on the LucasArts site, a new feature has been launched: Hint of the week. The hints they are talking about are game help, tips and cheats, and it kicks off with a cheat for Star Wars: Episode I Jedi Power Battles for Sega Dreamcast.

Hi there, just to let everyone know, I'm building a new pc for myself, and am having a few problemos. All the cool stuff i have to post from my mailbox will be up as soon as my pc works again!

Also the starwars news updating folks wil be here shortly. Infact they should contact me so training can begin.

In this article on IGN states that LucasArts will be porting the n64 game "Battle for Naboo" to the PC.
This I assume is the first of their game anouncements, but is also the first game anounced for the PC since the scrapping of OBI WAN. Perhaps fans of the Starwars Universe can be a little bit happier now.

This port will be available pretty soon and will feature better resolution, graphics and menu system. w00t!

For those who are stuck In the Monkey Kombat sections of EMI, there is help. A useful chart has appeard at The World of Monkey Island . Check it out:

Lucashacks has made a very interesting new program filling in a hole in Scumm Rev... A costume viewer, to be precise. It currently only works with the MI1 and MI2 CD, but this will obviously change soon. Get it here

Not entirely related... well almost... 3D Realms have announced the winners to their "fake Duke Nukem Forever Screenshot contest" some of the entries are quite amusing but hey check this one out, its related to lec .. no really it is... And if you want to you can check out the rest of them!

News was brought to me from one Kevin Hodapp. He pointed me in the direction of this Article on IGN. In this "unnoficial" secret report, IGN claims that Lucasarts will be announcing several new games for various formats over the next few weeks;
LucasArts is going to announce several new games for several platforms, and one of those games will appear on PS2, and it's going to be somewhat of a surprise. We promised not to say anything yet, but think of it this way, when was the last time you saw a graphic adventure on PS2? You soon will. Another hint: "Hoo-hoo-hoo-he-he-he-he haw haw haw-haaaaw!!!!!"
If we assume that last hint is an evil laugh we can only go on to assume that EMI is to be ported to a console. What else is held in store for us over the coming weeks?

Today my friends, is the birthday of one Marek Bronstring, a good friend and web master of AdventureGamer. Today is his 18th, and that means by custom that i have just invented, that you must go to his site and pay your respects! go now! ;P

As Jake said, more news from the news letter is being posted. In the letter LucasArts get ready to announce a new product:
There's something big on the horizon. LucasArts Entertainment Company is about to make an incredibly exciting game announcement! We wish we could tell you more, but that would ruin all the fun. Keep an eye on over the next few weeks for this and several other exciting announcements

What could this be? Another graphic adventure perhaps? or just another Starwars game? - personally I think its too early before the release of Episode2 to annouce a game for it.. What could it be?
You can discuss this topic on this post on our message forum


Other news from the Insider involves an upcoming section called "Ask LucasArts" where by you can send them questions about.. well anything i assume.. and they will answer you.

More about 'Securing your handle' for the upcoming massivly online multiplayer Starwars RPG - Starwars Galaxies.

They put a big fat link in to a lovely purple page that looks exactly like this one and is called mixn.. no wait it is this one :P
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It's official this time. Issue 5 of the LEC newsletter, LucasArts Insider, sent out earlier this evening, let out the official announcement of the Mac port of EMI. Aspyr Media, the publisher of the Mac version has put up a product spotlight containing screenshots and story that you've likely read elsewhere. Of real interest on that page though, is that Mac users can finally place pre-orders at Aspyr's online store. LucasArts' EMI page hasn't been updated to reflect the announcement of the Mac version. More Insider newsletter coverage will appear shortly.

Remember the Ultimate insult contest? well 2 of the winners have yet to reply to my email sent out, could you please do so? The Games will be shipped as soon as possible depending on my budget!

The rest of the insults may be made browsable in the very near future, keep listening!

Amongst all the EMI news and ranting shines an old favourite. Adventure Gamer has a Review up of Sam and max.
The atmosphere of the game is appropriately cheesy, with a jazzy musical score and colorful cartoon graphics. Anyone following the comic series will be right at home with the game's visuals. A few scenes also include 3D rendered elements which blend in surprisingly well

Those of you in the US with a PlayStation 2 (heh) can now pre-order your copy of Starfighter the new Star Wars action-flight game. The game is $49.95 and includes a mini-strategy guide. Here's a bit of marketing spiel on Starfighter:
Prove your battle skills against more than 50 vehicles including all-new, never-before-seen craft. Take part in an exhilarating story-driven flight adventure that places you alternately in the roles of three mismatched starfighter pilots, each with personal vendettas against the Trade Federation who must learn to work together to repel the invasion of the Naboo system. To succeed, you must prevail in thrilling dogfights using your piloting skills to outwit opponents.

