lets just say that i am gutted that they disbanded the dreamcast version of this game.. and I look forward to the pc version! Hooray!

Update by Mercatfat: IGN has another review up for your viewing pleasure.

LucasArts updated their site with a few interesting tidbits. firslty the 3rd piece of concept art for upcoming games to be announced at E3. this one is particularly odd.

There is news of another chat with Mike and Sean, project leaders of Escape from Monkey Island, this time in honour of the playstation2 release.

Finally a new poll, "Where would you like to spend spring break?" With options ranging from tatooine, to Monkey Island, and "my Couch" which of course i voted for.

Well me and a team of intrepid mojoites will be at e3 to bring you the scoops, but LucasArts will not be waiting for the show to announce all their titles. Last year LEC ran a "road to E3" run up type thing, where they announced one new game a week leading up the Expo. This year a similar tactic will be used, so keep your eyes peeled and your brains in gear - for new titles at in the next few weeks!

During our downtime over the last couple days LucasArts has updated their Screen of the Week, again with an image from (presumably) one of their yet-to-be-announced Star Wars titles. This shot, as well as the last one are from games which will likely be unveiled at E3, the Los Angeles gaming-industry trade show which runs from May 16th - 19th. Also, now has a miniature site up, instead of the redirect page mentioned in last week's update.

And our server died.... There was apparently some strange goings on with the server, and i'll let you know the exact problem as soon as possible.

Apologies for the down time, i dont know if the server will remain up now, or if it still needs repairs.. we shall see

StarWars.Com has had a complete site redesign after its fun & frollics of the 1976 April Fools joke. The new site design encompassies all the old features with new graphics and better navigation. Each visit to the site shows a different random image, so first visit maybe of Chewbecca & Han, the next maybe of the gorgeous Natalie Portman in her Episode I & II attire. Definetly worth a visit just to see the new site layout. Don't forget to checkout the Episode II section for your regular news and production images. An article on the Official site about the new redesign and the history of the site can be found here.

Hi, I've actually been sent some interesting news tidbits and an image or 2 to feature, but a fool emailed me 81mb, so i cant actual retrieve these mails very well right now. Soon come!

this public service anouncement was brought to you on behalf of, .. oh and you, you ungrateful sods!

Another Mojo Network site launches. This time, PureVideoGames. Powered by our Mojo7 backend system (developed by DJG) and Run by Jamesh, our hard working console editor, PVG will be bringing you news features and reviews for all things Console.
Anyone interested in Video gaming? Head on over here

Just letting you know that Trapezoid's infamous Animutations site, featuring Hyakugojyuuichi!!, Lesko's Revenge and other " crappy Flash Animations" has found a new home here at The Mojo after being booted from NBCi for reasons unknown. If you haven't seen this stuff you're seriously missing out!*

*For those who demand, oh, remotely on-topic posts instead of this jibberish I suggest you watch Attack of Simon.


It would seem that it is not only that think Star Wars: Battle for Naboo is rubbish. I just happened to get PC Gamer#96 this morning and I turned to their review on page 73 and found out that they gave it 34% and said ?Even the storyline is contrived and uninspiring?.

And it seems the only think they liked about the game was ?Our favourite bit of Naboo comes within seconds of booting up. Jar Jar Binks, the walking irritation, is crushed by a corporate logo.?

JustAdventure+ has put up the first part of an interview with LucasArts project lead (amongst other things) Hal Barwood. You may remember him from such games as Fate of Atlantis, Infernal Machine, Rebel Assault II, and Yoda Stories. The interview doesn't talk about one specific game but more about Barwood's thoughts on various aspects of the gaming industry. Here's his thoughts on "interactive movies:"
Personally, I think they're a failed experiment. And not just because it's tough even for talented writers to whip out reams of dialogue. I think interactive movies made an unexpected discovery about the human psyche: people don't want to be in charge unless there's something to be in charge of--unless we can meet a challenge. The equation seems pretty simple to me: interactivity minus goals equals boredom.
Read the rest here.

