EMI PS2 Transcript 30 Apr, 2001, 23:18 / 5 comments

For those of you who missed the chat or haven't yet comitted it to memory LucasArts has put up a transcript of the questions and answers. As usual with the LEC chats the actual rooms weren't logged, just the questions and answers sent through the moderator. Some people would probably be embarassed if that stuff was logged anyway. ;)

Also dont forget to check tomorrow for their first E3 game announcement!

Source: CROC



  • Pedgey on 01 May, 2001, 21:38…
    GRRNESS! They didn't post my death threat! :(
  • Sopabuena on 01 May, 2001, 17:50…
    "Vroom Vroom"? Whats that, ft2?
  • Sloth on 01 May, 2001, 02:30…
    "lightfoot: will any other classic lucasarts adventure games be updated for pc or ps2? Monkey_Team: If y'all demand it, anything's possible." I smell another few hundred petitions coming, as if we didn't already have enough.
  • TaXicab on 01 May, 2001, 04:23…
    if you only knew the sad horrible truth. :(
  • mercatfat on 01 May, 2001, 03:37…
    You think people would have learned by now that those petitions never work.