Gamespot has today put up a new preview of Fracture, the upcoming war shooter by Day 1 Studios that will be published by LucasArts. Also, LucasArts has announced that the game will be released this October for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

UPDATE by The Tingler: It's also got a new video up at GameTrailers. The jury's still out on this one, I think.

Another month, another Secret History article. With the lesser known (but no less awesome) "oldie" SCUMM titles behind us, the next game marks a transition into another era of LucasArts' adventure games. I'm of course talking about the game that defines the word classic, The Secret of Monkey Island, and we're ready for your Reader Opinions of it for next month's article!

Sometimes, though, sharing one's brief two cents on a game isn't quite enough. For those of you who have something interesting to say about Monkey Island that would take the lengthier form of an all-out standalone editorial (or essay, or article, or whatever term you prefer) similar in vein to elTee's theory about Loom in the latest article, we're open to it! However, in order to spare yourself from potential disappointment and wasted effort, please give us a taste of what you have planned so that we can ensure it meets the (obviously high) publishing standards of the International House of LSD Mojo.

Get cracking!


At the Telltale blog, Emily points out a video with Dave Grossman by GameCyte, which you may recall as the site that had a previous video interview with Telltale's Brett Tosti about Strong Bad. According to Telltale these interview are from a visit GameCyte had at the studio's offices recently, and there's still one more to go. For now though, listen to Dave.

In other Telltale news, the repeatedly delayed Sam & Max Surfin' the Highway hardcover should be available next month.

If you've ever played Loom, you'll know how much quality and originality (an overused word, but the only one I have) this game has... and if you haven't played Loom, then perhaps you should!

Members of the first party will no doubt be interested in the fourth installment of our "LucasArts' Secret History" series, due to the trivia, downloads, and developer insights within... members of the second party should take a look at our review and find out what they've been missing.

As someone from the second group, I am now very desperate to get my hands on a copy of Loom (FM Towns preferably!) and play this mother. I mean, dragons, Swan Lake and a free audio drama... in the same game? Kiss me now!

Thanks to all the developers and gamers for sending in their thoughts, and to Dan Lee for the amazing art work once again!

IGN is now the first proper site to review Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures. It's a pretty favourable review altogether.

However, a surprise was apparently included with the game: an advertisement for an as-yet unannounced LucasArts game. Don't get too excited - it's a Star Wars game, the long-rumoured game based on the new Clone Wars series and movie coming out this Autumn/Fall.

The game will come out the same time. Of most interest is that it will apparently be exclusive to Nintendo's two consoles - Wii and DS. What the game will be like is anyone's guess, but as it's not even been announced properly yet and is out in a few months, I'm not holding my breath.

Once upon a time, Mojo hosted a game guide dedicated to Loom. This particular guide was thought lost to time until clone2727 travelled back to the past and diligently assembled all pieces that made up the guide.

So without further ado, may I present to you the Loom Game Guide!


In what can only be described as extremely awesome news, Star Wars Shop are now selling Limited Edition Maniac Mansion Posters!!

Oh yes, proving that LucasArts aren't completely dismissive of their olden days, their own Shop is selling it too. Still not selling the games though, are they...

Update by elTee: Out of stock.

411Mania have put a list of three games that were (to quote) "forgotten". (I'm assuming he's talking about people with amnesia.) Anyway, check them out, because all three are classics and all three are LucasArts.

Source: 411Mania


There's an new video interview over at IGN with Simon Pegg some LucasArts guy about the big Euphoria DMM NaturalMotion Looky-Looky Bonanza that will be Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Watch it here.

And yes, he does say that they're trying to reach as large an audience as possible - which is meant to explain why they're cutting out the Star Wars staple of lightsaber-dismemberment, but doesn't explain why there's an N-Gage version of the game but not a PC one.

Oh, and there's no new footage and they're still reusing that really old concept art.