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An article posted on Ledgend of MI entitled "LeChuck's Life and Plot Holes of MI4" talks about exactly that. It was pointed out that this was a spoiler.. you should have completed it by now dammit!!! anyways highlight the text to read the quote
In MI4, you find out that Herman Toothrot (the hermit of Monkey Island) is actually Elaine's grandfather! How is this possible? You see, the story about how he got to Monkey Island contradicts the story he told Guybrush in the first game. I've narrowed it down to two possibilities..
An interesting read, if rather nit picky.. i'd rather let sleeping dogs.. well you get the idea. Read it here.

It seems LucasArts is warming up for E3 slowly this year, one pic at a time! The LEC featured screenshot this week is titled "E3.2001" and shows some concept art of an Episode 1-esque droid. You can see the screenshot by clicking the "Screenshot of the Week" thumbnail in the upper left corner of, or directly, here. Also of note is, which currently redirects to LEC's main page (instead of giving a 404). Possibly something to watch?

After their April fools joke declaring Gungans (Ja-Ja's race) to be the final playable race, StarWars Galaxies have announced that the actual final race is the Zabrak
Mysterious humanoids with vestigial horns, Zabrak have well-developed mental willpower that allows them to withstand extreme physical pain and suffering. Several races of Zabrak exist, each exhibiting different horn patterns, and Zabrak further differentiate themselves through strange facial and body tattoos. The Zabrak homeworld is said to be a frighteningly harsh planet.
Yes you guessed it, its the race of the mysterious Darth Maul dude from Episode1.

Just in time for the EMI Mac release, Andrew "telarium" Langley (who is one damn cool guy, by the way) has created a CMI Shockwave Memory Game to familiarize people with the characters from the last game. Go play it many times here!

Following from their weekly showings of the original Star Wars trilogy (damn fine films), Sky Premier and Sky Premier Widescreen will next week be showing the UK television premiere of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Despite it being a generally fairly boring film with mediocre actors, it's probably worth a watch for the special effects and pod races, etc. - Saturday night at 20:00.

Something strange overcame me on April 1st... I think my new Windows ME has a brainwashing facility built in... anyway...

Oh, and that thing about Spaff's job - not true - biscuit rations are carefully monitored. Still, send in your applications!

Spaff, our beloved CEO, was found mumbling and dribbling at his keyboard. The Genius behind mixnmojo was in Newbury this weekend for a Lan party, and was believed to have "played counter strike far too much" and his condition was believed to have started about the time his team were knocked out of the semi final by 4kings.

Spaff will have to spend the rest of his days locked away in a mental patients ward of his local hospital, away from the public, and away from the internet.

Gooseman, creator of Counter Strike, was reported to have said "Who? brain dead? thats not my fault, now sod off, im rich, i dont need you... Cliffe get back in your cell!"

We are now in turmoil and without a leader. If you want to be the CEO of mixnmojo please apply in the comments. Salary is $500,000 a year and as many biscuits as you can eat. Applicants must be bad at typing and good at using words Americans dont understand. Thanks.

The International House of Mojo is proud to announce that we will now be focusing on LEC Xbox coverage after we were acquired by Microsoft Corporation earlier this week.

"While we realize that LucasArts has not currently announced XBox products both Mixnmojo... and my wallet agree that this is where the future lies for console - and PC - gaming," said Mixnmojo founder and CEO James Spafford.

"I'm a Mac guy myself, but this is really cool," stated Mixnmojo administrator Jake Rodkin. "With the XBox around, who needs the G4? I know I don't."

"I love Microsoft. I always have," stated Mixnmojo's DJG. "I know in the past I've been an advocate of Linux, but with the donation of Mixnmojo's brand new Windows 2000 server, how bad can Microsoft be?"

It was recently discovered that if you put in Pink Floyd's hit album, "Dark Side of the Moon." at approximately the same time Manny hits the water in Rubacava after falling off the balcony at the end of Year 1 starts in Grim Fandango, the music and dialogue matches that of the game. Project leader Tim Schafer, when asked about the matter, refused to comment.

