Star Wars... wait, come back! 23 Apr, 2009, 14:18 / 3 comments

It hasn't been officially announced, but there's a heck of a lot of details emerging for the first 360/PS3-based Star Wars: The Clone Wars game. Apparently it's going to be called Republic Heroes (one word off the last good internally developed LucasArts title) and is in development at Krome Studios, makers of the Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels game (which was so awful even I didn't buy it).

From the description it sounds a lot like the Dreamcast Jedi Power Battles game, but let's hope not.

I don't know if anyone here is actually interested in this news, but it's worth noting just to work out what the few remaining staff members at LucasArts are doing all day. With no in-house development, all the Old Republic stuff mostly being dealt with by Bioware and the Indy Staff of Kings marketing being almost entirely carried out by one admin on the game's forum, and we know they never keep their site updated, so what are they passing the time doing? Playing Sam & Max and crying?

UPDATE: And in other Star Wars news, I made Haden Blackman sad.


  • Izzy on 29 Apr, 2009, 21:13…
    Its better than nothing
  • Udvarnoky on 23 Apr, 2009, 20:12…
    I doubt LucasArts is full of people crying with nothing to do, because I doubt LucasArts is full of people.
  • Giygas on 23 Apr, 2009, 15:06…
    Haha, read the last paragraph from the Kotaku article.