Notes from All Over 12 Sep, 2023 / 0 comments

Just because we slow down doesn’t mean the rest of the world does the same.

First, as you’re well aware, we’re quickly approaching ReMI’s first anniversary. And during the last few weeks, Terrible Toybox has gotten quite busy on the sosh. Today, for example, over on their Facebook page, Rex has tossed out a piece of concept art alongside a short anecdote. (It’s also over on Xitter, so pick your poison.) Keep an eye out for more.

Speaking of the sosh: We’re on Bluesky! Expect the same quality content you find on Mastodon. Our handle is—rolls right off the tongue.

Finally, elTee has started doing god’s/the CEO the CEO’s work, gathering information for all of LEC’s international releases. It’s... a project. Learn more here.

And that’s all!


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