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EMI Desktops

28 Mar, 2001, 01:31 | Posted by: Jake | Comments: 0
In celebration of Mac EMI's near completion, news site has released two EMI wallpapers made from pieces of in game and promotional art. The wallpapers appear on their resident designer's site, Custer's Corner. Not bad!
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Edge Article

27 Mar, 2001, 20:44 | Posted by: Spaff | Comments: 11
For those of you who read Edge Magazine you should already have notices their excellent section at the end of the magazine in this months issue.

The feature? - The Making of 'The Secret of Monkey Island' It features quotes from the man himself - Ron Gilbert and has many could-have-been's and reasons for certain things being in the game.

For instance, did you know Herman Toothrot was added to the game because the Monkey Island section of the game was too boring? - Not enough character intervention !
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SCUMM public release

26 Mar, 2001, 15:46 | Posted by: Spaff | Source: Snader | Comments: 18
News reaches me that a petition has been set up to release LEC's Adventure creation engine: SCUMM to the public.
Lucas Arts has made classic adventure games using SCUMM. We are asking Lucas Arts to give SCUMM to people for free or even sell it to the public.
You can sign the petition here
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SW Galaxies

23 Mar, 2001, 23:31 | Posted by: Spaff | Comments: 0
Ok so many people have been trying to get me to keep up to date with the new species for this game, so here, for all of you, may I present:

The Mon Calamari
The Trandoshan
And The Bothans

The first of those of course being Admiral Ackbar's race of creatures. The Admiral of course who I hope you all voted for as a favourite character for games in the LEC SW survey!
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LucasArts Lawsuit

23 Mar, 2001, 23:21 | Posted by: Spaff | Comments: 4
Just thought I'd bring you a quick update on the Lawsuit situation. Anyone who read the comments from the last post will have already learned that this has come about from LucasArts using the term "Starfighter" in the recent PS2 game. This phrase was copyrighted by 3DO in 1995
Yesterday, reported that The 3DO Co. had recently filed a trademark infringement suit against LucasArts Entertainment Co. LLC and Lucas Licensing Ltd. We have learned that the suit involves LucasArts using the word ?StarFighter? in its PlayStation 2 game Star Wars StarFighter.

LucasArts? Tom Sarris sent this comment: ?The term ?Starfighter? has been part of the Star Wars lexicon since the 1980s and there is no basis for any claim against Star Wars Starfighter. LucasArts' game continues to enjoy critical and commercial success, and furthers LucasArts? proud tradition of providing Star Wars fans and game players alike the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Star Wars universe and play out roles, scenes, etc. inspired by events first depicted in the Star Wars films.?

The 3DO Co. will still not provide comment on the lawsuit.
Thanks to Huz, and Iemag
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LucasArts Battles On

23 Mar, 2001, 14:37 | Posted by: Spaff | Comments: 9
IE Magazine have reported news of a lawsuit filed against LucasArts: has received word that The 3DO Co. last week filed a trademark infringement suit in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California against LucasArts Entertainment Co. LLC and Lucas Licensing Ltd. A 3DO spokesperson refused to provide any information, citing a company policy against discussing pending litigation, and requests for comment to 3DO?s attorney and LucasArts representatives weren?t returned by the time this story was posted.

I'll keep you posted, any ideas what this could concern?
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Naboo Battles On

23 Mar, 2001, 14:35 | Posted by: Spaff | Comments: 4
It's not just Mojo that thinks Battle for Naboo is rubbish. have reviewed the game, heading the review with this:
milk (milk) vt. 1. to drain off or extract money, ideas, strength, etc. from as if by milking; exploit (see: LucasArts)
LEC's Star Wars games have been, of late, pretty unplayable. However, I got a chance to play Jedi Power Battles on my Dreamcast, and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'd compare it to 3D Golden Axe with Jedi.
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Adventure Developer

22 Mar, 2001, 10:06 | Posted by: Spaff | Comments: 8
Adventure Developer is still going strong, and has muchos amateur adventure gaming news. So if you need an adventure game fix, head on over and see what you can find.
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SW Survey

22 Mar, 2001, 09:55 | Posted by: Spaff | Comments: 1
This is strictly speaking Starwars news, but i thought that those of you who are opposed to SW would want to read this too.

LucasArts have set up this survey which asks a lot of questions about Starwars gaming. Go and share you views. - I know you all do in these comments anyway! So go tell them!
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Larry Ahern's New Job

21 Mar, 2001, 09:48 | Posted by: Spaff | Source: LucasFans | Comments: 14
Larry Ahern, game designer from LucasArts has found himself a new job after leaving LEC some time ago. His new position? Head of art development for Microsoft's action game group!
Larry will start at his new position on May 1st and move up to Seattle, WA, which seems to be attracting former LucasArts employees: artists Bill Tiller (The Dig, The Curse of Monkey Island), Bill Stoneham (Jedi Knight) and Peter Chan (Monkey Island 2, Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango) and the famed game designer Ron Gilbert (Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island) also currently live in the Washington state.
Good luck in your new job, Larry, and thanks to Swordmaster for the news.
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18 Mar, 2001, 20:07 | Posted by: DJG | Source: The Scumm Bar | Comments: 11

Not really MOJO news but its the nearest I can get!

