Wallace & Gromit are returning to your PC screens on May 5th. in their next crazy adventure: The Last Resort, Mojo has learned.

It'll be a biscuit, lad!


Todesreiter on the adventure-treff forums has posted screenshots and concept art from Ghost Pirates of Voojo Island.

Thanks for the tipoff, Sven_Q45.

Reopen the MI Hosted sites is all I can say!

Update: Tiller blogs it.
So I was looking as some forums that were discussing Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island, and one thing that popped up that I wanted to address went something like this ”Aw man! not another pirate game?!!” Well I agree there are a lot out there and we did pitch a lot of different game ideas and do have a lot of original ideas for games, - don’t we all really? But the game pitch that seemed to get the most traction was Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island. I love pirates and I haven’t worked on a pirate game since 1997 so for me it’s been 12 years and I have been itching to do another one.

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Either they got commands from on high or they're getting worried about more controversy from the homophobic American media, but Bioware have begun locking threads discussing homosexuality and censoring words such as "gay" or "lesbian" on their Star Wars: The Old Republic forum.

Bioware's Sean Dahlberg explained simply: "As I have stated before, these are terms that do not exist in Star Wars. Thread closed."

So, to reiterate: C-3PO is camp, not gay.

jp update: The moderator on the Bioware forum has apologised for overstepping the mark, and the gay discussion there has been allowed to continue. Source: Kotaku.

Source: Kotaku


German adventure site Adventure-Treff has got some info info on the long murmured-about graphic adventure game that Autumn Moon has been working on alongside the A Vampyre Story series. The title is Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island, and the world exclusive first look is apparently in the form of a three page preview for it in the German PC Games magazine. (Scans please?)

There are some details to be found in the Adventure-Treff write-up, but the rough English translation is doing me few favors. German folk - leave comments telling us what it says!

Although it's hard not to think of Monkey Island when reading that title, the fact remains that Bill Tiller has said in interviews that he's always wanted to do his own pirate game, noting that there's plenty of room for different stories to be told in a Pirates of the Caribbean inspired universe. Stay tuned, as there's likely to be some more details emerging on this game soon!

Thanks to Igor Hardy for the tipoff

Update: The Pumpkin Post has a translated version of the news post. The game will apparently revolve around three ghostly pirate protagonists who are coping with their situation (a la Mona as a vampire) and there might be collaborative puzzles between the characters along the lines of Day of the Tentacle. The publisher is dtp entertainment of Germany. It's slated for early 2010, and interestingly will be released "at least six months" before A Bat's Tale, which puts the latter game in a mid-2010 timeframe at the latest.

Update 2: You can see the first piece of concept artwork from the game on the new PC Games cover.

Telltale has finally made the Strong Bad collector's DVD available on their site. The latest news is that it'll ship sometime in June. As with Sam & Max, the DVD is free + shipping for anyone who has bought the entire season.

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It hasn't been officially announced, but there's a heck of a lot of details emerging for the first 360/PS3-based Star Wars: The Clone Wars game. Apparently it's going to be called Republic Heroes (one word off the last good internally developed LucasArts title) and is in development at Krome Studios, makers of the Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels game (which was so awful even I didn't buy it).

From the description it sounds a lot like the Dreamcast Jedi Power Battles game, but let's hope not.

I don't know if anyone here is actually interested in this news, but it's worth noting just to work out what the few remaining staff members at LucasArts are doing all day. With no in-house development, all the Old Republic stuff mostly being dealt with by Bioware and the Indy Staff of Kings marketing being almost entirely carried out by one admin on the game's forum, and we know they never keep their site updated, so what are they passing the time doing? Playing Sam & Max and crying?

UPDATE: And in other Star Wars news, I made Haden Blackman sad.

Source: Destructoid (via Eurogamer)


I don't know if this even counts as 'news', but Eurogamer are suggesting that TT Games' may be doing Lego Indiana Jones II. They suggest that it may contain levels from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Shocking stuff, I know.

Eurogamer then went on to suggest that Double Fine may be working with Jack Black, that Ron Gilbert may have a new game based on his character Deathspank in development, and that there is a strong possibility that the sky is blue.

jp update: Yeah, so the LEGO Rock Band game (see comments below) was confirmed, and the 'LEGO Indy II' game's existence was leaked at the same time, so...