Also mentioned the Bill Tiller's announcement was his mini adventure game project. A while back he posted on the scramm board looking for some talented people willing to join him to make a mini adventure game to add to his portfolio. He says that as soon as he has sorted himself out in his new job, he will start work on that anda web site to showcase it.
I want to thank all those who volunteered their valuble time and considerable talent and energy for my little project. I ask that you give me another month to go through my move and I will begin the game in earnst.

Sadly, Bill Tiller, one of the best artists at LucasArts has announced he will be leaving.

Bill was the lead background artist on the classic Curse of Monkey Island.
He will be taking up a new position with Arena.Net in Washington State. We wish Bill all the best with his new home and job!

I'd just like to add that we all wish Blll the best of luck at, i'd also like to kiss some ass and say thanks for all the great art :P - Spaff


Guess what? No you won't. I tried to write a review of Escape From Monkey Island, as we have yet to post such an article, but unfortunatly it quickly turned into a random rant. The over all message of the rant seems to be: 'shut up about hating EMI so much, its not that bad fool!'
But its really just what happened when i tried to talk about the game. Please, read the rant, and post your comments on it.

While I await the newly hired Starwars correspondants to be fuly trained, I must cover these news posts. I missed a lot of SW news out over the last few weeks, apologies to those who care.

Bombad Racing, the fantastic kiddy kart style racer has been canned for production on the DC but it still seems to be going strong. The LEC Product Spotlight page for bombad has some new concept art and an interview with Francis Hsu, the Concept artist.
Q: How did you come up with the idea to draw big-headed Star Wars characters?
A: Because big heads are cute. No, really, I got my inspiration from Mario Kart - it's the only kart racing game I like

We knew it all along didn't we boys and girls?

If you still havn't read a review of EMI then there is one over at SwankyGames Its an pretty average review and rates EMI 4.5/5

Seeing as when every advertising deal we try and make the respective company folds or kicks out half its network, I've decided we may as well attempt to sell our own advertising until a situation resolves itself. If you would like to advertise on Mixnmojo please contact me.
We will accept big & small companies alike.

Thanks, James.

The lead programmer of Grim Fandango, Bret Mogilefsky, dropped into the IRC Channel #grim-fandango for a quick chat. You can read the logs over at GFN's hosted site: Bones of Life On the news page you will also find early 3d renders of Grim scenes, one of which you can see below.

The Zak McKracken 2 project has made its first good update in a while. Check out the new MP3 in the sounds/music section and the new screenshot of the month.

Saw this over on Blues It's a load of Ray tracing from Lego models! Ok so its not related to LEC, but here are some of Pirate models, thats almost related right? ...... Lego rules!

Right, I've asked for this in the past, we need a stable Star wars news updater. Many people are opposed to use reporting on Starwars news, but I still want this site to involve all aspects of LucasArts. So we need 1, possibly 2 people to fill the roles of Starwars games correspondant and regulary update this site with SW news. Also if anyone out there is particularly interested in LucasLearning, Skywalker Sound or Industrial Light and Magic, then we are after you too! Apply by emailing me.

If you're feeling the bores this weekend (and hey, who isn't?), here's a couple fun things.

Allergic to Life
currently has the famous Star Wars Gangsta rap on it. I highly suggest you check it out if you haven't already, yo.

Dreamcast VMU development groupVM2 has created a very fun port of X-Wing for the VMU. It's availible only on Booyaka, and you'll need a free account there to access get the file. There are several other Star Wars games, but X-Wing is certainly the best. It's one of the about 1000 reasons that make the Dreamcast much better than a certain other 128 bit console.

Finally, PC Format mentioned us in a sidebar (scan). Also mentioned were The Scumm Bar and The World of Monkey Island.

Comment: I'm sorry i didnt post this sooner, i had the scan a week or so ago, whoops! thanks bone_man, and countless others who sent it to me! - Spaff


Adventure Gamer has announced their picks for 2000's best of the best adventure games in The Adventure Gamer Awards 2000. The awards given range from Best Voice Acting to Most Dissapointing Game to Game of the Year (and yes EMI is in there a couple of times). More importantly, if you're looking for some great new adventure games games but rarely stray from the Lucas name, these are some excellent suggestions to check out (except for Timeline, of course).

There is an article on Gamespot entitled
'Readers' Choice: The Best Voice Acting in Games' in which Full Throttle comes in at 5th place, EMI & CMI come in 3rd place, and GrimFandango in 2nd :
"The voices fit the appearance of the characters perfectly. They were also so well acted that even though I played and beat the game a few years ago, I still remember them as soon as they're quoted!"
- Full Throttle

It is a nice article, with other games featured like Metal Gear Solid and System Shock2, go see who number 1 is...


Evidently Lucasarts is now accepting resumes for quite a few positions:
3D Modeler (Character)
Character Technical Director
Level Designer
Special Effects Artist
Technical Artist
Producer - Internal
Producer - External
Lead Programmer
Manager of Software Development
Maya Programmer
Senior Programmer - Console
Senior Programmer - Networking

Get out there you aspiring game designers! snatch up those jobs!

