Naboo PCG Review 11 Apr, 2001, 08:16 / 2 comments

It would seem that it is not only that think Star Wars: Battle for Naboo is rubbish. I just happened to get PC Gamer#96 this morning and I turned to their review on page 73 and found out that they gave it 34% and said ?Even the storyline is contrived and uninspiring?.

And it seems the only think they liked about the game was ?Our favourite bit of Naboo comes within seconds of booting up. Jar Jar Binks, the walking irritation, is crushed by a corporate logo.?


  • Glottis on 11 Apr, 2001, 19:53…
    In the US version of PCGamer Naboo was given a 15%.
  • El_Pollo_Diablo on 11 Apr, 2001, 20:19…
    Oh sorry I forgot to mention that this was the british PC Gamer