Sales aren't usually newsworthy anymore, but Terrible Toybox is marking some game that they've made about some monkeys or whatever's release in a few days by slapping a big ol' 75% discount sticker on their last outing, 2017's Thimbleweed Park—a historical low, in the parlance of the Internet. The existential critical darling can be yours for $4.99 on Steam (but not, apparently, GOG).

#MonkeyIslandMonday as we know it is over -- next week will see the actual release of Return of Monkey Island. But you probably already knew that? As for today . . .

It's true: Guybrush didn't turn in the evidence for all three tasks , and thus he is not a pirate. Will this play a part in ReMI? We will see in a week.

Update: And for the days long gone, here are all the #MonkeyIslandMonday videos gathered into one super cut:

Expectations were exceeded for Indiana Jones 5's showing at D23. While the guarded speculation was that the title would be announced, this did not come to pass (which makes you wonder if they know it yet), but that couldn't have stung much for the panel's audience when the first footage was debuted to them instead.

Problem is, this sizzle reel was exclusive to the event, so no official upload will be forthcoming, and at this point an unofficial one doesn't seem likely either. You're going to have to make do with writeups of the trailer, such as the one below from The Wrap:

The “Indiana Jones 5” trailer was wonderful, showing a bunch of great moments: Mads Mikkelsen as a Nazi, Indy riding a horse through the New York subway, a chase that takes place in a Manhattan tickertape parade, and Sallah (played, once again, by John Rhys-Davies). We also see Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s character and the trailer ends with Indy getting his whip out and snapping it at a bunch of bad guys, who promptly get out a lot of guns. He ducks.

It looks like it really captures the spirit of the original three films, a spirit that was sadly missing during the most recent installment, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.”

What did make it online was footage of James Mangold, Harrison Ford and Phoebe Waller-Bridge on stage before/after the trailer ran. Ford emotionally describes the movie as his last outing as Indy and praises his costar. Here is one capture:

Hey, at least Willow didn't let you down.

Not sure what else I can do to frame that, so here are the goods:

Some may be all about Indy at D23, but for those of us who are not Jason, there is also some ReMI information:

That's right, the scrapbook is revealed in all its glory!

And so not to repeat myself...

Hey, it's a theory.

Mixnmojo rarely covers sales deals anymore, but we'd be silly to not mention Humble Bundle's Starlight Children's Foundation Bundle, which nets you a few Star Wars games, including both Knights of the Old Republic, the LEGO Star Wars games, and the Double Fine remasters of Grim Fandango, Full Throttle, and Day of the Tentacle. Plus a serotonin dose for helping kids in need. Up the donation for extra serotonin. Plus serotonin to whoever you give your extra copies of these games to, since if you're reading this, you probably already have these games. Actually, could be dopamine, not serotonin. I've never really learned the difference. Whichever you get helping out kids in need.

Anyway! You don't need me to say it twice.

The D23 Expo, a biennal to-do where Disney conspicuously sniffs its socks and shows off its future projects to the landowner class, is going down this weekend, and the internet seems convinced that the title of the new Indiana Jones movie will be unveiled during a presentation tomorrow.

In the meantime, attendees report that the movie has some representation on the floor, with an area devoted to it at the Lucasfilm booth where concept art and character costumes are on proud display:

Aside from the fact that they're adorably still trying to make that new logo a thing, it's all pretty tantalizing. Judging by that sweet concept art, Indy gets himself involved in a tuk tuk chase in Morocco (or else a location highly evocative of it), and all those mirrors in that cave don't do much to counter the Archimedes speculation, now do they. Can I presume that the very Toht-like character design belongs to Mads?

More tomorrow, perhaps.

If you've been following Aaron on Twitter, it's pretty clear that his efforts to emulate Grim Fandango (in its original, shipped-in-1998 form) for presumed DREAMM support have made material progress. Perhaps the clearest sign of that is this morning's implication that he's already started down the path of standing up the second of the GrimE engine duology, that undisputed crown jewel of the LucasArts adventure pantheon, Escape from Monkey Island:

Bless him.

