Limited Loom Looms 04 Jan, 2023 / 3 comments

We’re getting into the weeds here, with Loom set to receive the LRG treatment:

$75, so not too bad compared to some of these bundles. Currently unknown is if the EGA version will be included. We shall see soon enough.

Pre-orders start on January 13th, and it begs the question: What’s next? The Dig? Or Zak, a game Germans would legally be obliged to buy? Time will tell!



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    jp-30 on 05 Jan, 2023, 19:00…
    No “Ask me about LOOM’ badge? Missed opportunity.
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    Horn Pimp on 05 Jan, 2023, 03:26…
    The Dig[I] or WE RIOT!!!
    *stands alone, outside in the rain with a soaked unlit torch*
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    Huz on 05 Jan, 2023, 00:22…
    Playing the VGA version from Steam before discovering the true path with EGA has turned me into a Loom EGA fundamentalist. EGA or death!

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