OK, so my German isn't what it used to be (and it wasn't that good in the first place,) but it looks to me like the German PAL version of the ausgezeichnete game Psychonauts is quite possibly to be found. Discuss, particularly if you know German.

Telltale has just made a physical version of Out from Boneville available from their web site. It costs $24.99, and here's the description:

Add the Out from Boneville CD-ROM to your home game library in an attractively designed DVD slipcase. Includes complete Bone game, along with the game's music tracks in MP3 format, liner notes from the score's composer, digital collector cards and promotional videos.

And you can start playing right away! Includes the downloadable version for free!
There are also bundles with the comics available. And lower international shipping. So that's pretty cool, despite all the extra material being available online (I'm assuming "promotional videos" means the trailer and the "Bringing Bone to Life" video). So buy it!

As far as I know this will only be available from Telltale's site, however a cardboard boxed version of Telltale Texas Hold'em exists and has been found at places like Best Buy so you never know.

EDIT: Woah, check it out! Apparently if you bought the game online already you can get the packaged version for a mere $4.99. To take advantage of this offer, which expires on February 28th, just type your order number from when you bought the game into the promo code box. (Note: This only works if you've bought the game on or before January 26th.)

Don't know what the hell I'm talking about? Clearly you're not hip. Enlighten yourself by gazing at the lovely fourth installment of the Sam & Max web comic.

Once upon a time the dudes over at The SCUMM Bar posted some info about an animated Monkey Island movie that was under development (and later canceled.) And it was good. As it turns out, Tony Stacchi, the artist behind the concept art, has posted some more movie art in his portfolio. Like Guybrush. And The SCUMM Bar. (Apparently Stacchi doesn't like direct links to his images, so either go to his folio for more, or copy and paste the links in your browser to access those images directly.)

Little is known about the movie, other than that it was supposed to combine the three first games into one new original story. Judging by the art, it also looks like Guybrush would have a (no doubt wise-cracking) sidekick in a monkey also. Head over to Stacchi's site for some more Monkey Island movie art.

While clicking around on Wikipedia one can find some strange things. Like the Max Rebo Band. Or that the leet speak page mentions a 1337 cheat for Psychonauts.

So what does that mean? Execute the cheat, and the subtitles will look 50//3th1ng l1k3 t|-|15. In addition the character names are replaced with those who worked on the game. Oleander, for example, turns into "Schafer." That's minutes of fun right there! So how do you activate it? Simply press this button combination for the Xbox version: "White," "A," "Left analog stick," "White," "White," "B."

A special prize will be given to those who get a good screenshot of this, and for anyone who can figure out how to do it on the PC or the PS2.Benzo figured it all out in the comments.

l337 shot

Even if it's worth mentioning for no other reason than because it's been centuries since anything not Star Wars related has appeared on the LucasArts web site, it might interest you to check out this week's member poll. Why? Because it asks what your favorite "classic" LucasArts game is, with choices such as RTX, Wrath Warth Unleased, and a few of those adorable adventure games, too. Go vote so you can support some pathetic hope that the results will elicit something other than sarcastic pity from LucasArts management.


Well, yes it is a Star Wars game, but the development house "Petroglyph" is made up largely of the old Westwood RTS team who have been know to put out a decent game or two in their time.

Will the release of "Empire at War" usher in a new era of Star Wars strategy games? The ones released so far have all met with mixed reviews.

We'll get our first hands-on taster of "Empire At War" on January 18 when the demo is released. Keep your eye on the official site for more details and download locations.

The full game is due out on February 16.

Source: LucasArts


Didn't want to see the third page of the online Sam & Max comic, eh? Well that's just too damn bad. Enjoy its brilliance and keep your eyes peeled for any further additions at the Telltale site.

Note: News post artificially expanded to at least three sentences at the commandment of Scummbuddy, who is apparently pretty strict when it comes to this sort of thing. ;)

Can you get enough of Psychonauts? Because we sure can't! And neither can PC Zone!

The magazine has published a four page look at how the game was made in their one hundred and sixty-forth issue. Here's a quote:
"I made in-depth back-stories for all the kids, describing where they grew up, what their hobbies were, who their friends were, who they had crushes on and who they hated. I made Internet profiles for all of them as if they were members of an online social network..."
Rock on!


The next time you see the Remi walking down the street you might very well notice that he's sporting this Kochamara T-Shirt. Or possibly a Lily shirt. But not the Mr. Pokelope Baby One Piece, because that'd be silly. Yes, Double Fine has updated their store, and it is good.

In related news, there's a Schafer story in Southwest Airlines's current "in flight magazine" Spirit. I had the joy of reading it a few weeks back, and it's... Well, it's kind of dull, but there's a cool collage of Schafer's more famous characters in there.

Apparently Double Fine is also featured in this month's Play.

And that's today's Action News recap.

I got a bit lazy over Christmas and did nothing but eat mince pies and watch Arrested Development. I now have to pay for liposuction.

But in other news, Jennifer Calapuno built a statue of purple tentacle... out of snow!! See it here.

And I noticed the other day that the Double Fine store was selling Christmas cards. I completely missed that. How did I miss that?

But don't cry too hard because word is that there will soon be character based clothing for you to buy and wrap your thin gangly limbs in! Take a look at the news and cheeky hints here.

And someone e-mailed me about this. It has Tim Schafer in it so it must be awesome.

Adventure Europe has an exclusive new background piece from A Vampyre Story, and man oh man does it look great. The image is presented in an article that announces the game as the winner of the, uh, "Most Awaited Adventure Game of the Adventure Europe Adventure Developers Online Conference 2005" award, no doubt among the most prestigious awards you can get from Adventure Europe. The article also provides some context for the screenshot in the story, so if you're into spoilers check it out.

According to Bill Tiller's last news post there are more pictures probably coming soon(ish) on the Autumn Moon web site itself, so stay tuned.

Gabzo edit: Hee, you posted this seconds before I posted my update! Well, I basically just said the same thing, though I think it's also worth mentioning that there's this amusing but spot on article looking at Bad Brain Entertainment to read as well.

Seeing that some of you may not be reading our forums, you may very well have missed this piece of fan music. In fact, it's more than music; in the video you can see an obviously Ritalin popped-up w3sp playing nusic from the Monkey Island games on a piano. And it's pretty great.

So go download!

Spaff, or whomever was using his ICQ client, thinks you should know about this page from Something Awful's most recent Photoshop Phriday.

Happy New Year.