More Monkey movie art 24 Jan, 2006, 20:29 / 10 comments

Once upon a time the dudes over at The SCUMM Bar posted some info about an animated Monkey Island movie that was under development (and later canceled.) And it was good. As it turns out, Tony Stacchi, the artist behind the concept art, has posted some more movie art in his portfolio. Like Guybrush. And The SCUMM Bar. (Apparently Stacchi doesn't like direct links to his images, so either go to his folio for more, or copy and paste the links in your browser to access those images directly.)

Little is known about the movie, other than that it was supposed to combine the three first games into one new original story. Judging by the art, it also looks like Guybrush would have a (no doubt wise-cracking) sidekick in a monkey also. Head over to Stacchi's site for some more Monkey Island movie art.


  • frozenhamster on 25 Jan, 2006, 23:06…
    I can't seem to open any of his website. Can someone send me the pictures to ?

    Corey Atad
  • The Tingler on 25 Jan, 2006, 17:56…
    Does that 'Pirate Battle' picture look like a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean to anyone?
  • Big_Whoop on 25 Jan, 2006, 21:27…
    Yea, you are right. It must be a rip-of... Look! There is the sea, two ships, some ships shooting at each others. Lets Crusade against this misuse of MI-originality!!!!

    By the way... Is it just me or are more and more pictures from the movie comming up.

    It is also interesting to see that he was in the original concept-creation of Corpse Bride in 98-and onwards...
  • JBRAA on 25 Jan, 2006, 03:16…
    I dont find the images awesome.

    Very nice news, and interesting though.

    The artist is talanted, but I dont understand WHO decided that a MI movie should alienate it fanbase? The pics looks like abit like MI1+CMI (like said in the news), but it has also added terrible "horror and gutter" concept into the images, and removed the "child game, concept" which represented the "fun" in MI series.

    Isnt the MI concept is more adventure + fun + sassy jokes + real story that grabs you into it? Or something along those lines?

    So sorry to say for the artist, nothing personal, I am glad this movie with this concept didnt make it.
  • Remi O on 25 Jan, 2006, 04:27…
    Purcell was fairly involved with the project, so I think they had a decent idea where they were going with the look.

    With that said, I don't get the seamonsters or whatever they're supposed to be. I'm guessing they were trying to appeal to a younger audience or something.
  • JBRAA on 25 Jan, 2006, 09:52…
    Purcell was fairly involved with the project, so I think they had a decent idea where they were going with the look. <<<< RE:

    Yes, I dont doubt they knew where they were going.

    I wonder this:

    Purcell was involved, but how does that mean that the concept for the MI movie has to FOLLOW the concepts as seen in any of the MI games.

    I guess "they" (whoever that is, not Purcell I'd guess), could decide to do almost whatever they like, with the old MI stuff. Who own, or decides over the MI concept anyway? (Ron probably should, but I dont know enough to know what to think)

    Im saying "they" could change the MI concept as they wish, and still know where they were going, because its easier to know where you are going, if you are following your own direction or concept.

    Doesn it seems easier to NOT follow one of the original concepts (MI1 or CMI for example)?

    And instead take a little of both, and also add some more ideas of your own, that seem fairly good, than to ACTUALLY mimic or follow each and every detail of one of the MI concept.

    I havent thought much about this whole MI concept thing, but this was my first reaction anyway.
  • JBRAA on 25 Jan, 2006, 03:24…
    My personal opinion, nobody has to agree.
  • Haggis on 25 Jan, 2006, 21:35…
    I agree.
  • Udvarnoky on 24 Jan, 2006, 21:33…
    Very nice find.
  • Paco on 24 Jan, 2006, 20:53…