Over at Dreamcatcher/JoWood/The Adventure Company/EA's official page for the upcoming Wii port of Sam & Max: Season 1 you can find a reiteration of the August release month as well as an image of a simple yet really nice potential cover for the game's case:

This image is a lot less placeholder-looking than certain alternatives, but that's still not proof. Troubled fans in search of closure pointed out this new development in a Telltale forum thread, to which diegetic video game sitcom theme song lyricist Jake Rodkin explained, That box still isn't the final one but is very close.


Our forums are working, they're just not linked to on our web-site any more. Our scientists are busy at work cloning DJG so that someone can fix this problem.

The Guardian managed to grab Tim Schafer back in the days of yore (before he fed himself to a bear!) and convince him to blurb out some nice details on Brütal Legend.

Sitting here, posting this, I realise it is significant for two reasons: 1. This game sounds more delicious every second, and it has whet (yay!) my appetite even more; and 2. This is a new record for Mojo's annual "How long would it take us to post this?" competition. What I'm trying to say is: Guys, eat your hearts out. That is all.

Source: Guardian


Yes, the game of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is now available to buy, and a PC demo is playable too!

The only problem is that it's just a mobile phone game. Ah well, Lego Indy will be here soon.

So Penny Arcade Adventures has broken the record for highest-grossing debut on Live Arcade. This is scientific proof that I now deserve to get a promotion for making this possible (I'm the hobo with the beard, just outside your office, in case you've been wondering). You SEE, Tingler? If I hadn't promoted the game so often on Mojo, it wouldn't have sold as much. Schya.

(I'll stop now.)

(Remember: with the beard.)

Source: VGChartz


In honour of Gabez, Tim Schafer is now a father.

The staff of Mixnmojo send out congratulations and best wishes to Mr. Schafer. It's a girl!

Update: 2HB the real version is now complete as Mr. Graham Annable's son, James Oliver Annable, says "Hi" to the world.

Source: Double Fine Action News


TheBBPS had a chance to sit down and have a nice chat with Emily from Telltale, aka the PR Department and the News Updater. If you have been wondering why Sam and Max are coming to retail and not WiiWare, how often the Strong Bad episodes are going to be and have always wanted to read the word "edutainment," now is your chance for eternal bliss. Hugh style.

Update: The release date for Sam and Max: Season One has been revealed to be August...something. No other details have been released.

Source: TheBBPS



Get mentally prepared to journey back with Dr Jones, with our review of Raiders of the Lost Ark!

And if you haven't seen the films before, take a look at the review anyway, to get an idea of what all the fuss is about. Then you can pick up on all the in-jokes in Monkey Island 2.

Update: page two, with a look back at Temple of Doom, has been published.

Update 2: page three, with a look back at The Last Crusade, has been published.

Update 3: some thoughts on The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull are now online, free of major spoilers.

OK, so you want to know if this game is for you or not. Here's a quick summary of opinions (skip them for some other interesting information):

- Gamespot, 7.5: "Penny Arcade Adventures is slick with rain, humor, and all sorts of awesome, but it's for fans of the comic's brand of humor only."

- IGN, 7.8: "It's a smart, fun game that would have been truly great with a wider range of enemies and environments and a touch more depth to the gameplay."

- Destructoid, 9.0: "Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode One is a hilarious, immersive, and goddamned fun gameplay package."<:MORENEWS:>

- Wired, 7.0: "Penny Arcade Adventures lives up as well as any game could to an overabundance of hype. That is to say, while it does try to bite off a great deal more than it can chew -- and suffers for it -- the game is a solid, clever, hilarious piece of entertainment that will more than please its audience."

- GamesRadar, 8.0: "Of course, the real star of PAA isn’t the gameplay, but the humor. It’s a lot like playing a comic strip, and should be approached as such. Read a few of the strips online before plunking down your $20 - if you like what you see there, the game is worth the price of admission."

