Hal Barwood Interview 09 Apr, 2001, 23:22 / 0 comments

JustAdventure+ has put up the first part of an interview with LucasArts project lead (amongst other things) Hal Barwood. You may remember him from such games as Fate of Atlantis, Infernal Machine, Rebel Assault II, and Yoda Stories. The interview doesn't talk about one specific game but more about Barwood's thoughts on various aspects of the gaming industry. Here's his thoughts on "interactive movies:"
Personally, I think they're a failed experiment. And not just because it's tough even for talented writers to whip out reams of dialogue. I think interactive movies made an unexpected discovery about the human psyche: people don't want to be in charge unless there's something to be in charge of--unless we can meet a challenge. The equation seems pretty simple to me: interactivity minus goals equals boredom.
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