Awful Fanart 01 Jan, 2006, 10:02 / 3 comments

Spaff, or whomever was using his ICQ client, thinks you should know about this page from Something Awful's most recent Photoshop Phriday.

Happy New Year.


  • InsoFox on 10 Jan, 2006, 19:33…
    Aww, I missed that. Remember the finding max image I made a while back?
  • guybrushthedwarf on 02 Jan, 2006, 13:56…
    And one award of Game of the Year for Psychonauts, One!
  • itchythesamurai on 01 Jan, 2006, 20:18…
    I think some of the other Photoshop Phridays contain old Lucasarts adventure goodness too.