Updated by me, because apparently Jason, Jennifer, Zaarin, and whoever else works here these days have been too lazy to do so ¬¬… It's Minecraft: Story Mode. Yes. I'm underwhelmed too.

"Super secret surprise announcements before the holiday break? Maaaaaybe. ...hashtag #subtle!," tweeted TTG's Job Stauffer mysteriously, teasingly followed up with ,"Well, kids... You see... When two game developers love each other VERY much... and they get together...". I'm sure all Telltale forum dwellers are sharpening their pencils, getting ready to write love poems about whatever comes next, already.

Anyway! In mere hours the announcement will be made, and we're all excited to see what TTG, Disney, and Double Fine will do with Full Throttle what will come next.

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In an unprecedented streak of Mojo features, we spit out a review of "Zer0 Sum", the first episode of Tales from the Borderlands. I know, right? Updates? Reviews almost on time? It's a Festivus miracle!

Join in on these historical events by reading the review.

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More maniacs have joined the team for Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick's Thimbleweed Park.

The first is Ken Macklin, who designed the cover for Maniac Mansion. He will be doing the cover for Thimbleweed Park as well.

Secondly, is the creator of Zak McKracken, David Fox. He worked on Maniac Mansion as well, doing most of the SCUMM scripting for the game, and is apparently the one we have to thank for the hamster in the microwave joke.

So if you haven't backed yet, or want to move up a pledge tier, now's the perfect time to head over to the kickstarter and back the game.

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Polygon was able to prod Tim a bit about the recently announced Day of the Tentacle remake, which is still in its earliest phases but which he promises will remain 2D. Beyond assurances of faithfulness, we'll just have to wait to learn what this upgrade will really look or sound like (while wondering what the LEC Singapore sweat shop kids came up with first).

When asked about the business side of securing the license in the first place, Tim describes a situation that really makes me hopeful for the future.

"There were just some people at Disney, Sony and Lucasfilm that care about these games," he said. "They're old enough that some of these people who are executives played them when they were kids. I've been really impressed with the fact that these kind of deals have come together because there's so many reasons for this deal not to happen. There's so many parties involved and so many people who could've said no, that it really took a passionate drive by people in the right places to escort it through the process."

Perhaps Tim's dream of revisiting all the old adventures is a bit too good to be true, but still, it's hard to imagine the future of these games ever being more bright, or for a better group of custodians to be assigned their preservation than Schafer's studio. Hopefully those fans strategically positioned at Disney stick around long enough for Double Fine to keep going through the catalog.

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Hopefully it appears for you below. I understand that our faultless embedding technology doesn't serve everyone equally well, so you can alternatively make the pilgrimage to Youtube.
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Oh dear, I do believe I'm getting the vapors!

During the keynote of something called the "Playstation Experience", Double Fine announced a few minor things. One is that Grim Fandango Remastered will come out on January 27th (previously known as "early 2015"). The second is that the complete Broken Age is headed to PS4 and Vita once Act II makes it to Steam.

Oh, they also threw in that they're making a special edition of Day of the Tentacle. No big deal.

While we wait for details on that, here's a new look at Grim Remastered.

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We've already told you about the crazy Disney World motion-sensor card-collecting treasure hunt game known as Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, being that it was worked on by CMI bigwigs Jonathan Ackley and Larry Ahern and all.

But now their work is being covered by Fortune, so you can finally take it seriously. Ackley gets interviewed as part of an examination of this growing ambition theme parks seem to be having to become video games. And you'd never forgive me if I kept it secret.

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Though they unquestionably achieved all the reach they could ever hope to by talking with Mojo, Ron and Gary are doing the polite thing by promoting their absurdly successful Kickstarter for Thimbleweed Park elsewhere as well.

See what Gamasutra was able to wrangle from the duo before checking out IGN's interview for comparison. Then feel bad for both of them when you re-read our own.

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The first episode of Game of Thrones, Iron From Ice, now has release dates. It will be available on December 2 on PC/Mac through the Telltale Store and Steam. On December 3, it will release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One worldwide. On December 4, it will release for iOS, and then on December 9 it will release for the PlayStation 3 worldwide. It will also be coming to Android at an as of yet unannounced date in December.
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Greg Rice has posted an update on the release of the second act of Broken Age. Both Shay and Vella's half of Act II is now in alpha, and the finale is expected to get to an alpha state by the end of this year. On top of that, Shay's half of Act II has the voice overs and animation in, so it's heading towards beta. The last recording session for Vella's half of Act II is happening now, so the animation for all of the voice overs can now be done, which will allow the rest of the game to head towards beta as well.

