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Bill Tiller Leaves LEC

17 Jan, 2001, 19:42 | Posted by: DJG
Sadly, Bill Tiller, one of the best artists at LucasArts has announced he will be leaving.

Bill was the lead background artist on the classic Curse of Monkey Island.
He will be taking up a new position with Arena.Net in Washington State. We wish Bill all the best with his new home and job!

I'd just like to add that we all wish Blll the best of luck at, i'd also like to kiss some ass and say thanks for all the great art :P - Spaff

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What does everyone else think about this?

  • Comment by: Emma | Posted 22 Jan, 2001, 00:32
    I'd just like to wish Bill Tiller all the best in his future projects. LucasArts have lost their most talented artist.
  • Comment by: Maximar | Posted 18 Jan, 2001, 17:11
    Remi: erm... he WAS doing 3D for Infernal Machine.
  • Comment by: Remi O | Posted 18 Jan, 2001, 17:22
    Yes, which he hated...
  • Comment by: spaff | Posted 18 Jan, 2001, 11:50
    Lets hope make some games that show off his talent eh? :P
  • Comment by: invisibelle | Posted 18 Jan, 2001, 06:59
  • Comment by: Remi O | Posted 17 Jan, 2001, 20:10
    Too bad... Tiller is a talented guy. Guess LEC is focusing 100% on 3D.

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