During a routine nerf gun fight yesterday afternoon, a LucasArts employee was sent to the Emergency Room after losing an eye. "It was all fun and games until this happened...." one witness said. "We had all the warning in the world..." another spokesperson stated, "all of our mothers told us this would happen." A memo was intercepted by our sources stating that all foam has been banned from LucasArts offices as well as the making of funny faces to ensure they won't stay like that."

After days of negotiating, the Computer Animated Actors Guild was unable to gain an acceptable contract. As a result they will be striking as of April 3rd, 2001, delaying and possibly causing the cancelation of many upcoming films such as Star Wars: Episode II. "We just can't seem to get through to them. Our contracts were poodoo. This was a last resort," stated Union spokesman Jar Jar Binks. "Meesa was looking forward to working with George [Lucas] on Episode II but not with what he was paying me. [insert high pitched squeal]" No comment was available from the directors.

In response to the recent 3DO lawsuit against LucasArts Entertainment Company, Narrative has raised his finger as well as his voice, pointing and laughing at the game giant. "You can cut the irony with a knife," stated Narrative when asked to comment.

"UPDATE" It was confirmed that Narrative did not in fact point. Sorry for the confusion.

With the profits of adventure games dangerously low, many prominent adventure game creators have gone under. LucasArts, as it stands now, is the only professional remaining adventure game developer in the United States. "To deal with this crisis we're going to have to lay off workers, outsource production, make minivans... er star wars games." said LucasArts president Jeffery. "It's the only way to keep up profits so we can make adventure games our fans love." A collection is being taken up for LucasArts. Please send donation requests to

Jack Rodford, a self named "Hardcore Monkey Island Fan" told Mixnmojo earlier today that he really liked Escape From Monkey Island: "I don?t get what all the fuss was about. I laughed a lot." said Rodford, a gamer from Reading, Pennsylvania. Rodford insists that he did, in fact, play the first three Monkey Island games before playing the fourth. "Monkey Kombat was personally my favorite part of the game," continued Rodford, "I couldn't get enough of it. When Guybrush performed the Charging Chimp you can bet that I was up out of my seat doing it right along side him." Rodford has set to start a club of "Hardcord Monkey Fans" like himself who enjoyed EMI. "With any luck, we can have more members than the number of people who have registered mIRC!" More on this story as it develops.

LucasArts, in a surprise announcement, is set to release SCUMM to the public this November.

"We've taken the plunge into the open-source movement made popular by software like Netscape's Mozilla and the popular open-source Linux operating system" said a LucasArts spokesperson. "Games that will be marketing using the SCUMM engine will have to pay 40% in royalties."

When asked why they chose this moment to release SCUMM, LucasArts replied: "Well we were browsing some fan sites when we saw this petition for the public release of SCUMM and we were convinced."

SCUMM will be released in source code adapted to the Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and BeOS platforms.

Ron Gilbert has finally spilled the beans about his story idea for Monkey
Island 3 in the British game magazine, GameZpire. Here is a section from the article:

"Three words: 3D ice levels. I always had it in my head that the third and final Monkey Island game would be completely rendered in 3D. Guybrush would find himself in the midst of a terrible Carribean snowstorm. The ocean would be completely frozen over, and Guybrush has to navigate across to get back home. The interesting thing about that was to have the physics engine work in overtime. Imagine, as Guybrush approaches a steep cliff, he just can't stop and he slips right over the edge... because he's walking on ice! Other games might have used an idea like this in the past, but I came up with the idea first. I just never got to do it. And this is before 3D games were even the norm! Maybe someday LucasArts will sell me Monkey Island and I can do it right. Of course, the game would end up back in a carnival, since that was the original secret. I can just hear the internet fans complaining now that it's out in the open."

April Fools!

Sadly, this year, we don't seem to have had anything on the fools front from, but it's made up for by sister-site Starwars.Com, with a brilliant green 1979 feel!

Check it out: