Public SCUMM! 01 Apr, 2001, 19:23 / 2 comments

LucasArts, in a surprise announcement, is set to release SCUMM to the public this November.

"We've taken the plunge into the open-source movement made popular by software like Netscape's Mozilla and the popular open-source Linux operating system" said a LucasArts spokesperson. "Games that will be marketing using the SCUMM engine will have to pay 40% in royalties."

When asked why they chose this moment to release SCUMM, LucasArts replied: "Well we were browsing some fan sites when we saw this petition for the public release of SCUMM and we were convinced."

SCUMM will be released in source code adapted to the Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and BeOS platforms.


  • lemoocow on 09 Apr, 2001, 01:35…
    too bad this is only an april fools' joke. *sigh*
  • Scid on 04 Apr, 2001, 16:48…
    Hurrah! That is such good news! - I can't wait to to see the results