- Edge, 4.0: "With the episodic development cycle all but demanding that structure and form be locked down in the first instalment, with content added thereafter, the series' future looks precarious at best." [June 2008, page 90]

I'll ignore the fact that Edge completely missed the point of episodic, I guess.

If you have an Xbox360 and a PC and can't decide which game you want, the only major difference is that the PC version is a point-n-click while the Xbox one is a traditional hold-the-button-to-move. Wired also points out that the artwork looks better on a computer monitor than on a TV screen.

I should also note that this appears to be the first of at least four episodes, which might (or might not) continue. I'm not sure, because it's never entirely stated, but Tycho Brahe/Jerry Holkins's tone in his interview with Joystiq gives off that impression, and his opinion on game development, which games influenced Rain-Slick and about his mad musikal skillz. Gabe and Tycho have also written-up their general impressions on the launch.

And thus ends the longest post on Mixnmojo to be ever conceived. Someone call Guinness. I'm gonna be rich.

Today we celebrate the birth of two great men:

Herge, the creator of LSD Tintin who also is awesome because his last name is "Remi," would have celebrated today hadn't it been for the fact he's... y'know... dead.

More importantly, Gabez, purveyor of good taste, is 21 today. Aww, our little man is all growns up. Join us in wishing him a happy birthday!

Genuine oldskool fan site!
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Delve into Mojo's past by checking out one if its hosted sites: The Kickstand, dedicated to bringing you the latest Full Throttle news!

It features interview with one of the Gone Jackal guys, fan fiction, and much more!


Want to see how bad the pre-LucasArts Indiana Jones games were? The Angry Videogame Nerd plays them for you, so you don't have to! Isn't that kind of him?

The first episode of Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness has been officially released for Xbox360 and PC, to really, really polarised reviews. This is a very, very you-love-it-or-hate-it game, but I think Wired's review sums-up public opinion quite nicely.

I should note that it'll be pretty hard for you to download the game right now (lots of traffic and Greenhouse isn't handling it all - hey, this is their first time). Wait a little then try to download it from the Greenhouse website.

UPDATE by Tingler: As Kroms said, the Greenhouse servers are really struggling at the moment. Here's an alternate place for the download. You still have to buy the game from the main site, though.

Update by Jason: Over at Grumpy Gamer you can read Ron's thoughts on the launch, and one blog entry down you can read about how Steve Spielberg likes Monkey Island!

Yes indeed. As if enough heaped praise hadn't already been bestowed on Sam & Max Season 2, Ice Station Santa has won the coveted Ursa Major Award (Best Anthropomorphic Game)
The winners of the seventh annual Ursa Major Awards (formally the Annual Anthropomorphic Literature & Arts Awards), for the Best in anthropomorphic/"funny animal" literature and art first published during the calendar year 2007, were announced at a presentation ceremony on Saturday, May 17, 2008 at Morphicon...
It is unknown if there is any truth to the rumours that a "Who has the Biggest Brain" facebook-app tournament was held in the Telltale offices. The employee with the lowest score forced to don the suit below and collect the award in person costume .

Source: Ursa Major Awards


For the non-anti-CSI folk around here who haven't bought the game yet: is selling CSI3 for a bargain bin worthy $7.69. Additionally, the PC CSI4 seems to have had its ERP lowered from $29.99 to $19.99. The Xbox 360 version also seems to have been reduced from $39.99 to $29.99. I've nothing new to report on the vic.

