Our "Fiction by Louie" article grows a mite less fictitious 21 Sep, 2023 / 2 comments

It's been two years since our inquiry into the public access TV show Fiction by Louie was published and we took home all those Pulitzers. Like any artistic masterpiece, it included a single imperfection to avoid offending the divine. Alerted by Remi’s cynical-minded promotion of the article on Bluesky this week, Dave Grossman caught the mistake and brought it to our attention.

One of the tidbits that appears in the article is that a MIDI track used in the show was composed by the familiar name of Patrick Mundy. Thinking that I could trust my memory of The Secret of Monkey Island opening credits, I styled him as “Patrick Mundy of Earwax Productions fame,” but Dave points out to us that the composer was in fact separate from the Earwax guys. A quick revisit of the game's opener shows that I was indeed blending credits in my head:

Dave further notes that Mundy was the composer of the music heard when navigating Guybrush around the top-down views of Mêlée Island and Monkey Island. I didn’t know that before, and as we’ve established I know everything, so it seems this all worked out profitably in the end. Though it will be your instinct, I assure you there is no need to thank me.



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    Kroms on 23 Sep, 2023, 20:18…
    Mundy came in, dropped two iconic pieces (that Melee Island overview is spectacular), and disappeared, huh?
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    Remi on 21 Sep, 2023, 13:21…
    “Alerted by Remi’s cynical-minded promotion of the article on Bluesky this week” -- Keep me out of this, what the bot chooses to post is up to the bot. All I did was give it free will, which historically has proven to be a good idea.

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