Mixnmicrosoft 01 Apr, 2001, 19:35 / 5 comments

The International House of Mojo is proud to announce that we will now be focusing on LEC Xbox coverage after we were acquired by Microsoft Corporation earlier this week.

"While we realize that LucasArts has not currently announced XBox products both Mixnmojo... and my wallet agree that this is where the future lies for console - and PC - gaming," said Mixnmojo founder and CEO James Spafford.

"I'm a Mac guy myself, but this is really cool," stated Mixnmojo administrator Jake Rodkin. "With the XBox around, who needs the G4? I know I don't."

"I love Microsoft. I always have," stated Mixnmojo's DJG. "I know in the past I've been an advocate of Linux, but with the donation of Mixnmojo's brand new Windows 2000 server, how bad can Microsoft be?"


  • spaff on 04 Apr, 2001, 15:27…
    suing? using of course :P
  • spaff on 04 Apr, 2001, 14:33…
    x box will be suing a geforce 3, 1 ghz pentium processor and a whole bunch of other crap. it runs direct X. does that make it a pc in a small box?
  • Jake on 03 Apr, 2001, 22:16…
    thank god for april fools :) i'd buy a pc before i bought an x-box... oh wait.
  • Crocodilic on 02 Apr, 2001, 22:17…
    DAMN YOU DAMN YOU DAMN YOU ALL!!!! i need to go and change the settings now for another news type!
  • GregD on 02 Apr, 2001, 15:35…
    GeForce2 and 3 will always 0wn all console based graphics :P Although its an Nvidia graphics chip in Xbox right?