Bombad Racing Review 24 Apr, 2001, 10:04 / 2 comments

Bombad racing for the playstation2 is about to hit the stores, and The have posted a review of the game. Lets just say that i am gutted that they disbanded the dreamcast version of this game.. and I look forward to the pc version! Hooray!

Update by Mercatfat: IGN has another review up for your viewing pleasure.


  • Jake on 25 Apr, 2001, 04:05…
    It really sounds like it could be quite fun. Like episode 1 racer except with more than moving fast? Heh. I thought there was originally going to be a Mac version of this product since, erm, all LucasLearning games are for both... and the Ep 1 racer engine (which I assume this is based on) was ported already... Huh well thats kinda lame. No mention of Macs on the site anywhere :(
  • mercatfat on 26 Apr, 2001, 00:10…
    And no Dreamcast version either.. Insane.