More details drop on the Dark Forces Remaster 27 Feb, 2024 / 3 comments

Eurobricks have had some hands on time with the forthcoming Nightdive Studios remaster of Star Wars: Dark Forces. There's lots of context on the history of the game and how it stacked up against contemporaries like Doom.

Every inch of the game's artwork has received a complete revamp. Whether we're talking about weapon sprites, enemy characters, world textures or cutscenes, everything has been recreated in higher resolution. The artwork retains the pixel art aesthetic, but sees a dramatic increase in resolution that better fits modern displays. I think it looks gorgeous and is among the best work Nightdive has done in this space. When you gaze upon the new skyboxes, for instance, you'll instantly recognise each one from its original design, yet each is also so much richer in detail. It's a true love letter to the original art design.

Pew pew pew, it'll soon be time to get your pre-Jedi Kyle Katarn on. Also hello Remi, it's me, JP!

Source: Eurogamer



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    AlfredJ on 01 Mar, 2024, 20:46…
    Played a little bit of this and it's good fun.

    Also hi.
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    jp-30 on 28 Feb, 2024, 20:48…


    … -30?!

    -50 these days
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    Remi on 28 Feb, 2024, 00:26…
    … -30?!

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