According to Lucasarts has cancelled the Dreamcast version on Super Bombad Racing. heres a quote:
Dreamcast owners who have been waiting for some kart racing action, Star Wars-style, may become angry with this tidbit... and we know where anger leads don't we? Star Wars: Super Bombad Racing has been canned for the Dreamcast, though Lucasarts is still planning to release the game on the PC and PS2 for a Spring/Summer release this year.



Did you dare to create the Ultimate Insult? Did you enter the contest to win a signed copy of Escape from Monkey Island? Well then you'll want to know the results won't you? .... Well Here they are!
Thanks for everyone that entered, bad luck if you didn't win, although more contests will be launched soon! Many thanks to the guys 'n girls over at LucasArts for their support.

If you'd like to see some of the other entries, please leave a comment! maybe we can vote on the worst one and give them a booby prize?!?

I just got back from MacWorld Expo in San Francisco, and wrote a bit about it at LucasMacs. Of course one of the highlights was Aspyr Media (Mac EMI's publishers) showing off a completely playable Mac version of EMI. More at LucasMacs.

Well do you like secrets? The World of Monkey Island has opened their EMI secrets section with over 60 'in-jokes' with more to be added over time! excellent!

2 interesting news pieces at The ScummBar
first is that you can access some missing lines of script from EMI, but not in the English version of the game! and the second involves skins of Guybrush for the Sims .. wierd!
Head on over to The ScummBar for all the info!

Yes, news from Rum Rogerz! Indy Project is still alive! They are residing at a temporary url,(guys if you need hosting space you are more than welcome) and are still going strong! Excellent news, even though the pending question of LucasArts and their legal departments wrath still hangs over the project. Fingers crossed for those FOA2 guys!

For continual Indy news head on over to the Ultimate Indiana Jones site.

After a long period of calm, LucasHacks is back to dive into LEC Games and rip stuff out. Lucashacks is a center for all you folk not content with playing the games, but for those who feel a need to look inside at what makes them tick! Go check it out!

Following the recent news post concerning Easter eggs in EMI, TAG have informed us of the location of their EMI Easter Egg section. Here there are screenshots of "MurrayBall" "skull" and a few more.

News in from Here's the blurb:

We recently got the chance to talk with three staff memebers from Monkey Games Entertainment. They are the creators of a freeware graphical adventure game called Treasure of Drunk Island. They are also currently creating a new adventure game called Beyond Fantasy. Check out the interview for information on making amateur video games, a huge preview of Beyond Fantasy, and some follow up questions from Treasure of Drunk Island."

You can read the interview with this great development team here.
May I also remind you that Adventure Developer is open for all your Development needs!
0 have updated their "On Location with Ahmed Best (Jar Jar Binks)" video section. There are 3 new videos giving us more information on Star Wars: Episode II. Click here to check it out.

News comes to us that the Mac version of Escape from Monkey Island, currently being developed by Aspyr Media, has reached Alpha stage. No release date has been confirmed other than "some time this year"
Visit MacNN for more information.
Also check LucasMacs for regular LEC Mac news.

Ooooh I missed this news article!
The Results of the #mi Xmas survey are in. Click here to read them, see below for my choice quotes involving staff:

- Somehow, Spaff really reminds me of Stan
-I bet DJG resembles the MI2 LeChuck. Thats why he's never posted a pic
- Saddest moment: Narrative Died (lies)
-bot of the year: DJG

and finally both my Admins (Jake and DJG) got the most votes for "Person who never talks". Good its because they are working hard! :)

Sorry for not posting news regularly, I've been busy over the holidays. Just today I found out that has a cute little flash greeting on their site. Click here to check it out

Have you tried typing skull in EMI? Apparently it's "Well worth a go". This only seems to work in some locations, but it does work.
Also:Murray Pong! To activate this, spin Murray on Jambalaya until he starts repeating himself, face Guybrush away from any objects, and type murrayball. See the images below for the results!

Source: The Scummbar


Just to let you know, we are having major issues with our mail server, I can't even begin to go into all the problems we have and the annoyance we feel for the administration of this server here. But anyway, I can't receive my email on my standard account, and neither can any other mojo mailers. You can reach me on my junk-mail account if it is urgent. Believe me as soon as we get decent sponsorship we are getting a server no one else can mess with!

Update:I can now receive email, thanks to the skillz of our programmer man DJG.


As a result of Amazons New Year sale, LucasArts games are going Cheap! You can get both Curse of Monkey Island and Grim Fandango for $9.99 each! Excellent news for those of you who dont yet own these two!

From Everyone at we would love to wish all of you a Happy New Year. Lets hope the news updating software doesn't break like last year!