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Gamesmania visits LEC

31 Jul, 2001, 22:48 | Posted by: DJG | Source: Shack News | Comments: 3
Gamesmania has recently put up a new editorial piece focusing on the inner workings of LEC. Included are preveiws of Galactic Battlegrounds (PC), Jedi Outcast (PC), Rogue Squadron II (GameCube), Starfighter SE (Xbox) Obi-Wan (Xbox).(Hmm i notice a complete lack of PS2 titles here, guess Sony had their shot!). They also learned little snippets about the upcoming Phantom Menace DVD.
There, company president Simon Jeffery welcomed us, had us fed bagels in the morning and barbecued chicken and burgers in the afternoon, and had the gang demonstrate part of the line-up that many described as the strongest one at E3, and I have to agree. Their arsenal this year is probably their best ever, and remember, this is the company that gave us X-Wing Alliance and Jedi Knight.

I for one could have done with a few more adventures, but hey.
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Double Fine Trip

30 Jul, 2001, 01:58 | Posted by: Spaff | Comments: 19
After waiting for 4 weeks or so for Jake to make the graphics for this feature, I finally gave up and made some poor ones myself -- but whats more important is that the report of our trip to meet with Tim Schafer (project lead for DOTT, Full Throttle, Grim Fandango) at his new company, Double Fine Productions, is live! We met Tim in San Francisco, where he took us for lunch and stopped us from seeing his new game. However, I assure you that the account is a very worthwhile read!
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Tiller Techniques @ AD

30 Jul, 2001, 00:29 | Posted by: DJG | Comments: 4
Adventure Developer is proud to announce the start of Tiller Techniques. the First edition is, if i may say so AWESOME, (and if anyone else says so it "OWNS"). Anyway its ready, and online here. As always, send in your samples for the chance to have it critiqued by the man himself!
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28 Jul, 2001, 00:30 | Posted by: DJG | Comments: 6
Mixnmojo, in conjunction with LucasGames and is pleased to announce the opening of, a site dedicated to LEC's upcoming RTS game, Galactic Battlegrounds. You can also head over to the forums and check out the welcome message from Galactic Battlegrounds project leader Gary Gaber. "w00t!"
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Simon Chat Transcript

27 Jul, 2001, 15:55 | Posted by: DJG | Comments: 10
A transcript to the Simon Jeffery chat has been posted here. It's an interesting read, so if you couldn't attend, check it out.
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Simon Chat is over!

26 Jul, 2001, 02:28 | Posted by: DJG | Comments: 9
The Simon Jeffery chat has just concluded, and LucasArts will probably be posting the transcript soon. However, until that time, enjoy these highlights:

RAL_Thrawn: You've said that the focus right now is on Star Wars games, and that you will be working on other projects soon. Are there plans for new games in other series, such as Indiana Jones and Monkey Island, or are there completely origional games in development?

Simon Jeffery: We are working on a number of original titles, some of which will be very familiar to you. We haven;t forgotten about Indy either...

Bret: Mr. Jeffery, when will the PC version of Starfighter be released?

Simon Jeffery: Starfighter for PC will be released shortly after the Holidays.

Chas_2001: Out of every Lucasarts game EVER! Which one would you say is the best?

Simon Jeffery: I can't say which LucasArts game is the best, but I can say that the Monkey series are my personal favorites.

Trapezoid: Any hopes of my heros Steve Purcell or Tim Schafer returning for anything?

Simon Jeffery: lunch! ;)

stu_the_monkey: Are you enjoying this??

Simon Jeffery: Yes, though some of the side chat is kinda 'interesting'

It sure was, Mr. Jeffery. It sure was.

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Chat Reminder

25 Jul, 2001, 18:32 | Posted by: DJG | Comments: 0
The LEC webmaster has reminded us all of the official chat tonight with the LucasArts president.

