I wish I liked it. But I don’t. I do hope you enjoy “The Lair of LeChuck,” though! And feel free to read my opinions.


I mean, that’s about it.


Not content to only chat with Dom one time, Laura Cress has upped the ante:

I haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but apparently the topic of conversation is Sea of Thieves: The Legend of Monkey Island — go listen if that’a your jam.


For those eagerly awaiting Sea of Thieves: The Legend of Monkey Island: Tale 3: The Lair of LeChuck, you can stop holding your breath on September 28.

Skip to 4:49 for some footage of Monkey Island.

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It's been two years since our inquiry into the public access TV show Fiction by Louie was published and we took home all those Pulitzers. Like any artistic masterpiece, it included a single imperfection to avoid offending the divine. Alerted by Remi’s cynical-minded promotion of the article on Bluesky this week, Dave Grossman caught the mistake and brought it to our attention.

One of the tidbits that appears in the article is that a MIDI track used in the show was composed by the familiar name of Patrick Mundy. Thinking that I could trust my memory of The Secret of Monkey Island opening credits, I styled him as “Patrick Mundy of Earwax Productions fame,” but Dave points out to us that the composer was in fact separate from the Earwax guys. A quick revisit of the game's opener shows that I was indeed blending credits in my head:

Dave further notes that Mundy was the composer of the music heard when navigating Guybrush around the top-down views of Mêlée Island and Monkey Island. I didn’t know that before, and as we’ve established I know everything, so it seems this all worked out profitably in the end. Though it will be your instinct, I assure you there is no need to thank me.


Well, hell, a year has passed? Return to Monkey Island has hit its first birthday, and so we went crazy and published a newsletter looking at the timeline up to its release.

As for other celebrations, we are hearing rumblings that some official “stuff” may hit soon.

Oh, and feel free to subscribe to the newsletter! As things have gone a bit quiet, it won’t hit your inbox that often, so there’s really no reason for you not to.

Update! The official celebration begins with the ReMI crew picking their favorite parts of the game.


And so it starts, the collectibles, albeit digitally only for now.

While I’m not familiar with Qobuz, the service will make the ReMI soundtrack available for sale tomorrow. The caveats are that it is CD length and CD quality, but whatever—this is, by all measures, great news. (Ungrateful bastard as I am, I’d like to see it on vinyl, too.)

I have no idea if it’s the same album as will be included with the LRG box. Either way, this will be available tomorrow so go get ready to grab it.

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Just because we slow down doesn’t mean the rest of the world does the same.

First, as you’re well aware, we’re quickly approaching ReMI’s first anniversary. And during the last few weeks, Terrible Toybox has gotten quite busy on the sosh. Today, for example, over on their Facebook page, Rex has tossed out a piece of concept art alongside a short anecdote. (It’s also over on Xitter, so pick your poison.) Keep an eye out for more.

Speaking of the sosh: We’re on Bluesky! Expect the same quality content you find on Mastodon. Our handle is—rolls right off the tongue.

Finally, elTee has started doing god’s/the CEO the CEO’s work, gathering information for all of LEC’s international releases. It’s... a project. Learn more here.

And that’s all!


If you missed out on the last few episodes of Conversations with Curtis (as we have), it’s time to catch up. And what better place to start than with this Kyle Balda interview? Balda is mostly famous for being the intern behind the DOTT credit screen (our CEO’s favorite game ) and also directed small indie features like Minions.

What else have you potentially missed? Hal Barwood; Mark Ferrari; Ronzo himself. Maybe even more! So go check it all out.


Boss Fight Books is now taking pre-orders for their upcoming release of the Oral History of Day of the Tentacle, available in both paperback and e-book formats.

* Bob interviewed the game's creators: Dave Grossman, Tim Schafer, Larry Ahern, Peter Chan, and Peter McConnell.
* Learn about the glory days of LucasArts, the golden age of point-and-click adventure games, and the creative problemsolving it takes to fit a full game onto a stack of floppy discs.
* The book opens with a foreword from artist Larry Ahern and ends with a hilarious afterword from co-director Tim Schafer.

Don't delay; order yours today!

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It's been every iPad owners dream to be able to play classic LucasArts adventure titles on their device, and while several of them do exist for that platform (thanks DoubleFine), ScummVM has steadfastly remained an Android exclusive (unless you were willing to build and install ScummVM yourself).

That is, at least... until now: The ScummVM team have just announced that the iOS port of their monumental VM is in testing!

There's still a question mark around whether Apple will allow software they will likely view as an emulator on the App Store, but when questioned about it, ScummVM team leader, Sev, said, "we are yet to see". Hopeful! (?)

Source: ScummVM Website

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