Official Return to Monkey Island Soundtrack Releases Tomorrow 14 Sep, 2023 / 5 comments

And so it starts, the collectibles, albeit digitally only for now.

While I’m not familiar with Qobuz, the service will make the ReMI soundtrack available for sale tomorrow. The caveats are that it is CD length and CD quality, but whatever—this is, by all measures, great news. (Ungrateful bastard as I am, I’d like to see it on vinyl, too.)

I have no idea if it’s the same album as will be included with the LRG box. Either way, this will be available tomorrow so go get ready to grab it.

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    LGH on 16 Sep, 2023, 06:36…


    Let's hope Disney decided to release the other official soundtracks from monkey island as well!

    Oh yes, imagine they would find high quality recordings in their archives of the digital music live instrument recordings for Curse and Escape, *without* being premixed with the ambient game sound! That would be a dream! (Unfortunately, I doubt this will ever happen…)
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    jannar85 on 16 Sep, 2023, 05:21…
    Let's hope Disney decided to release the other official soundtracks from monkey island as well!
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    madmardi on 15 Sep, 2023, 17:00…
    Awesome, thanks for sharing - just bought it on iTunes for the same reasons you listed.
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    LGH on 15 Sep, 2023, 04:48…
    Ok, here’s the link to all purchase and streaming platforms:
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    LGH on 15 Sep, 2023, 04:26…
    Wow, what a news!

    Since I‘ve never used Qobuz, and saw it was an original release by „Walt Disney Records“, I was wondering: wouldn‘t it be logical for them to release it on more than one platform? And it seems I was right. Here’s the album on iTunes:

    I assume it will be on other platforms as well.

    Of course, thanks to the excellent work of fans, we already have all the music. But I will definitely buy this album for multiple reasons:

    - Well, it IS official, isn’t it?
    - I want to hear their selection of songs, and their mixing of the medleys
    - Might the sou d wuality be better than in the games?
    - I want to confirm to Disney that releasing this was a good idea

    Already, I like that we now see for every single song (that is included on the album) the exact composer.

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