Please join us at on Wednesday, July 25th, at 6 pm (PST) and spend some time with LucasArts President, Simon Jeffery. Simon will be on hand to answer your questions and bring you up-to-date on our recently announced titles and future activities at LucasArts. The chat room will open at 5 pm (PST), so stop by early and spend some time with other LucasArts fans! Please pass the word and get your questions ready!

Hope to see you there!

- LEC WebJedi

Note that this time is 2AM Thursday GMT for our friends in foreign lands. "Foreign to whom," you may ask? Well, me, of course! :)
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Virus Warning

25 Jul, 2001, 01:06 | Posted by: Spaff | Comments: 20
Over the last few days we have been sent tons of emails with random subjects but with this content:
Hi! How are you?
I send you this file in order to have your advice
See you later. Thanks
Mojo network staff and other folk with mojo email might be recieving it to, and guess what? That attachment has a new virus in it called SirCam. Luckily most of us are not Dumb A***holes and havn't opened the file. But beware....
You can read all about SirCam here.
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Another EMI Contest

24 Jul, 2001, 23:00 | Posted by: Spaff | Comments: 0
Shorty after its redesign, Legend of Monkey Island has launched a competition. Yes like many other contests we have been having recently, this one involves the winning of Escape From Monkey Island for the PS2. All you have to do is design a Monkey Island Desktop BG. What are you waiting for?!?!
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LucasArts h4x0r3d!

24 Jul, 2001, 16:36 | Posted by: DJG | Source: | Comments: 4
According to an article at, the official LucasArts support site was hacked yesterday by someone calling himself "Young Thief". It would seem that Young Thief hacked into the support site and added a Portuguese message which reads, "Brazil rules. I thank the master Splinter, without his training the Turtles would be nothing." This just goes to prove that Brazil and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are not a good mix. The site has already been repaired, but you can click here to read the original message in its entirety.
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LEC '94 PC Format

24 Jul, 2001, 01:24 | Posted by: Spaff | Comments: 2
Calimonk was very kind to supply us with a scan of his issue of a 30 page magazine that accompanied PC Format in 1994. It includes reviews of Xwing and its add-ons, Rebel assault and TIE fighter. Interviews with Lawrence Holland and Edward Killham. Then we get reviews of all the classic adventure games starting with Maniac Mansion and finishing with Sam and Max. Interviews with Mike Stemmle, Sean Clark and Steve Purcell and then previews of Dark Forces, The DIG and Full Throttle. All of this and way more all from back in the days of 1994 and introduced by the then president of the company Randy Komisar.
It's a fun read.
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New Full Throttle hint

21 Jul, 2001, 17:29 | Posted by: DJG | Comments: 16
The LucasArts website has been updated with new Galactic Battlegrounds screenshots and a new designer diary about that game. And, interestingly enough, a hint for the original classic Full Throttle has been added to the page. It's nice to see LucasArts give some attention to their classics, eh?
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MODS bite the DUST

20 Jul, 2001, 20:33 | Posted by: DJG | Source: PC Zone | Comments: 25
LucasArts have sent in their heavies again and shut down a MOD, this time its a MOD for Unreal Tournament. The MOD included scenes from Star Wars' Death Star, the Millennium Falcon, Endor and Tatooine.

LucasArts said that the project was of a poor quality and would possibly stop people from buying there games (Although it seems they were doing a pretty good job on there own).

This news seems to be the first of its kind since last years smackdown on Matt Shaw's project, and at a time when one of their upcoming games will be the first to officially support Modifications: Galactic Battlegrounds.

Anyone wanting to make a MOD involving Starwars should probably wait until after GB comes out, and see how LucasArts and the world feel after some officially LEC Freindly mods have been produced.

Update: If you didn't read the (rather slanted) PC Zone article because of their requirement that you subscribe, you can view Pat Fitzsimons' (the guy who made the mod) web site here.

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More Chewbacca!

