Sam & Max web comic, part III 14 Jan, 2006, 07:08 / 9 comments

Didn't want to see the third page of the online Sam & Max comic, eh? Well that's just too damn bad. Enjoy its brilliance and keep your eyes peeled for any further additions at the Telltale site.

Note: News post artificially expanded to at least three sentences at the commandment of Scummbuddy, who is apparently pretty strict when it comes to this sort of thing. ;)


  • JBRAA on 15 Jan, 2006, 01:05…
    Sorry, off-topic: Does any of the world of mi guys know about this?

    the mi play is on google video:
  • Haggis on 15 Jan, 2006, 13:55…
    Yes, we know about this. ?
  • JBRAA on 15 Jan, 2006, 22:53…
    Sorry, i did not mean you didnt know it excisted. I just wondered if you knew if was archived on google video. Sorry man.
  • Haggis on 16 Jan, 2006, 13:31…
    That's okay. I realise my post might have come across as rude, I didn't intend that. Anyway, yes, we know, and thanks for letting us know in case we didn't. :)
  • JBRAA on 17 Jan, 2006, 02:44…
    np :P
  • Shmargin on 14 Jan, 2006, 19:16…
    I wonder if theyll release this as an actual comic book in the end and sell it in the telltale store...Id buy it. I got my signed prints today. The most great thing to ever grace my walls.

    Of course, when trying to ask a question about my order for like 2 weeks, I sent emails almost daily to telltale and to that damned River place that they use as a store.

    No one even read the f*&#ing emails. Every single time i emailed them, either through the form, which makes you select a catagory for your problem, then gives you a big box to type your problem. Well, all thta day is send you an automated reply, that uses the catogory you selected for your problem to respond:

    "Dear Shmargin, We are sorry your product has BEEN PLACED ON BACK ORDER. Please shop with us again"

    And thats pretty much it, even if you find an actual email address on the site, thats all you get back. All I was trying to ask was a simple damn question about the back order, and tried for 2 weeks, getting nothing but "Dear Shmargin, We are sorry your product has BEEN PLACED ON BACK ORDER. Please shop with us again" every damn time.

    Pissed me off so bad I wanted to cancel my order just to spite them....But I wanted the prints more, so I just sent harrassing emails to the automated responce thing. I knew I wouldnt offend anyone since they dont even read them, from what I can tell.

  • jp-30 on 15 Jan, 2006, 01:59…
    You should email someone at Telltale games if you're getting no joy from their merchandise distribution partner.

    They're pretty good at responding and following up on complaints etc.
  • Haggis on 14 Jan, 2006, 21:57…
    I just waited, and I got them as well. Anyway, they are beautiful indeed. And also, it would be sweet if they released the comic in a book, but it would be even cooler if they waited for electronic paper to get popular/cheap. That way, they won't have to change the mouse-over thingy! :D
  • Udvarnoky on 14 Jan, 2006, 19:56…
    This web comic is awesome. Don't know how they'd put this on paper though.

    What I want to know is if Purcell is still going to eventually finish the physical comic he's supposedly been working on on and off for the past decade or if he's just ditched it altogether. I ask because apparently he doesn't want to re-release a collection until he has something else done.