New Easter Egg! 01 Apr, 2001, 19:25 / 2 comments

It was recently discovered that if you put in Pink Floyd's hit album, "Dark Side of the Moon." at approximately the same time Manny hits the water in Rubacava after falling off the balcony at the end of Year 1 starts in Grim Fandango, the music and dialogue matches that of the game. Project leader Tim Schafer, when asked about the matter, refused to comment.


  • Voodoo on 03 Apr, 2001, 10:34…
    This is a TOTAL quincidence. Or is it?
  • Kingzjester on 01 Apr, 2001, 22:12…
    I think you're mistaken. It is not the Dark SIde of the moon, but Waters's new album, and not when Manny hits water, but when he starts to fall. Yust clearing some things up. Tis could have vaused major riots in the community.