LucasArts' "OMG we need a new franchise to replace Mercenaries since EA grabbed it" upcoming Fracture, the 3rd person shooter being developed by Day 1 Studios and at the moment the only original game LucasArts has in the pipeline, hasn't been mentioned by us in awhile, so now's as good a time as any to play catch up. Take, for instance, this recent preview by IGN. Is a PC version for the so far Xbox 360 and PS3-only title not unfathomable?
Currently planned for 360 and PS3, Fracture has considerable potential for pushing the next-gen action genre. Denny also said to expect some truly crazy terrain-inspired achievements in the Xbox 360 version, although he wasn't willing to go into specifics. While the games should mostly be the same content-wise on each system, we only saw the Xbox 360 build in our demo. As Denny put it, "We're not going to comment on specific PS3 features at this time, but it is definitely coming to PS3." When asked about a PC version of the game, Denny Thorley didn't deny it, and only said, "We're not prepared to talk about PC at this time."
There are a bunch of other previews (the game was shown off at a San Francisco media event earlier in the month and at GDC in February), by Joystiq, 1up, Team Xbox, OrlandoSentinel, and Game Informer. In these you'll find lots of new screenshots and information should you care enough to see it. At the moment Fracture is still scheduled for release sometime this Fall.

Forum-goer madmardi has a very decent eBay listing, where loads of LucasArts goodies are being bid off until Thursday.

Look within to find adventure games, strategy guides, copies of The Adventurer, and even the Grim Fandango toy.

The Pumpkin Post got together with Pedro Macedo Camacho, the guy who is doing the music for A Vampyre Story (still on track for September, it seems), and chatted him up about music and working on AVS. The Pumpkin Post has also got some new info on that rumored Special Edition of the game so why not just take a trip to the site right now?

Only someone who doesn't trust me would have to click this link. Steam is offering a Season 1 + Season 2 bundle, as well as 10% off all Sam & Max episodes for this first week of Season 2's availability on Steam.

With the first episode a mere month away yet another new preview for Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People has hit the internet, this one from GameCyte. You can check out their impressions, quite a bit of brand new info as well as some old screenshots within.
Strong Bad starts the game asleep on his couch, his hand wedged in a bag of chips, mumbling about an old SNES game. It’s the sort of joke that, while funny on its own, is very clearly a nod to longtime fans of the series. These moments are sprinkled throughout the game, but not too frequently as to be off-putting. Strong Bad’s particular brand of humor is the kind that most anybody can enjoy — the clever dialogue will make most anybody chuckle, yet there were one or two moments when, as the only Homestar aficionado in the room, I found myself to be the only one laughing. SBCG4AP makes no excuses for the fact that it is aimed at fans, but the newcomers in our group found plenty to laugh about as well. My impression wasn’t that you had to be a fan to enjoy the game… you’d just get to enjoy it more.
See it all.

According to Gamespot, LucasArts has opted to discontinue its membership to the Entertainment Software Association. Regarding the matter Gamespot got the following response from what they (rather accurately) call "the all-things-Star Wars publisher":
"We can confirm that LucasArts is no longer a member of the ESA," said LucasArts public relations director Margaret Grohne. "As a company we are still committed to bringing consumers the best interactive experience possible and support the ESA's mission in the industry. LucasArts will be participating in E3."
The news comes in the wake of Activision and Vivendi also ending their ESA memberships. Other than that LucasArts is making Monkey Island 5, this news doesn't actually mean anything specifically (except that maybe publishers don't feel like wasting money), but there ya go.

Source: Gamespot



In what can only be described as Underpant-Wettingly Awesome News (unfortunately that's not a real category, so I just chose LucasArts News instead), website CartoonBrew has revealed that publisher Chronicle are going to be releasing Rogue Leaders: The Story of LucasArts in December '08!

Here's a picture. Looks frickin' awesome doesn't it? There's loads of art just in that advert that I've not seen before!

Thanks to SyntheticGerbil for finding this out!

Larry Ahern of Insecticide has been interviewed by Gamasutra on Insecticide, Crackpot and their business model - and I swear that's a lot more interesting that in sounds.

Source: Gamasutra


After many years of toil, the "New Jedi Order" project for X-Wing Alliance is now available for download. It's based on the Star Wars EU novels / comic series' of the same name.
The fate of the galaxy rests in your hands as you take on the alien Yuuzhan Vong as Bryon Tomri, a former Imperial star pilot. The mod includes the work of 34 voice actors playing 61 roles. Players can download the mod at along with standalone versions of the game's cutscenes, several behind-the-scenes documents and unimplemented voice work for the curious.

