New Vampyre screenshot 05 Jan, 2006, 00:29 / 5 comments

Adventure Europe has an exclusive new background piece from A Vampyre Story, and man oh man does it look great. The image is presented in an article that announces the game as the winner of the, uh, "Most Awaited Adventure Game of the Adventure Europe Adventure Developers Online Conference 2005" award, no doubt among the most prestigious awards you can get from Adventure Europe. The article also provides some context for the screenshot in the story, so if you're into spoilers check it out.

According to Bill Tiller's last news post there are more pictures probably coming soon(ish) on the Autumn Moon web site itself, so stay tuned.

Gabzo edit: Hee, you posted this seconds before I posted my update! Well, I basically just said the same thing, though I think it's also worth mentioning that there's this amusing but spot on article looking at Bad Brain Entertainment to read as well.


  • Udvarnoky on 05 Jan, 2006, 00:43…
    Wow, I didn't check that article. Dimitris sure is singing a very different tune than he was back when all that was happening, whether he was tearing apart anyone who dared to question BBE or defaming news sources.
  • Remi O on 05 Jan, 2006, 15:19…
    Honest to god I don't know why Autumn Moon is doing anything with Dimi. To think I thought that JA+ was bad.
  • Gabez on 05 Jan, 2006, 00:51…
    Heh yeah, though to be fair he admits that he was as fooled as many other people were.

    In my humble opinion the article doesn't beat my SCUMM Bar comics though. ;-*
  • Udvarnoky on 05 Jan, 2006, 01:05…
    Those were brilliant, but I'm still waiting for LEC Killer 2.
  • Gabez on 05 Jan, 2006, 01:21…
    Haha, it was a mistake to say that I was going to do that... but when you're a developer you always get carried away (just like Wolfgang did, I guess). It takes huge self control to not hype up everything you do or think about.

    So, sorry about the lack of LEC Killer 2... I did start making it though, and got quite far, but I had to abadon it because The Games Factory sucks for making adventure games. Thinking about this makes me want to start up the project again using AGS though, so you never know. :)