Psychonauts is 1337 20 Jan, 2006, 21:07 / 8 comments

While clicking around on Wikipedia one can find some strange things. Like the Max Rebo Band. Or that the leet speak page mentions a 1337 cheat for Psychonauts.

So what does that mean? Execute the cheat, and the subtitles will look 50//3th1ng l1k3 t|-|15. In addition the character names are replaced with those who worked on the game. Oleander, for example, turns into "Schafer." That's minutes of fun right there! So how do you activate it? Simply press this button combination for the Xbox version: "White," "A," "Left analog stick," "White," "White," "B."

A special prize will be given to those who get a good screenshot of this, and for anyone who can figure out how to do it on the PC or the PS2.Benzo figured it all out in the comments.

l337 shot


  • Murray the Chao on 21 Jan, 2006, 23:04…
    Folder renaming also works.

    Do these codes work?

    E, Spacebar, Tab, E, E, X

    X, E, X, X, F, Q
  • Udvarnoky on 21 Jan, 2006, 23:02…
    This is delightful.
  • Marek on 21 Jan, 2006, 10:39…
    I found the same files in the PC version actually. No idea how to activate it there though.
  • bgbennyboy on 21 Jan, 2006, 11:59…
    Perhaps they are there then. I checked with someone else a few months ago and they said they didnt have the files. I thought they were only there on my system because I'd copied them over from the xbox a while ago. Someone else should check to confirm.
  • bgbennyboy on 20 Jan, 2006, 21:30…
    As far as I know, this is only in the Xbox version (in workresource\localization\nonsense\). Those files definately arent there in the pc version and I dont think they are in the ps2 one either.

    I havent got round to trying it, but its possible that replacing the files in the english folder with those from the xbox nonsense folder will turn on the leet speak for the pc version.
  • Remi O on 20 Jan, 2006, 21:37…
    See, while Googling this last night, I found somebody talking about doing it with the PC version, but I'm increasingly thinking he actually was talking about the Xbox version in a PC thread. Seems like a fair conclusion if the files aren't anywhere to be found in the PC version.
  • bgbennyboy on 20 Jan, 2006, 21:40…
    Oho, adding those files does work:
    L33t 1
    L33t 2
    L33t 3
  • bgbennyboy on 21 Jan, 2006, 11:55…
    Apparently it works for the PS2 version too - according to GameFaqs