Ars might claim their ReMI interview is mostly free of spoilers, but I will politely disagree. They might not be huge spoilers, but big enough to give me a couple of huh moments. Which is to say: This Ars Technica article is quite good if you're not allergic to spoilers. Otherwise, stay away.

Just that:

I won't editorialize the dialogue -- actually, I will: it's chef's kiss -- but interestingly we do get close-ups, and awesome they look, too. Two weeks left.

A lot went down at PAX in Seattle over the weekend, and as you may have gleaned if you’re one of those social media types, good times were had by all who attended. As with Gamescom last week, an elaborate booth devoted to Return to Monkey Island – a wooden replica of the High Street of Mêlée Island – was on hand for photo opportunity and general shock and awe:

This time, the team was also in the hall for fans and press to mingle with, and the panels were evidently no slouch either: You may have caught the livestream of the expo’s much-touted gathering of influential old people, otherwise known as “Adventure Game Heroes & Legends.” Moderated by Frank Cifaldi, the hour-and-a-half-long conversation featured Ron, Ken Williams, Roberta Williams, Al Lowe, Dave Gilbert and Jane Jenson. If you weren’t tuning in live, you can find it archived below:

As for ReMI-specific coverage, so far there’s a pay-walled interview with Ron from Rock Paper Shotgun (what the hell, guys), and presumably more to come, but you’ll probably find the real gold on the developers’ Twitter accounts. Highlights include the ReMI team photo (probably the first time many of them were physically together since the game got started), the starstruck gushing of Neil, Druckmann, and hands-down the event’s best T-shirt.

The benevolent madness was said to have culminated in a ReMI wrap party, which Mojo may have technically attended by abstraction if the rumors (or, you know, photo evidence) that Jake weaseled his way past the bouncer are true. I’m getting the light here, so in closing I’ll steer two interviews out of Gamescom that we'd overlooked your way: one from publication Heis Online (original German here; English translation here), and another from Hobbyconsolas (original Spanish here; English translation here).

Those of you who didn’t have the spending money to hit PAX should have plenty of material from the expo (occurring as we speak) to look forward to soon. Even ahead of it, though, the ReMI press tour sailed on with a new interview from webzine GamersGlobal featuring Ron, Dave and Rex. The article is in German, the official language of adventure games, but here’s an excerpt from Google’s loose English translation:

GamersGlobal: In Return to Monkey Island you didn't just make decisions about the graphics that maybe not everyone likes. For example, the new part is not a sequel that takes over all the decisions and events of the predecessors. One or the other should be difficult for the fans to swallow.

Ron Gilbert: I don't think that's true. In other words, there were already a number of discrepancies between the previous parts. One of the first things Dave and I talked about in the beginning was which part of the canon we were going to follow and which part we weren't going to. Because a lot of the Monkey Island canon came from a time when Dave and I were no longer responsible for the games. We do not agree with all ideas. Others are clear fan favorites, like Guybrush and Elaine's wedding. While I personally feel that this should never have happened, I am against this marriage - but we cannot seriously backtrack and undo it. We briefly considered whether they might be divorced in our part. Or if they could never have married. But we quickly dismissed that. Fans love the idea that they got married. There is no turning back.

Another example would be: I never understood why Guybrush should be afraid of china. Serious? But we said what the heck, we won't deal with that. Dave summed it up very well: You ignore canon whenever it gets in the way of storytelling. So we respect canon as much as we can, but if it gets in our way... we don't hit it or anything, but we just don't pay it any attention at that point.

Though the noun came out the other end of the AI as “china,” one ascertains that Ron isn’t the biggest fan of the porcelain joke, and thus this trait of Guybrush’s will be censored in ReMI, which is just how Ron rolls.

