If you missed the Rogue Leader chat the other night and you're not totally disinterested in Star Wars games, you may want to check out the chat transcript on the official site. Here is an interesting quote:

briancooper: Will Rogue Squadron 2 be available for the PC someday? Or is it just going to be a GameCube exclusive?

Rogue Leader Team: Rogue Leader is a GameCube exclusive title. We will not porting Rogue Leader to any other platform...


Thanks to all the Bidders and winners of the Ebay auctions, But I'm having trouble contacting the winner of the EMI signed goodie pack; "Mensk".

Dude your Email address just sends back my mail saying its not valid, I'l keep trying but if you could mail me again that would be great!

Thanks again guys!

Adventure Developer has finally run the much talked about (in some circles) opinion/advice column, "A lesson on Legal Anarchy: How to Avoid the Cold Wrath of LEC." The article, by The Adventure Game's "Yorik Kingzjester esq," discusses the do's and don'ts when making your LucasArts-themed fan game or addon.

The article deals in US copyright law and common sense, pulling examples from Narrative's Legends of LeChuck, and Scurvyliver's Fate of Monkey Island, one of the first fangames to be shut down, as well as others. I, um, haven't read the whole thing yet, but probably should.


I know its a couple days old but IGN XBox ran a second "story" about the alleged sequel to everyone's favorite dog and rabbit duo. It seems to actually contain less information than the Adventure Gamers report (way to go AG) but if you're following the sequel news as closely as I obviously am, you'll want to catch every article.

The Official LucasArts website has been updated with a classy new design. Not much to say except that it's... classy!
15 is reporting on the possibility of a new Sam and Max game... but without LucasArts? Here's what they say:

PC Gamer's newest issue features the Top 50 Games of All-Time list. Sam & Max Hit the Road comes in at #47, and the blurb answers a question that many adventure gamers have been asking:

"What's next? While the flow of adventures from LucasArts has dwindled to a trickle, a source close to the project tells us that developer Infinite Machine is quietly working on a new console game using the Sam & Max license but without LucasArts publishing."

In case you're unfamiliar, Infinite Machine is a new game company that was established by Dark Forces and Jedi Knight creator, Justin Chin. Well, if there is any truth to these reports, at least a few ex-LucasArts employees will be able to work on it. Many thanks to for this report!

A big thanks to all the winners and bidders of the rare monkey island based Ebay auctions! The total amount for all the items came to around $250 which is astounding!

I have added some more grog bottles because they seemed particlularly popular, and we will add some more rare items very soon! So if you didn't win the Grog bottles and still want to get your hands on some, head on over to Ebay!

Be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Maniac Mansion co-project leader and lead artist, Gary Winnick. Read as we [cattle] prod Gary's brain about his past with LucasArts, the making of a classic adventure game, and... Maniac Mansion 3? Well, sort of. Read for yourself.

In case you didn't know already, an official chat with Julian Eggebrecht (president of Factor 5 and Director of Rogue Leader) and Brett Tosti (LucasArts Rogue Leader Producer) has been scheduled. The members-only chat will be held in the LucasArts website Tuesday, August 28th at 6:00 pm PST (or 2:00 am GMT for all those cooky Europeans.) You should go because... well... the game does look pretty cool.

The First bottle of EMI grog on Ebay fetched $47 towards the cause, way more than i'd hoped for! I'll be adding a few more of them to ebay this afternoon if i get the time!

As for the rest of the auctions, well you have 10 hours remaining to bid on them! So if you want a Signed copy of EMI or a signed Tim Schafer poster then head on over to ebay.

ALOLA? Whats that you say? Why, it's A Lesson on Legal Anarchy. Still confused? Well, just you wait and see. All I can say now is that it involves Purple Tentacles, Monkeys, The Clash, United States Trademarks and The Big Guy. Yeah you heard me, George Lucas himself.

Thats all I'm going to reveal at this point, but rest assured, it's gonna be somethin' ELSE!

A site called is having a poll about the Episode II title, Attack of the Clones. How does this relate to LucasArts? The site promises that "your vote will always be sent where it counts. We'll send your vote to LucasArts." Yeah, I bet LucasArts would really appreciate that... it'll distract them from making games, which is what they do, of course... not to be confused with that other Lucas company.



Yes! The auctions on Ebay are going well, and the current prices should cover almost a month's hosting! - I'll see what else we have lying around that you folks might like.

On a side note, the bottle of grog auction has 10 hours remaining, so if you want it, go bid!

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Mac demos of Escape from Monkey Island have finally been released. There are 3 versions: small, medium, and large, large having everything in the demo including voices, cutscenes, etc., and each size smaller having progressively less. If you still haven't played EMI due to your silly personal OS choice, get the demo, and see what you've been missing.

The Associated Press is reporting that LucasArts will be moving its facility. Here is the full article:

Lucasfilm Ltd. has signed an agreement to build a 23-acre office and film production center at the Presidio, a former Army base. The company's plans call for a 900,000-square-foot campus for 2,500 workers. Officials with the Presidio Trust had been courting the film company for more than two years. Lucasfilm special effects and post-production company, Industrial Light & Magic, along with THX Group, LucasArts Entertainment Co., Lucas Online and the George Lucas Educational Fund, will all move to the Presidio location. The Lucasfilm companies will occupy the site of the Letterman Army Hospital after the 10-story building's demolition. The Presidio Trust must meet Congress' goal of becoming financially self-sufficient by 2013.

You can view artist renderings of the impressive facility at Congrats go to all of the Lucas companies; it looks like it will be one amazing place to work. Thanks to The SCUMM Bar for the news!