The final version of The Invasion Begins tells an in-depth story about Bryon Tomri, who finds himself entangled in the beginning months of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the Star Wars galaxy, and must choose between duty and his friends. The mod includes 5 missions, 19 skirmish missions that are based on the originally planned 19 missions for the mod, 5 cutscenes, a full voice cast, voiced briefings, new music, and new e-mail messages tailored specifically to the campaign.

The mod also supports multiplayer gaming between users who have The Invasion Begins installed, allowing players to take control of the coralskipper and Chiss claw fighter in head to head combat for the first time.
The authors also released a Phantom Menace X-Wing Alliance mod several years back which was better than pretty much all the LucasArts Episode 1 games.

LucasArts may have abandoned the Star Wars space sim genre, so it's great to see the community still alive and kicking. Grab the NJO Project here.

Source: NJO Project


Five people, four Indiana Jones games, three time zones, two hours, and one unhealthy obsession with a computer character’s bottom.

Introducing... a recorded discussion about lots of interesting things! It's like a pod cast, but less fun.

UPDATE by The Tingler: If you've got a lot of patience and can ignore scary-looking faces, you can now read the polished, uncensored version at! Only the truly dedicated need venture in!

Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darknes will be released next Wednesday, May 21st, on Xbox Live Arcade, six days after what is, in fact, my birthday. Coincidence? I think not. (And if it were released on my birthday, we would have also gotten the PC and Mac versions. For free. Heck, they'd pay us to play them. I really am just that awesome.)

Update: And it costs 1600 Microsoft Points.

Extreme update: It will be released on Mac and PC on the same day too: 09:00 UTC (1:00 am Pacific Time, 4:00 am Eastern Time), May 21st. Thanks to Maratanos for also pointing-out that Kotaku says the same thing.

Update the Third: Here's a new trailer and five new screenshots. It looks pretty cool, so roll on Wednesday!

Update, Henry the Fourth: Aw look, they even did a prequel comic about it. Three pages to follow, lads.

Update Five Rhymes With Hive: Here's a direct link to a hi-defintion version of the trailer.

Source: Eurogamer


What's this? IGN have finally gotten around to having a hands-on preview of Insecticide - but it's the PC version. DUN DUN DUNNN!

The first episode is due this June (hooray! Strong Bad AND Insecticide in the SAME month - the 2005 version of myself is dying with envy), and the other later in the year.

Source: IGN


Following the North American launch of Nintendo's WiiWare service yesterday, Telltale has announced the first details for the first episode of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People titled, Homestar Ruiner.

Check out a plot summary, some new screens, and a new gameplay video while taking all that in. Also check out the Chapman Brother interview and Next Generation impressions that we forgot about.

Hey, what the hell is your problem. It's almost time for us to put up our Loom Secret History article and you haven't sent in your reader opinion yet. I mean seriously.

UPDATE: Don't make the Swan angry.

According to this Guardian article, NASA is on the Brink of planning a manned mission to land on and study a great big asteroid (not Miles in diameter, only 40 metres, but one that was once thought to be heading on a Low probability collision course for Earth).
Nasa engineers have identified the 1.1m tonne asteroid, which in 2000 was given a significant chance of slamming into Earth, as a potential landing site for astronauts, ahead of the Bush administration's plans to venture deeper into the solar system with a crewed voyage to Mars.

The mission - the first to what officials call a Near Earth Object (NEO) - is being floated within the US space agency as a crucial stepping stone to future space exploration.

Tune in next week when we reveal Stephen Hawking has proven it is indeed possible to travel through time using chron-o-johns and a big-ass diamond.

Source: The Guardian


If that Demo hasn't whipped up your appetite, there's a Summer Trailer for Lego Indiana Jones that actually made me laugh out loud at a couple of moments!