Anyway The Scumm Bar have recently added a wordsearch game which can be found HERE. They then started a new competition so that you visit the new game!

All you do is to go to The Scumm Bar's wordsearch and take a screenshot showing the strangest word you
can find. As an example, I managed to find "SKY" and "FOX"
in the same grid."

Of course with any competition needs prizes and the prize is a '' e-mail address

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Mac Games Out of Stock

15 Mar, 2001, 23:32 | Posted by: Jake | Comments: 0
LucasMacs has a reader report from the LucasArts company store about some Mac titles going out of print, and slowly dissapearing from the Company Store order page. The Dig is apparently already out of stock. Get more at LucasMacs.
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It's A Skull

15 Mar, 2001, 21:03 | Posted by: Huz | Source: The SCUMM Bar | Comments: 7
The Clearly Unofficial EMI Site has done it again! This time it's an interview with Denny Delk, the voice behind Murray from Monkey Island and the tentacles from Day of the Tentacle, among others. Check out the interview here, and the site's previous interviews here!
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EMI For PS2 Announced

15 Mar, 2001, 19:57 | Posted by: Jake | Comments: 7
LucasArts has updated their site with the announcement (as predicted) of EMI for the PlayStation 2. The game, not suprisingly, looks nearly identical to the PC version, except the font used for dialogue, etc has been changed to a bulkier one as to be read easier on TV screens. There are six screenshots at the EMI Product Spotlight page, if you're interested. Here's a bit from the press release:

"For the past 10 years owners of PC's have solely been able to enjoy Monkey Island, one of LucasArts' premier brands," says Tom Byron, director of product marketing for LucasArts. "Escape from Monkey Island gives PlayStation 2 players the chance to be captured by this clever and comical graphic adventure series."
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Phantom Heresies

14 Mar, 2001, 14:54 | Posted by: Spaff | Comments: 0
My friend Mitch at work sent me a url today for a site that interested me. Although the content is old, it is none the less a very good and interesting read.

The Phantom Heresies series began as an attempt to rehabilitate The Phantom Menace among longtime Star Wars fans, many of whom were extremely vocal in rejecting the movie as a shallow sell-out on the part of George Lucas. Their essays are interesting and although may be entirely wrong in the mind of Lucas, do bring an interesting viewpoint to the Starwars Universe.
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New site, Hall of Fame

14 Mar, 2001, 12:30 | Posted by: Spaff | Comments: 2
A new site, soon to open is starting off with a LucasArts Hall of Fame week. This idea, similar to our plans, is to post reviews and articles relating to the classic LucasArts adventure games such as Day of the Tentacle.The site is ID Gamer and you can access the relevant news for this story here.
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World of MI Domain

14 Mar, 2001, 12:23 | Posted by: Spaff | Comments: 0
The Great Monkeey Island fan site : World of Monkey Island has gained a domain name. The site can now be accessed from Great stuff.
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Star Wars Ad Infinitum

11 Mar, 2001, 09:42 | Posted by: Huz | Comments: 14
LucasArts have updated their site with a new Ask The Team question. The new question and answer is:
Will George Lucas allow LucasArts to continue the Star Wars saga after the completion of the movie series?

Original Star Wars games continued for many years in the time between the completion of Return of the Jedi and the premiere of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace. With the tremendous level of interest in new and original Star Wars experiences, we expect the Star Wars universe of original games to continue to thrive for many years after the completion of Star Wars: Episode III.

Also new at the site is the news that Battle For Naboo (PC version) will be available in [US, probably] stores on March 13th.
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10 Mar, 2001, 10:44 | Posted by: Spaff | Comments: 27
FGN Onlone have posted rumours that LucasArts plan to bring EMI to the PSX2
Rumors have emerged suggesting that LucasArts is looking to release Escape From Monkey Island on PlayStation 2.The graphic adventure from LucasArts is apparently in "testing" for a release later this year on PlayStation 2, according to Next Generation magazine.

No further details were available, but we hope to receive a comment from LucasArts on the rumor soon.
Hmm.. I can't help but fell that if they did this the control method might improve.... did anyone play SMI on the MegaCD ? - That must have been hellish, EMI however would probably work quite well on a console.

Source: Adventure Gamer

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Naboo Review

09 Mar, 2001, 17:18 | Posted by: DJG | Comments: 3

Thinking of buying Battle for Naboo, well read my review first and see what I thought of it. Click HERE

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09 Mar, 2001, 11:07 | Posted by: Spaff | Comments: 0
And today we have a lovely picture of the cover of StarWars insider magazine, sent to me by my friend Jimk. On this cover we see an image of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, as he will appear in Episode2. Spooky.
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The Scummbar

09 Mar, 2001, 10:19 | Posted by: Spaff | Comments: 2
Today is a day of Celebrations. I finally won my batte with Network solutions. I dont think the site its self has realised yet, but after endless faxes and once again points to The Scummbar. YES!