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EA have just announced that Brütal Legend will be out this Rocktober, otherwise known as October 13th US/16th Europe for Xbox 360 and PS3.

That's my birthday! Aww, Double Fine, you shouldn't have! But I think my list said 'PC version'. Still, it's a great present, thanks!

Don't worry, other people can play it too. I'm generous like that.

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Defying even the most cynical of expectations, GamersGate has outright removed Mata Hari from its list of upcoming releases, making it unclear if a North American version of the game will ever get released.

For those who are still desperate to get the game, it might be worth noting that the Italian version apparently features English voice acting, though not English text. Considering the game was written an English, you have to think such a version will see release someday. We'll let you know if anything develops on that front.

Gamespot got to take a look at the second episode of Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures, "The Last Resort." Included amongst the in-depth impressions are the first ever screenshots from the episode, which should be released in May. The XBLA releases of Wallace & Gromit, on the other hand, are said to be a few months away.

Through some clever molding and a lot of time, sculpture artist Iain Reekie has created what we all desire: Grim Fandango action figures. The Manny figure comes complete with skeleton bird and sausages Robert Frost, while Glottis looks straight out of a Tim Burton animation.

Not available in stores unfortunately, as that would prove God existed and so therefore he wouldn't. QED.

Source: Iain Reekie's website


Ho, ho! Anyway yeah, Cheat Code Central has put a preview up of Staff of Kings. The impressions are positive if not particularly exciting, with the game being seen as little more than a Tomb Raider game with a different protagonist (admittedly a criticism of all the 3D Indy games). Read it all here.

With a blog and screenshots and a newsletter and everything!

You can also pre-order. Don't put too much stock into this yet, by the way, but apparently the game ships October 13th.

If you were paying attention last week, to the horde of Brutal Legend previews that came knocking at your door, you would know by now that this game is truly shaping-up to be Schafer's best yet. You must be excited that we're getting even more information later this month (the News Threat Level went up to "Haunted Sandalwood" yesterday), too, but maybe want something to keep you floating in between.

Well, that little sniff of LSD info to keep you floating is here. Brooks McBeth has revelead his involvement in the game. Taking a look at the (somewhat on-thin-ice) info on Brutal Legend's IMDB page reveals that he plays multiple characters. Another look reveals characters you didn't know existed, like that Mangus fellow there.

Brutal Legend comes-out this fall.

Update: Don't forget to watch the GDC Awards Tim hosted on TV tonight. The program (highlights only, actually) will air on G4 at 6:30 and 8:00 PM PT/ET. Repeats air on Monday, April 13 at 1:00 PM PT/ET, and on Thursday, April 16, 2009 at 8.00pm PT/ET.

Source: Tigard Times


It seems that in the wake of Nintendo's long overdue SD card solution (which allows downloadable content to be played directly off of SD cards up to 32 gigs in capacity), Telltale's WiiWare sales for Strong Bad have more than doubled. Telltale even saw fit to issue a press release celebrating this fact, and this quote from Dan Connors in it is worth noting:
We're looking forward to even greater success on WiiWare with Strong Bad, as well as other projects.
More Telltale WiiWare games on the way? Sure seems like a possibility. It's pretty amazing to think how many potential customers were being lost due to the Wii's infamous space issues. Good news for Telltale and other WiiWare developers, bad news for my wallet.

In one of his rare semi-serious DFAN posts, Tim talks about his position on game sales and the people who obsess over them, partially in response to an article he was quoted on.

While Mojo pointing out the existence of each and every DFAN news post is so 2002, I felt like this one was worth mentioning, especially since he throws an LEC story in there:
Story time!

Around 1992, I felt like SCUMM games were getting the short end of the stick at LucasArts in many ways. Management didn't seem to like them, and in fact seemed to want to sweep them out the door. So I went into the General Manager's office in my flannel shirt and Eddie Vedder hair and I asked him, "Are you trying to shut down SCUMM games?"

He was surprised enough to put down the tiny kitten he was strangling and look me in the eyes. "Listen," he said, "As long as there are people at this company who want to make SCUMM games, we'll make them."

I was totally surprised, and a little suspicious. Could it really be up to the developers to pick what games get made? Do they really have that much power? I think the Sam and Max 2 team might take issue with what he was saying. But then again, getting cancelled didn't stop that team. They left to start their own company and made their game in the end. So I think a more true version of that statement would be, "As long as there are people who want to make that kind of game, that kind of game will be made."