The online radio play Beneath Monkey Island, has had its fourth episode released after nearly a yearlong hiatus. Now that a new Guybrush Threepwood has been chosen, the episodes should be flying out.

This week, Guybrush and Karl (the Swordmaster of Jambalaya Island) get in a spot of insult sword fighting... with sexy results! Listen to part four here, and previous episodes of the series here.

The PC demo for LEGO Indiana Jones is available for download now (460MB).

Suck on that console owners. LucasArts love us, they really love us.



In an interview on, STFU (360, PS3) producer Cameron Suey, explains why PC users were ignored on this release, and that LukickAss isn't abandoning the platform. Do you guys have any message to your PC-owning fans, because you guys have a heritage on PC?

CS: Absolutely. We started on the PC. Unfortunately that goes back to the point of such a variance of the platform. There wasn't such a variance at that time and it made a lot more sense to develop on PC. The message is that we're not shutting the door on PC at all. Just for this project it happens to be that we don't have a PC SKU. I really hope that everyone can experience this game on a platform eventually. Might there be a PC version in the future?

CS: No.
Read the whole thing here.



Could that be the title of the new Indiana Jones game?

Forum member Moedred at TheRaven ('s forum) unearthed a trademark filed by LucasArts in 2007 for this title to be used as "interactive entertainment". It's not part of the list of trademarks for possible Indy IV names.

The trademark can be seen here. Just click 'Basic Search' then type in 'Staff of Kings'.

If it is indeed Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, then that fits with the ongoing rumour that the "quest of biblical proportions" would be for the Staff of Aaron/Moses, that helped cause the Seven Plagues of Egypt and parted the Red Sea.

Another tidbit of info was also unearthed in the Dorling Kindersley kids book Indiana Jones: The Ultimate Guide, that states about the game that Indy is "searching for his former college professor, Charles Kingston". This would mean the game may be taking a more Last Crusade approach than the usual Raiders retread.

UPDATE: And in other Indy news, there's a new trailer up for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Slightly pointless as it's mostly the second trailer and no one will ever see it in a cinema as the film comes out in less than two weeks.

It can be found here:
480p / 720p / 1080p / YouTube

The fine folks over at Adventure Gamers are at it again, throwing together a dazzling preview of the first episode of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, including impressions from a first-hand look at a recent build. An excerpt:
The first episode of SBCG4AP is expected on WiiWare in June, with the next four following monthly. Each episode will have a different lead designer and writer, similar to a television series. The first episode is being led by Mark Darin, the creator of the Nick Bounty games, with a later episode being helmed by Mike Stemmle, a name familiar to many Sam & Max fans.
Be sure to read the entire preview which includes some gameplay details and additional new info.

Yep, there's another LucasFilm franchise with a movie on the way. The animated Star Wars: Clone Wars movie trailer is now up on

Samuel L Jackson has reprised his role as Mace Windu for the movie, though it's unconfirmed if he will continue to do voicework for the TV series that the movie is launching.

Also, the second part of the animated LEGO short for Raiders of the Lost Brick has been posted online here.



There's a couple of new previews out for Lego Indiana Jones, and while there's not a lot left to find out as you can probably guess most of it, both have their own reasons to recommend them.

Eurogamer is the most recent and is probably the most fun preview I've seen yet. I would've killed to have been one of those kids, getting to play a major game early! It also addresses some issues, such as the similarities to Lego Star Wars and how guns will feature.

IGN has the shorter preview, but makes up for it by having videos from all three Lego-ised films!

Go grab the Penny Arcade Adventures wallpapers from the nice folks over at GamersHell. Have you been falling asleep because your desktop is so boring? Now you have no excuse.

Source: GamersHell




The Amazon.Com page for the Indy IV Soundtrack now has samples! Listen to the new Indy Soundtrack now!

