Fine times two 10 Jan, 2006, 23:49 / 6 comments

Can you get enough of Psychonauts? Because we sure can't! And neither can PC Zone!

The magazine has published a four page look at how the game was made in their one hundred and sixty-forth issue. Here's a quote:
"I made in-depth back-stories for all the kids, describing where they grew up, what their hobbies were, who their friends were, who they had crushes on and who they hated. I made Internet profiles for all of them as if they were members of an online social network..."
Rock on!


  • QueZTone on 12 Jan, 2006, 00:37…
    why aren't you mentioning gilbert the god?! ?_?
  • Jake on 12 Jan, 2006, 16:45…
    What's Gilbert got to do with it? That's just the all-purpose PC Zone image gallery. The Gilbert article is from months ago.
  • QueZTone on 12 Jan, 2006, 18:56…
    aha! forgive my ignorance ;[
  • Gabez on 10 Jan, 2006, 23:53…
    Not mentioned in news post: how Will Porter hates Dominic Armato. :~
  • Remi O on 11 Jan, 2006, 00:48…
    Wasn't that established during their anti-CMI pizzathon? ;
  • Gabez on 11 Jan, 2006, 11:27…
    Hee yeah, I forgot about that. Anyway, this time Monkey Island 3 is officially one of the most embarassing gaming moments ever!11

    Also there's further irony with ads for Psychonauts saying "wanted this November". :~