Source: AP Article


The October issue of PC Gamer published its list of the 50 best games of all time, and whaddaya know... The Monkey Island series made #36! Here's a quote from the article:

Why is it on the list? Can you think of a funnier, more distinguished adventure series? How'd they come up with that stuff? Writer/programmer Tim Schafer reveals: "When [co-writer/programmer] Dave Grossman and I started writing dialogue for the first game, we were just writing dumb jokes to crack each other up and pass time. I thought Ron [Gilbert] would rewrite it and make it sound more like 'game dialogue.' But he didn't. He left it. And in the end, it was great." Best Monkey Island ever? "What's always struck me as funny is the response to the newest Monkey game," notes Monkey 4 project lead Sean Clark. "The newest one is always 'not as good as the rest.' That is, until the next one comes out - then the previous one is 'the best ever.' What's next? Schafer launched Double Fine Productions, and is developing an action/adventure game for the Xbox. And Sean Clark? "Monkey 5! Okay, not really."

Thanks to oneo for the news!

Apple has started a new promotion to bundle some new software into currently shipping iMacs. included in the bundle are such titles as Simcity3000, Tombraider the last relevation, Escape From Monkey Island and Star Wars Pit Droids. Pretty interesting to see what Lucas Arts (and Aspyr) have got their marketing guys up to.

Source: MacUser


Yes, I have just put the first item up on ebay. an EMI PS2 Press kit, signed by 6 members of the EMI team, including Dominic Armato, Mike Stemmle and Sean Clark. Go check it out, help save Mojo!! Bid on the item!! Remember its for charity (almost)
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Mojo needs some money, for server costs both past and present. One of my current plans is to auction of some of the goodies we have been collecting as prizes. We would start with some signed things and move on to anything ultra rare that we might have. The auctions would be on Ebay, and what i want to know is would any of you be interested? It's kind of like one of those charity auctions! Leave some comments on the subject please!

So what was the mystery feature at Ken Christensen's World Of Monkey Island? A Secret of Monkey Island comic done by talented artist Paco Vink! The first three pages are up and have been described as "arousing or holding the attention and absorbing," so be sure to check it out. You can view the comic at The World of Monkey Island.

Hosted site The is back with a new look and new features. Also featured on the reopened site is a special message from previous site administrator Matt Shaw. Check it out at

The other lawsuit...
As reported first on ScummBar, it seems that Clint Bajackians company CBStudios which earlier this month posted a MP3 of Clint's work from EMI, was made to take down the MP3 by LucasArts.

Are LEC being to pedantic now about their intelluctual rights and property?

Is this one step to far? Have your say and post your comments for this news item. We know quite a few LEC employees read Mojo, so have your say.

Source: TheScummBar.Com


And now, a special preview of LEC's next legal action.

Pelican Accessories, makers of such fine products (Cough) as The Game Station Arcade, are releasing an X-Box controller named "X-wing". While info isn't yet posted on their web site, it's currently being advertised in many gaming magazines, such as this month's Electronic Gaming Monthly (inside back cover, I think).

Pelican accessories and LEC could not be reached for comment, as their main offices are closed at 10:00 PM PST. Amaze.

Expect a lawsuit over intellectual property soon, since LEC has just about every word in the original Star Wars script copyrighted.

Update: I uploaded a scan of the ad in question. Take a Look.

IGN PC has a new hands-on preview up of Lucasart's upcoming RTS Star Wars Galactic Battles up here. Well worth a look if you still care about Star Wars games.

It's that time of year for good old Mercatfat again.. He's 16 today. Happy Birthday, mate!

AOTC- Attack Of The Clones...
That's going to take some use refering to as an abbreviation- along with ANH, ESB, ROTJ & TPM.
We all know what people on Mojo & Ewan (bless him) is saying, but what about the rest of the Online community?

Checkout what everyone else is saying with a collection of opinions from various sources on TheForce.Net.

When asked about the recently announced title of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, Obi-Wan actor Ewan McGregor told reporters that he thought it was "a terrible, terrible title." And so it begins...

Source: Studio Briefing


Gaming web site Gamespy now have a preview of the much anticipated upcoming Star Wars title - Jedi Knight 2. A nice read with some amazing screenshots too. Read it here.

In other gaming news site news, Blue's News is Grim Fandango themed this week. Might want to peek at that (hope they dont get shut down by LEC LOLegal!).


Big news in the world of Star Wars. The Episode II title has been officially announced by as... Attack of the Clones. Yep...

Mojo hosted site "World of MI sends us word that there is something in the works over there, but wont let anyone know what it is. They've only posted this mysterious jpeg. Whatever it is will be unveiled August 12th. I'm sure LEC Legal is praying it isn't a fangame. Stay tuned to World of Monkey Island!

LucasArts has released a new poll on their official website asking which character you would like to see make a cameo appearance in a new game. Your choices are Ben, Murray, Guybrush, Manny, Glottis, and Bernard... all original characters!

It has just been brought to my attention that during the last month, the makers of a Grim Fandango fan sequel called Indigo Island were reportedly sent a cease and desist letter from LucasArts. Not much is known at this point, but more information on this will be released in the near future.

Clint Bajakian, the head composer on Escape From Monkey Island, has released the entire 7 minute music-only MP3 of the "Final Showdown" cutscene near the end of the game. This wonderfully orchestrated piece can be found on Mr. Bajakian's official company website, CB Studios. If you are any kind of LucasArts music fan, I highly recommend you download this MP3.

Source: iMuse Island


The Scummbar PS2 contest rages ever onward, and this entry has been brought to my attention. Now we all know I'm a lego fan, but this is... new to say the least. Click here to witness a tale told in lego featuring mojo staff.

Once again Lucasarts have added a poll to their site, and what does it say?
Which LucasArts game series is your favorite?
Yes! Monkey Island is one of those choices, along with Indiana Jones and Xwing. Which should you vote for? I'll leave that up to you!