I thought I would post this as news partly because whether the film's good or bad the Soundtrack will be fantastic, partly because I think John Williams is great and I'm looking forward to the Soundtrack almost as much as I am the film, but mostly it's to annoy Jason. :D

Now this was a surprise! I've been waiting ages for a Wallpaper of Drew Struzan's Full Official Poster of Indy IV to appear on, and it still hasn't.

So where did I find it? Why, only on the UK version of the Official Site instead!! Check the Downloads page out!

Here's the direct link to the best version! Enjoy!

Absolutely nothing happened.

Nothing at all.

Move along.

Now then, back to our regularly scheduled programming!

UPDATE: There is absolutely no truth in the rumours you may have heard.

And in other news...

So this is what he's up to when not writing news posts.


Reports are coming in from, well, me, saying that the new Kingdom of the Crystal Skull LEGO sets are now available to buy in stores, even here in the UK.

Our intrepid reporter (again, me), took a couple of shots to prove his slightly blurry findings. There's also the first ever shot of Indy together with the Crystal Skull, although obviously just in Lego.


Several Telltale staff members have been interviewed about Sam and Max on the Wii by the folk over at CVG. I haven't read the whole thing for fear of Season Two spoilers but you go nuts.

Source: CVG


About damn time too! You can experience the new Indiana Jones trailer in full HD quality!

1080p / 720p / 480p

If you can't run HD, The Official Indiana Jones Site has it too. The site has also had a small revamp, which basically means that a very golden Crystal Skull is staring at you the whole time you're there.

EDIT: There's also something on the updated Official Site that you may or may not want to avoid - an official Story Synopsis of Indy IV. Don't say we didn't warn you...

As Penny Arcade's Gabe is reporting, the first Penny Arcade reviews are cropping-up and they're really polarised. Apparently one reviewer gave the game a 4/10 in Edge and 68% in some other magazine, but OXM gave the game a great 85%. Also, according to Gabe the game should be out later sometime this month.

Does this mean games are changing, or does it mean that this game is a love-or-hate thing? Or did Gabe and Tycho accurately predict the future? Let's buy the game and find-out later this summer.

Source: Penny Arcade


In what has all ready already given Brütal Legend that first 10/10 score from me, underground heavy metallist King Diamond of the band of the same name and Mercyful Fate has spoken about Brütal Legend:

There's a game that's coming out sometime in 2008 called 'Brütal Legend.' I've seen a lot of screenshots and little things from it. They have showed interest in using some King Diamond music in there, and they've also talked about maybe doing a voice-over.
He does not provide much more information, (well, a paragraph and a half more) but I think that's great. I was personally worried that the game would be completely dominated by the Iron Maidens and Black Sabbaths of the world but it's nice to see some good ol' underground metal potentially in the game.

Update: Here's an excerpt that has all information related to Mojo.

Source: Crypt Magazine


According to, Penny Arcade Adventures, episode one, has gone gold, also known as EA's favourite colour and the reason why summer will rock.

Update: It's official!

Update 2: New trailers! Including Annarchy!

Source: WorthPlaying


Well, almost. A new trailer for Lego Indiana Jones is up at GameTrailers, and it contains our first look at the Lego-ized Last Crusade, as well as several other previously unseen areas of the game such as the Rope Bridge in Temple and the Well of Souls from Raiders.

Beware though, for if a trailer for a Lego version of three films we've seen thousands of times can contain spoilers, this one certainly does!

I especially liked the moment at 49 seconds!

Apparently around the time Strong Bad was announced IGN UK decided to put up a bunch of gameplay videos that we never knew about. See the game in action!

Have you ever wanted to work on a videogame and not get paid for it? How about playing a game before everyone else in the world, and then deciding if the game makes you feel enough of teh hardcorez? Have you ever looked in the mirror, and said: "Oh, man, am I attractive. I am an attrative hardcorez"? And, most importantly: do you want to literally leave your Wii in a smoldering hot crater?

Then why don't you go playtest Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People? You get to be a hot shirtless Mexican guy, too. And it will literally leave your Wii in a smoldering crater.

Source: Telltale Games