20 Jul, 2001, 18:42 | Posted by: DJG | Comments: 2
I never thought I'd see the day when there'd be four Chewbacca-Related news posts in four days. This is a snippit from Wednesday's StarWars.Com Classic. It tells the epic tale of the origins behind everybody's favorite wookie. Actually, it's not really epic, and probably not quite a tale, but read it anyway!

"My dog Indiana used to ride on the front seat of my car. He was a big dog, and when he sat there, he was bigger than a person, so I had this image in my mind of this huge furry animal riding with me. That's where the inspiration for Chewbacca came from."

George Lucas
Star Wars: The Annotated Screenplays

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Houses of Mojo

20 Jul, 2001, 03:28 | Posted by: Spaff | Comments: 12
Whilst we are of course The International House of Mojo, there are other Houses of Mojo out there. and here for your enjoyment is our 'competition':
wooooo you gotta love that last one!
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Chewbacca News

20 Jul, 2001, 03:11 | Posted by: Spaff | Comments: 1
News just in.. I have no idea how old this is, but i have just discovered that Chewbacca, the love-able Wookiee has been given his own Lego model. You can buy him in a set with 2 Scout Stormtroopers or even In this Millennium Falcon TM accompanied by luke, Han and Leia. I love Lego
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Mac Racer Shelved 7/30

19 Jul, 2001, 21:18 | Posted by: Jake | Comments: 2
Reader Jason Savage just sent me word that as of July 30th the Mac version of Episode I: Racer will be "retired." The LucasArts Company Store says this piece of "Mac History" pretty much won't be available anymore ever, so if you still want it get it now. Whats abandonware?
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GT3 - A New Hope

19 Jul, 2001, 07:01 | Posted by: Jake | Comments: 0
Because everyone reads console news I thought I'd post this little in-joke found in Gran Turismo 3 by my friend Ted. Here's a picture of some Rebel pilots on their way to visit the Neimoidians... Ooor they're an in-joke planted in the crowd in the Tokyo level. Look for them!
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SCUMM Bar Contest!

17 Jul, 2001, 19:58 | Posted by: DJG | Comments: 8
The Monkey Island SCUMM Bar has a contest going and is giving away copies of EMI for the Playstation 2. You can choose to enter any of 3 categories, building a Monkey Island LEGO set, making a MI themed wallpaper, and making a MI flash animation. Check out The SCUMM Bar for full contest rules and information on how you can enter. You can also view the latest entries here.
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Chewbacca Rules

16 Jul, 2001, 06:15 | Posted by: Jake | Comments: 10
Just reminding you all that on Friday LucasArts put up a new poll, as they do every Friday. This one, though, contains the option to vote for Chewbacca, so you'd better all go vote right away. For the curious, the poll asks with which Lucas character (Star Wars, Adventure, or otherwise) would you like to spend your Summer? Vote Mojo!... err, Chewbacca!

Update: I've been getting complaints that I should be instructing the masses to vote Guybrush, not Chewbacca. Shut face? Yes.

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Outlaws Patch

15 Jul, 2001, 14:04 | Posted by: Spaff | Comments: 23
Well... this is our first ever piece of Outlaws news I think. Outlaws has been around for about 4 years, and LEC have just released a patch for it! This new patch makes Outlaws Win2K compliant, work in Direct3D and it is possible to play in a resolution up to 1600 x 1200.

Having visited the Outlaws support site, I discovered that old updates of Outlaws have provided many new maps to play on, so if you didn't know that, you can re-live some classic cowboy moments.

I'm off to download the patches and shoot some varmits, or whatever the hell that word is.
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Jedi Knight 2 Screen

15 Jul, 2001, 13:54 | Posted by: Spaff | Source: Shacknews | Comments: 0
The official JK2 outcast site is sporting alovely new screenshot of the game. The screenshot is demonstrating force push, and is taken from a part of the game used in the E3 demo.
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Stuff Wanted

13 Jul, 2001, 18:53 | Posted by: Spaff | Comments: 18
Do you remember the adventurer? it was a little magazine that was distributed in the US with old LucasArts games. Do you have any of them? We want them!