Since the game is now playable in alpha state to the finale, and they're now almost wrapped with the remainder of the development of the game, that means that they're now aiming to release of Broken Age Act II early next year.

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The first episode of Tales from the Borderlands, Zer0 Sum is out now for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One worldwide, and for PS3 and PS4 in North America. There's still no release date set for the Mac version, and the PS3 and PS4 release in Europe will be happening on the 3rd of December.
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Twenty-three days left, and Thimbleweed Park is funded. Woo! But, now we have actual stretch goals and particularly the highest one, $625,000, needs to be reached. I mean, a talkie version? In 1989 that'd be like magic. Dark magic.

So, run and fund! Screw retirement, this is like investing in your own future.

The goals:

$425,000: Game translated into German, Spanish, French, and Italian. Up it by $1, and the game will be translated into German by the guy who did Monkey Island, Boris Schneider-Johne. (Pretty sure he is made up.)

$525,000: iOS and Android conversion.

$625,000: Magic!

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Double Fine's publisher woes haven't improved as of late it seems, as Gamasutra is reporting that one of Double Fine's unannounced projects was unexpectedly cancelled by its publisher, which led to them having to lay off 12 people.

Tim Schafer states that "Broken Age, Massive Chalice, and Grim Fandango Remastered, were unaffected".

We at Mojo hope those affected get back on their feet soon and wish them the best of luck in the future.
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There are questions one can ask the duo behind Thimbleweed Park, and there are important questions one can dig into. We chose the latter -- Will Chuck the Plant make an appearance? Will there be nude statues? Is Ken Macklin making a comeback? -- and you reap the benefits.

Run and read our interview with Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick. You'll never ask for those five minutes back.


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Yes indeed, an honest to god preview of Massive Chalice, that's just how we roll. How does it look so far? Read, and find out!
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Telltale Games News

Game of Thrones, videoed

20 Nov, 2014, 14:10 | Posted by: MrManager | Comments: 3

I'm sure this excites many of you… Others might feel it looks a bit… plastic.

Comments: 3 Comment icon Twitter this

So, here's one for us all to enjoy: Ronzo "Ron" Gilbert -- you know him from… oh, you know him -- and Gary "Maniac Mansion" Winnick have teamed up to make another old-school adventure: Thimbleweed Park.

Let that one sink in for a bit. Then look at the screenshots.

And then watch the trailer:

Better let it all sink in again, before you Kickstart the hell out of it. Yes, it's a Kickstarter thingy. Sorry, but it'll be worth your while, we kinda promise-ish. :~ (And we'll announce a new Jason video soon!)

Find the press release after the cut.


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Telltale has gotten a bit of a bad rep around these parts lately, haven't they? And Jason is not happy about this, and has thus written an op-ed about the subject: Be Grateful to Telltale.

Agree? Disagree? Don't give a crap? Read and sound off in the comments with your own bitching and moaning.

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Miscellaneous news

Grossman turns Reactive

18 Nov, 2014, 11:21 | Posted by: MrManager | Source: IGN | Comments: 1

You know him from LucasArts, you know him from Telltale, and you might even know him from Humongous Entertainment. And now you'll also know Dave Grossman from Reactive Studios, where he's the chief creative officer.

"Who the hell does this Reactive think it is?", you may ask, and a good question it is. The studio is known for its Codename Cygnus, a Kickstarted "interactive radio drama." Apparently it uses "speech recognition," which means it's perfectly suited for playing on the bus.

(Yeah, I don't know, I never tried it; it could be awesome for all I know.)

Anyway! Good luck to Mr Grossman on his new gig. We're looking forward to see where this is headed.

You can find Reactive Studios website here.

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GameInformer is reporting that the twitter account @lifelower, which is dedicated to releasing information on upcoming XBLA games, has released what appears to be leaked screenshots from Telltale's upcoming Game of Thrones.

If these are the first images of Telltale's series, it's looking pretty good. Telltale's Job Stauffer described the style as a living oil painting, and I'd have to concur. I can't wait to see how it looks in motion. You can see some of the images below (click to enlarge):

Image Image Image Image
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