WOW! designs 25 Apr, 2001, 20:38 / 2 comments

Thre is a site on the net.. it lists web designs people think are nice looking.. It's called Wowwebdesigns and we were added to the database today. So! You should go check us out and vote for us :) Go here to take a peek!


  • spaff on 26 Apr, 2001, 09:55…
    why thank you.. it took 7 revisions to get that to work :)
  • Mad Lord Snapcase on 25 Apr, 2001, 21:25…
    I looked through a bunch of the Top 25 and, well, this site is superior to all of them. It's main advantage is its ability to display a lot of information clearly without an any clutter, and still be aesthetically pleasing.