If you have any issues of the Adventurer you might be interested in selling / donating / swapping for stuff, please email me! We are after issues 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, ,10, 13 or higher.

I'm also after old merchandise, (T-shirts, keychains etc) particlulary Day of the Tentacle and full Throttle stuff. - (but anything would be cool) again, to sell to me or trade. Please email me if you can help!

updateIf you dont want to part with adventurers, then a scanned version would be fantastic.

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SW & LucasArts Parody

12 Jul, 2001, 22:39 | Posted by: DJG | Comments: 13
BadTech have a hilarious satrical comedy strip based on a parody of not only Star Wars but LucasArts "milking the cashcow" use of the Episode I franchise. Among SW & LEC, they also have a pop at AOL, Microsoft, Windows NT, Taco Bell & others!
Click here to view the comic from the beggining or click here to go to the end few pages of the parody of LucasArts.
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EMI PS2 Release Party

11 Jul, 2001, 21:33 | Posted by: Spaff | Comments: 11
We have finally uploaded our photo gallery from the EMI PS2 release party which we attended last month in San Francisco. We had much fun aboard the good ship Balcutha and you should take a look at everyone being Piratey.

With Mike, Sean, Dom and a whole host of LEC folk, Steel drums, grog and ghost pigs its worth a peek! Thanks for the invitation and all the grog LucasArts peeps, you know who you are!

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Episode 2 Trailer Talk

11 Jul, 2001, 17:34 | Posted by: DJG | Comments: 0
Welcome Humans, Droids, Jedi, Sith & Other...

The *almost official* date of the Episode II trailer is "reckoned" to be around November. Many think it will be attached to Planet Of The Apes, althougth there's no official word yet.
There's been some rumour that it'd be on the Episode I dvd, although the mechanics of the trailers release and the date of the DVDs mass production rule that out, theirs still some rumours that owners of the DVD will be given exclusive access to part of the official site to download the trailer before everyone else.

Either way, its a fair few months away and if you want something to keep you waiting, download this brand new fan made Episode II teaser trailer. It features Hayden taken from this months "Making of" video from the official site but with effects and backgrounds. If I say so myself, it looks pretty "Beefy", definetly worth downloading.
For more information, visit the Maul316's Fanfilms section on TFN.
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Banner Contest Winners

09 Jul, 2001, 15:03 | Posted by: Spaff | Comments: 24
We have been going through all the fantastic banners that you submitted for the contest. All of them were brilliant, and i'd like to thank everyone who entered for making me laugh!

Anyway, 2 winners have to be announced. Originally the plan was to allow you lot to judge and choose one of the winners, but we cant set up a safe and decent way of doing that because we have a ton of other things to develop right now. So we went ahead and chose both winners ourselves (hope you don't mind!)

You can see the winning entries right here. Thanks again for entering, more contest fun soon.
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Zak Mckracken Walkthru

09 Jul, 2001, 14:57 | Posted by: Spaff | Comments: 3
May I present to you a Walkthrough for the 1988 LucasFilm game Zak Mckracken and the Alien Mindbenders. The walkthrough was written by Mercatfat and was not posted by me for a loooong time. But at last, for those of you who are stuck in this classic game, a light is at the end of the tunnel. you can read it here.
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Crab Raft Riff

08 Jul, 2001, 16:01 | Posted by: DJG | Comments: 5
Highland Productions is at it again and has brought us a brand new MP3, this one a remix of the Crab Raft theme from Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. This MP3 was created by telarium and the flute solo was done by invisibelle. And to add to that, it sounds great. Check it out at Highland Productions.
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Top 5 Characters

07 Jul, 2001, 22:18 | Posted by: Spaff | Source: Croc | Comments: 4
PC Gamer, as it usually does, has had some charts! Top 5 gaming characters in different categories:

Female Character:

1) Cate Archer, No-One Lives forever
2) April, The Longest Journey
3) D'Arci Stern, Urban Chaos
4) Elaine Marley, Monkey Island

King of Comedy:

1) Guybrush Threepwood, Monkey Island
2) Bob, Messiah
3) Manuel Calavera. Grim Fandango
4) Morte, Planescape Torment
5) LeChuck, Monkey Island

What about Murray in that last one? *sigh* anyways, not bad going for lucasarts and adventure game characters in that one eh?
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DIG Webmaster needed!