There’s more great stuff in the interview, including the surprisingly open-ended position Ron takes on the series’ future (Relevant: Beloved, you-thought-he-was-dead community member Captain Mystery has triumphantly returned to notice that the descriptor “conclusion” has been artfully expunged from ReMI promotional spiels), so do read the full article for maximum cognizance of all Monkey tidbits.

Though the movie is still almost a year away, the score for Indiana Jones 5 is currently being recorded, and John Williams got permission to play a piece for a live audience at The Hollywood Bowl. A rogue cell phone then did what it must. Enjoy “Helena’s Theme,” which belongs to Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s character:

And let me round up a few items while I’m here by pointing out that the Willow series was recently previewed by Entertainment Weekly. Meanwhile, The Dig gets its turn being rotated into the Prime Gaming catalog. Nice to see they’re getting to seemingly every last one.

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You’ve already preordered that game that releases on International Talk Like a Pirate Day, so why not grab another couple of adventures this September:

You can never own enough copies of the excellent Sam & Max remasters, so this should be good news for everyone!

The games will run you $20 each, and you can find them here:

Save the World: North America and Europe.

Beyond Time and Space: North America and Europe.

Close your eyes if you’re allergic to spoilers, courtesy of Dave

For the rest of us? At this point, I’m going to hold my tongue in respect to those who want to go into the game blind-ish. But man, this looks good.

We finally have a release date for Return to Monkey Island: September 19, 2022 (formally known as International Talk Like a Pirate Day).

Further more, pre-orders are now open (or will be soon): And, a special pre-order bonus, you'll get a completely useless and inconsequential piece of Horse Armor added to your inventory. Joy.

So, what are you waiting for? Get pre-ordering. Update: For Switch, too!

Another update: The Steam preorder is for both PC and Mac -- purchase one and you'll get the other. Also, the horse armor is truly real, so... who knows what that's all about?!


GamesCom "Open Night Live" is due to begin livestreaming imminently, with some promised "big news" regarding Return to Monkey Island. Will it be a new trailer? The much-hoped for release date? Or a surprise April fools double bluff: The game was never coming all along!

Watch on tenterhooks here:

Or just click PLAY below:

DREAMM was originally intended as an emulator for the DOS-based SCUMM games, but Aaron just couldn't abide a missing title, so he walked one last barefooted mile in broken glass, emulating just enough Win32 to support The Curse of Monkey Island.

Without promising anything, it seems he's being plagued with another itch:

Well, today’s #MonkeyIslandMonday did not disappoint: You get an updated version of The SCUMM Bar theme with an iMuse-like effect, and a glimpse of the interface. For the latter, it looks like we get a glimpse of Guybrush’s inner monologue, too.

The gamescom event takes place tomorrow—we’ll see what it has to bring. Release date? One can hope.

As you may recall 4,794 days ago, the year was 2009 and Laserschwert had completed a wonderful interview (news post) and separate review about The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition music. The interview was of Jesse Harlin, the composer for the Special Edition release. Along with our hint at a hopeful "official" digital release of that soundtrack (just checked; not quite ready yet) also came with the tease of a Bonus Track known only as "Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx".

Little did we know how clever the Mojo readers were with word puzzles years before we would let them prove that daily (Mojole) that it would be quickly figured out that the cypher solution could only be referring to a "Maniac Mansion" track. And although the Monkey Island Special Edition Soundtrack would make its way online, the Maniac Mansion Bonus track did not.

Yoda-yoda-yoda, it's now March 2022 and a Monkey Island 1 Special Edition Soundtrack CD mysteriously appears on eBay, containing the Bonus Track. A winning bid is declared and the CD is not heard of again. Until today.

So come take a listen to an official LucasArts take at a Maniac Mansion updated theme by Jesse Harlin and join in discussion with other Maniac Mansion music aficionados; Ed-Heads I believe they are called. This track was made with love and at a time when it very likely had to be made in secret, with the hope of pushing upper-management to consider making Maniac Mansion Deluxe Maniac Mansion Remastered.

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