Oh so fine 06 Jan, 2006, 19:57 / 3 comments

The next time you see the Remi walking down the street you might very well notice that he's sporting this Kochamara T-Shirt. Or possibly a Lily shirt. But not the Mr. Pokelope Baby One Piece, because that'd be silly. Yes, Double Fine has updated their store, and it is good.

In related news, there's a Schafer story in Southwest Airlines's current "in flight magazine" Spirit. I had the joy of reading it a few weeks back, and it's... Well, it's kind of dull, but there's a cool collage of Schafer's more famous characters in there.

Apparently Double Fine is also featured in this month's Play.

And that's today's Action News recap.


  • laceyware on 10 Jan, 2006, 17:15…
    I want a Mr Pokelope T-Shirt :(...
  • Scummbuddy on 09 Jan, 2006, 04:41…
    What the heck is so hard for them to do in order to make Psychonauts badges/patches. They already have patches of their logo, but why not merchandize their game with merit badges?
  • Jake on 09 Jan, 2006, 20:36…
    They'd have to make a unique patch for each merit badge, not just color swaps of the same 1 design, and sell them as a pack? I'd probably buy one, but it's probably fairly pricey and annoying on their end to put those together. 7x more expensive than a single style of patch?

    I'd love it if they'd make just the patch you get at the end of the game of the official Psychonauts logo.