06 Jul, 2001, 00:43 | Posted by: DJG | Comments: 1
Me again, my Dig site still needs a webmaster to continue the work! So i'm waiting to here from you, e-mail me at Shaw@Soon.Com.
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Banner Contest Over

06 Jul, 2001, 00:21 | Posted by: Webmonkey | Comments: 14
Just letting everyone know that the Mixnmojo Make us a Banner Contest ended yesterday with over 200 submitted entries! Thanks to all of you who submitted banners in hopes of winning a copy of Monkey 4 for the PS2. Exact details for how the winners will be chosen and prizes awarded, as well as the announcement of the winners themselves will be coming soon!
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Chat w/Simon Jeffery

05 Jul, 2001, 20:43 | Posted by: DJG | Comments: 1
A new chat with LucasArts president Simon Jeffery will be held on the official LEC site on July 25th, at 6pm (PST). This is the first public chat with Simon since September of 2000. LucasArts site members can attend and ask Simon questions about current projects, future projects, and general stuff about the company. Maybe now he'll fess up as to why he destroyed New York City! Go here to read more about the chat.
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H. Christensen Speaks

05 Jul, 2001, 19:01 | Posted by: DJG | Comments: 0 has posted a new video as part of their Making Episode II section. This video is focused on the young canadian star of Star Wars: Episode Two, Hayden Cristensen. He comments on what it's like to portray such a legendary character, and his feelings on Episode Two. There are also some cool new clips from the movie. Check it out.

480 x 286 (high bandwidth)
240 x 152 (low bandwidth)
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Easter comes early!

04 Jul, 2001, 18:06 | Posted by: DJG | Comments: 3
A Mixnmojo exclusive! In an update to our EMI PS2 Review, we have added an extra page exposing the PlayStation 2 easter eggs. These include an improved version of Murrayball, a new Monkey Invaders game, and a mystery easter egg. Check them out!
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EMI is #3 in the UK!

03 Jul, 2001, 20:24 | Posted by: DJG | Comments: 8
As you may or may not know, LucasArts conducted a huge experiment when they released Escape From Monkey Island on the PlayStation 2, and it seems that it might be paying off. According to ChartTrack, EMI is the third best selling PlayStation 2 title in the UK. This is very good news, but does it mean that things will continue to go well? We'll just have to wait and see... and hope!
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EMI PS2 Interview

03 Jul, 2001, 16:56 | Posted by: DJG | Comments: 0
Our pride and joy, The SCUMM Bar, has posted an exclusive interview with Shara Miller. Shara was entrusted with the daunting task of converting EMI to the PlayStation 2. The interview explores some of the enhancements in the reincarnated EMI and discusses the possibility of future ports. Be sure to give it a read.
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Another PS2 Contest!

03 Jul, 2001, 04:12 | Posted by: DJG | Source: The Scumm Bar | Comments: 1
As if two or three contests weren't enough, Gamespot UK has launched a contest where ten copies of EMI for the PS2 are up for grabs. All you have to do is answer one very simple question, I'll be disappointed if you don't know the answer to it. Yes, I'm talking to you! Go check it out.
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EMI PS2 extras!

01 Jul, 2001, 17:16 | Posted by: DJG | Comments: 0
An update to our EMI PlayStation 2 review. I've just been informed that one of the top buttons on the PlayStation 2 controller will open a diagram during Monkey Kombat. This shows the player all of the moves and transitions up to that point. I haven't had time to check it out myself, but it sounds pretty cool. Thanks to Ryan for the update! Now if we could just find out about Murray Ball and Monkey Invaders...
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