The Digital Antiquarian takes aim at Jedi Knight and The Curse of Monkey Island 20 Apr, 2024 / 1 comment

We try to keep track of the fantastic work Jimmy Maher does over at The Digital Antiquarian, especially when his comprehensive inquiry into the totality of video game history (because that’s more or less what his efforts amount to) leads him to LucasArts’ sizable contributions to that story.

The Herodotus of interactive amusement, who’s been at this since 2011, has arrived at the mid-to-late-90s in his ongoing chronicle, and in LucasArts terms that has brought us two terrific articles just this month: one examining Jedi Knight and another published only yesterday in evaluation of The Curse of Monkey Island. As usual it’s good stuff and inspires good engagement from commenters who might already be familiar to you.

If you’re unfamiliar with the site itself, you may well want to check out all the LucasArts-related posts over the years, the links for which we collect here for your convenience. Or you can just, you know, stop stagnating at the junior varsity level and read it all from the beginning.

Source: The Digital Antiquarian


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    SalvadorLimones on 10 May, 2024, 17:43…
    This is great stuff, thanks! I've gotten into an MI/LucasArts nostalgia-hole lately and had to make a new account here just to thank yall for persisting through the ages. There aren't a lot of sites I visited in the 2000s that are still up let alone active, appreciate your dedication

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