It has been pointing to Telefragged for the last 5 months when it should have been pointing here, but because telefragged put themselves as admin contacts and then ignored my requests to change it, it was stuck that way. Apologies to Skyfox who has had to cope with that annoying forwarding page. Now go to!

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Star Wars Galaxies

07 Mar, 2001, 17:26 | Posted by: Spaff | Source: BigWhoop | Comments: 2
Yet another species announced for StarWars Galaxies. Now it is the Twi'lek (the race with the tentacles frequently seen in Jabbas palace):
A common species throughout the galaxy, Twi'leks are similar to humans in many respects, but can be identified by the twin head tentacles that grow from their skulls. Native to the planet Ryloth, Twi'leks also have a wide variety of skin coloration, ranging from pale white to dark green. In general, Twi'leks are non-violent, but they are also diverse: members of the species have become Jedi Knights, pilots, crime lords, and politicians.
to read more about this and other species to be featured in this game, head on over to The Station
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Jedi Gospel

07 Mar, 2001, 17:21 | Posted by: Spaff | Comments: 2
BBC news today featured an article about JEDI being a religion. It was sparked off by a site called The Jedi Creed which seems to take Jedi as being a way of life.
You may be a fan of the Star Wars films, but are you a follower? Moves are afoot to have the fictitious Jedi philosophy the movies espouse recognised as a proper religion.

If 8,000 New Zealanders have heeded an e-mail asking them to declare Jedi as their faith on this week's census forms, then Star Wars will have spawned an officially recognised religion.

Kiwis who went along with the jape may have to explain themselves to the authorities since it is an offence to enter false information in the census.
its seems scarily fanatical, but if you want to read more, head on over to
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Zak McKracken Review

07 Mar, 2001, 17:00 | Posted by: Spaff | Comments: 7
Well, we are clearly, unarguably now out of the 20th century. And to celebrate we are going to review and feature LucasArts' games from throughout the 1990's. However before we begin that, we've got some reviews of games from the 80's to post. So, here for your enjoyment: The Mixnmojo review of Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders - One of LEC's first ever Adventure titles from 1988.
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PS2 EMI In Testing

06 Mar, 2001, 22:30 | Posted by: Huz | Source: Adventure Gamer | Comments: 0
Some more info regarding the rumoured Playstation 2 port of Escape From Monkey Island. According to this story on FGN Online, Next Generation Magazine have reported that the PS2 version of EMI is currently in testing and slated for release later this year.
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Jedi Knight 2 Rumours

05 Mar, 2001, 22:04 | Posted by: Huz | Source: Shacknews | Comments: 4
Further to our previous news post regarding a possible Jedi Knight 2, we've got some more rumours via German site, who in turn got their info from German mag GameStar. There's a pretty poor English translation via Babelfish here.

Due to the terrible translation, you'd be better reading it yourself, but the general gist of the post is that "an insider" told Gamestar that Raven Software (known for their last FPS success, Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force) are to work with LucasArts to produce JK2, possibly using the Doom 3 or Quake III 3D game engines.

LucasArts apparently had no comment. Surprisingly enough.
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This is not MI

04 Mar, 2001, 18:05 | Posted by: Spaff | Comments: 212
The Essential Guide to MI has updated their site with statments on why they are not going to support Escape from Monkey Island on their site:
Five simple words: "This is not Monkey Island."

It is a fact. Well, after most of the original LucasArts artist, writers, composers and programmers left... perhaps they didn't want to be forced to produce commercial games based on that long StarWars toy commercial called: The Phantom Menace... there wasn't enough creativity or criticism left at LucasArts to continue the Monkey Island Series......

Read more over on their site!
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New Stollesoft Game

04 Mar, 2001, 16:59 | Posted by: Spaff | Comments: 0
Stollesoft have released their latest game for download. The game: "The Adventures of Orvar" is more of an action-adventure-RPG, but they "hope you mixnmojo-ers will find it iteresting anyways" Downlaod it from the Stollesoft homepage. (3.2mb)
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No more PC?

03 Mar, 2001, 11:13 | Posted by: Spaff | Comments: 17
Also updated on the LucasArts site is the Ask the Team section. This time the question was
Your customers are now seeing an almost total removal of PC games. Is LucasArts ceasing to support the PC and going with Platform games only now?

While development on next generation console systems has become of greater importance to LucasArts over the past few years, the company remains committed to development on the PC. The projects we have in development with Verant, BioWare and Ensemble are the best reflection of that. LucasArts' core legacy is deeply rooted in PC development and will always remain so. Strategically we believe we can strike an appropriate balance between platforms and continue to deliver compelling game play experiences on a variety of systems well into the future.
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03 Mar, 2001, 11:05 | Posted by: Spaff | Comments: 3
LucasArts/ LucasLearning have launched a funky new flash site for Super Bombad Racing (due out very soon). The site details a lot more of the power ups and playing style, has new screenshots and a trailer to stream. Check it out at
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Maniac Mansion MP3

02 Mar, 2001, 16:25 | Posted by: DJG | Source: Snader | Comments: 0

Snader of
found a C64 Maniac Mansion REMIX MP3 for download...

You can find it at the download page HERE.
Its 5.1 mb in size and can be downloaded directly from HERE

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