So, I've already made you aware of the two genuinely metal keychains you get for pre-ordering Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings from the LEC company store. But retailers tend to have their own unique pre-order bonuses, so you'll be wanting to know what your other options are.

Well, it turns out that if you pre-order the Wii version with Gamestop, you get a mini version of Prima's hint guide which includes a "GameStop exclusive unlockable code for Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis." What that means is that while normally you'd have to go through an arduous process of unlocking FOA via in-game achievements (as confirmed here), Gamestop's pre-order code will allow you to unlock the game immediately.

Shop at Gamestop, and you too can have the privilege of unlocking bonus features you paid $50 for more conveniently! (Or, you know, just wait until someone on the internet cracks it.)

Aardman and Telltale are hosting a contest for Wallace & Gromit themed artwork. The winning prize? The artwork being featured in the fourth and final game episode, "The Bogey Man."

The rules and regulations can be found right here. So get cracking on your cracking entry, before I crack your skull open with this molybdenum crackerjack box.

O-M-G! Not only did we put up a review of Strong Bad, we also decided we like the game! Go read, fool.

Update: the rest of the episode reviews are up now too, in similar timely fashion!

We're probably getting pretty close to finishing that CMI article, so if you have any Reader Opinions (or anything else) to submit and haven't yet done so, you might want to get on that sooner rather than later. Kay thx.

A Maniac Mansion fanatic by the name of Rick put together a map of the mansion from the Nintendo version of the game that you may want to check out. It might be a useful schematic to give to the architect of your new home.

In a new preview of the Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings on Gamespot, you can read a Q&A about the game as well as see a clip from the Fate of Atlantis easter egg that comes with the Wii version.

The Q&A is actually pretty interesting despite the disinterested tone of the LEC reps, with details such as platform exclusives and who the music composers revealed. Check it out.

Amidst the insane number of Brutal Legend previews (which are still being compiled below - check out the latest at Gamespot) are more rumors surrounding a potential Wii port. We've previously linked to a rumor at GoNintendo (which was since removed) claiming that a Wii version of Brutal Legend was in the works. The rumor just got a bit more credible as Variety's game blog is singing the same tune.

The report, which comes from "several good sources," says that a Wii version is being planned, though it will not be developed by Double Fine and will likely be released far later than the original versions for 360 and PS3. We'll see how this all pans out! For now, it's recommended that you catch up with all of those excellent previews.

Thanks to a tipoff by the devoted (despite repeated misspelling of his name) reader "lagomorph," I can point you in the direction of a bunch of new Indiana Jones screenshots hosted by IGN, whose Brutal Legend preview you're hopefully already familiar with. While I maintain the game looks better than its initial glimpses, the screenshots still depict a game low on detail, high on glow, and obsessed with a muted color palette - none of which I'm prepared to blame on the Wii's processing capabilities. All and all I still say the six year old Emperor's Tomb is more visually satisfying.

Still, graphics aren't everything, as they say, so let's hope the actual gameplay gives us a reason to buy the new Indy game (which should be an exciting prospect to most people) and doesn't force the Fate of Atlantis easter egg to bear the entirety of that responsibility.

The Brutal Legend-press embargo seems to be lifting. I'm guessing we're about to be hit with previews, so I'll update as we go along (newest on top). And in case you're wondering, the game rocks your heart out: "We went in with a rough idea of what to expect: an action game set in a world inspired by heavy metal, with, we hoped, loads of trademark Schafer humor. We came out having seen a game that honestly exceeded our expectations." - Joystiq.

- Crispy Gamer have a really good preview up as well. "What have you done?" she says. "I created by beauty - by simply rocking," he answers.

- Reader meist3r provided a link to a two-part interview GameTrailers did with Tim about the game. (Thank you!) Unfortunately there seems to be a problem with GameTrailers, so in the meantime you can watch the excellent interview on AOL instead (part one, part two).

- Gamespot have a preview and a video interview.

- Wired too. "I wasn't sure what to expect from Brutal Legend, but what I did not expect was that it would be a cross between Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Pikmin...[a]God of War parody...[B]rutal Legend isn't just a straightforward, point-A-to-point-B action game. It features a massive, nonlinear world to explore, many different quests and a complex combat system that lets you recruit an army of headbangers to do your bidding in battle."<:MORENEWS:>

- Joystiq provide even more information in their first-level-spoilers-filled preview. They also took some photos of the event. Excellent. Thanks, Joystiq.

