More you say? Hal Barwood interviewed about Fate of Atlantis 20 Feb, 2024 / 2 comments

Enough of the YouTube videos I hear you say. We want to read. We want to read about the development of LucasArts classic point and click adventure "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis", and we want to hear it from the director and co-designer Hal Barwood.

We want quotes such as:

Yeah, so what happened is that they had a rejected script by Christopher Columbus for another Indiana Jones movie and they thought it was good enough for a game.
Noah was kind of my mentor on this project a little bit, and we realized that it was a terrible script for a video game. It was obscure it was all going to take place in Africa where there was a Chinese influence and it was going to be about something called The Monkey King. We just couldn’t figure out how that was going to be very interesting.

Fine, here you go.

Source: Time Extension



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    Thrik on 21 Feb, 2024, 12:51…
    Finally! Words on a page! I’m 50 hours into those Conversations videos and feel like I need air.
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    Remi on 21 Feb, 2024, 00:06…
    … JP?

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