- Video interview with Tim (in English) for a Polish website. Good interview, and he's all upbeat in it too.

- 1UP's Brutal Legend blowout ends with an info-filled grand finale. This is thick and creamy with details on what is shaping up to be one of my favourite games. With new screenshots, including one of the Ultimate Badass Badguy in the game (who looks a lot like this guy here). "I haven't even gotten to how there are something like 23 primary missions and around 30 side missions to play through."

- IGN lands a detail-filled preview with several new screenshots to boot. There's a good chunk on the game's beginning (minor spoilers on page one), a glimpse of Ophelia (Eddie's love-interest - not really a spoiler, as this was mentioned when the game was announced), and Lars and Lita Halford; a whiff of the multiplayer, and - actually, go read it, it's pretty much filled to the brim with info.

- USA Today interview Tim. No real new info revealed, but little stuff. Example: "The hard part is confirming exact bands, but I can say my favorite bands growing up have always been some of the great classic acts like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath. Some of those, and bands like that I've had the chance to meet through this game."

1UP have written an excellent article on Tim Schafer that covers everything from his past to the present and tentative future, and has everything from props from Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman, what Double Fine might be up to after Brutal Legend (potentially: sequels), and a band from the past called Big Breakfast.

This is all part of a week-long "Brutal Legend blowout" that 1UP are doing. Read today's post and go crazy. Extra brownie points to anyone who sends-in photos of Big Breakfast performing.

Update: Posts two, three, and four are up, and the final part, the Brutal Legend explosion of awesome information will happen tonight. In the meantime you can read-up on "Rock Movies That Should Be Games", ten things you didn't know about Brutal Legend (including four deliciously awesome new screenshots to feast to), and how Tim Schafer will help you graduate if you take Anthro 160 at UC Berkeley.

Source: 1UP


After receiving the first five million apologetic e-mails, Bill Tiller has decided to hold up his end of the bargain and animate the cut FMV sequence from A Vampyre Story as a flashback in AVS2. The scene apparently details Monsignor Calvin and his sidekick getting their assignment, like any self-respecting members of a secret vampire-hunting cabal. Bill even provides concept art for the scene (as well as an old screenshot that we should have recognized as not being from the final game), so check it out.

In his blog "a hardy developer's workshop," renowned Mojo disciple Igor Hardy has posted an article that lists the "7 Best Martial Arts Fight Scenes in Adventure Games."

Coming it at #5 is the epic Monkey Kombat showdown between a giant monkey robot and an animated statue of LeChuck at the climax of Escape from Monkey Island, and topping the list is Bernard's painful encounter with the sinister Oozo the Clown from Day of the Tentacle. This is why the internet exists.

If you pre-order the most anticipated upcoming video game with the name Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings from the LucasArts company store, you get two free keychains as a bonus item. Sweet!

And to think I would have suggested a copy of the Last Crusade graphic adventure. Keychains, guys. It's where it's at.

According to reports in magazine The Hollywood Enquirer, Mojo has learned that actor William Kasten has replaced Nick Jameson as Richard Malkin on the famous TV show Lost.

Mr. Jameson told reporters, "I'm gonna kill that guy!"

Source: Hollywood Enquirer


Well, call me heartbroken. There isn't a single video of what's apparently been one hilarious evening, hosted by Tim Schafer. The awards were aired on TV by G4 today, but for those of us outside of North America or without a TV, such as myself, this is a raw deal if it doesn't hit the internet soonish. Some other quotes, apart from the one in the title:

- "The other day I was swimming and a man waved and me and yelled but I couldn't hear him. And then a shark came and bit off my arm. That's when I learned the importance of audio."

- "Downloadable games come into your house through the walls, just like ghosts. They entertain you but you can't touch them, much like strippers. And when they're smaller games, they must be more creative, like short strippers."

If you know where we can get some sort of live footage, that would be great. We did get some live text, but man, that's just not the same.

Update: You can watch most of it. Thanks Noah!

It should also be on TV on April 10th. Thanks jaap!

Update update: Woah. You can now watch it more fully, filmed from the sidelines by one Alex P. Thanks, man.