We turned 20 this year, so what better time to take a look at Mojo of yore? Witness Mojo 9.5, marvel at a young Spaff, mourn Legend of Monkey Island. It’s all here.

As is a quick look at your favorite games of 2017. Old and new. That’s just how we roll. Read!

Well, we don't know, but maybe you do? Vote in our new poll! Log in, and vote, vote damn you.

As for our previous one, the results will probably be indicative...

Which Game Are You Most Looking Forward To In 2017?
Thimbleweed Park
Full Throttle Remastered
Duke Grabowski: Episode 2 - "Debonair Corsair"
Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier - Episodes 3 - 5
Guardians of the Galaxy: A Telltale Series
Total votes 45

Jake embarrassingly forgot to tell us, but Campo Santo is, indeed, developing a new game. There's even a trailer.

Looks Firewatch-y. What's In the Valley of Gods all about, outside of what the trailer reveals? Who knows, but feel free to read the FAQ, full of questions nobody frequently would ask. 2019 seems to be the release year, so no need holding your breath.

(Zaarin -- reminder to add a Campo Santo category.)

Remember fan art? Mojo might not have been all about it back in the days, but The SCUMM Bar sure was. Presently I suppose most Mojo/Monkey Island-based artists are too old mature to make much LEC-based fan art, or, as it turned out, that was what I thought.

Should you follow us on Twitter -- and why the hell aren't you -- you'd know we're all about fan art lately, thanks to our friends at The Art of Videogame. We'll give you three examples:

What the hell, right? Artist, and URL to full-size images are:

@mr_werewolf_art with full image here.

@zacgormania with full image here.

Scorbut Man with full image here.

My numerous attempts to get Dan Lee to make a comeback was met with laughter from the man, but let's all remember what the man did, during the hosted site glory days.

We've updated our living article of TTG-esque games with two new games: Hidden Agenda and Life Is Strange: Before the Storm. Read if you don't suck.

... and as we apparently haven't posted this Grickle yet... Well, here we are!

("Joy to the Weird" really should be Mojo's slogan.)

It was a fight to the end, but you have spoken, and we now know the games the majority of you like! Some predictable results, some surprising ones, and… Well, go read for yourself!

The whole list will be published in a later article, and yes, we will do a poll with proper scoring, too. Your whining was heard. ;

Oh, we might give Telltale some goodnatured ribbing now and again, but really, we consider them a BFF.

However! As far as non-linear gaming where choices have consequences, we feel there are those who take that concept to a whole different level. During a particularly tense seminar, the Mojo Editorial Board™ voted that two games should be presented as what we consider proof of said statement: Life Is Strange and Until Dawn.

So here they are, and now you should run and read our take on them, as well as what differentiates them from Telltale.

Remember 2003? I don't either, but apparently, over at the ol' SCUMM Bar I wrote an article on the Monkey Island 2 demo during that August. I also remember we made huge claims about moving our content over here in 2006, and yada yada yada: Here you go: Hacking the Monkey Island 2 Demo is now on Mojo!

How can you find undiscovered dialogue and music? We‘ll tell you how, and you do not even have to do it yourself; just read all about it! Yes, we wasted time writing this so go read it!

Was I too hard on Firewatch? Does the world we live in make me think differently about things? What's up with that hateful dude on YouTube?

A lot of questions! And I thought about them, and I started rambling. As one would. Here are my thoughts about it all; read them if you want. Or don't. Or do! Here they are, at any rate.

When this latest (and hopefully soon to be obsolete) version of Mojo debuted in 2010 (I think), I was pretty cheesed off by the dinky font size. Seriously, what other site has fonts that obnoxiously small? Dumb ones, that's what.

And so I whined. I bellyached. And it fell on deaf ears, of course, but that was OK. I was playing a long game. I knew that, over time, the cumulative effect of my whining would be corrosive to Remi's whisper-thin will. And so I persisted, mostly in passive-aggressive ways, to register my righteous complaint in his direction. The day would eventually come, I reasoned, when Remi would be prevailed upon to bump up the font size.

Right on schedule, over seven years later, we've achieved this milestone, and now the sacred text of Mojo can be read without an electron microscope.

You're welcome, fans.

That's right. 20. Twenty. That is either awesome or depressing depending on your point of view; quite probably both. And what better way to celebrate/mourn than to kick it off with The Most Liked Game Ever Poll?

This is a bit different than your typical favorite game survey. Here you get a curated list of games we cover, and you have three options for each one: like, dislike, or indifferent/haven't played. The goal is to find what games most of our three readers like. And dislike, because we're all about being as surly as we are expected to be.

So head over and vote! No Mojo account required, because that is how we roll now. Be part of history and decide what Mojo's most liked game is!

NB! No history will be written. But vote anyway.

I mean, give us a break, we can‘t update when there‘s nothing to update about. But, for your pleasure:

If you haven‘t played the first season of The Walking Dead, then what the hell is wrong with you? Don‘t worry, though, Humble Bundle is here for you, and you can get the whole effin' season for Mac and Window right now!

And, if you want to play the first game in Batman: The Tellta… siiiigh for free on iOS, you now can. It‘s worth it as far as a free game goes I guess, but compared to the second season, it really is dour. Run to the App Store for some depressing fun.

Sidenote: Do anyone other than me update this site? Jason?!

We're only two-ish years late on this one, but that doesn't mean we're not presenting you with what could be News For You:

Back in 2015 Game Informer ran an article called "Fall Of The Empire: How Inner Turmoil Brought Down LucasArts", chronicling the dark days of Jim Ward, the last glimmering hope with Darrell Rodriguez, to Paul Meegan bringing the axe in allowing the last two co-CEOs (neither of whom I can remember ever having heard the names of) to deliver the final cut.

A whole lot of steaming gore can be found within the article, including details on the cancelled Indy game, George Lucas's penchant for coming up with horrible character names, and who could forget about Fracture? There are preciously few mentions of the games we might be more interested in, but don't be a whiner; be grateful for what you get.

(I still think 1313 sounded fun, despite the ridiculous LucasArts's first ADULT game marketing pitch. (To this day it sounds more like a Star Wars porn simulator.))

Thanks to our very own Jason for bringing this article to our attention, and even further thanks for him graciously allowing me to post it! ¬

Yeah, I had expected to turn the snark factor to 11 here, but… The first episode of The Enemy Within is actually good. Very good. I like it. Don’t read this, though; go read the review instead. Then question everything in your life, just like I’m doing right now.


We‘ll review it if TTG graces us with a review code; always a gamble.

This looks incredibly dour, and only really inspires me to fire up the Arkham trilogy again. Maybe even the tetralogy. But who knows, with some luck, some heart and humor will make their way into the game.

Batman: The Enemy Within will touch down on August 8th.

When we‘re not busy making foam art in our lattes, we throw some vinyl on the ol' turntable, and hip it up, just like the “kids” do. Or something like that.

Incidentally, Broken Age‘s soundtrack is available in 12", and thus we decided to give it a listen and a look. Read on and feel appropriately “with it”.

Nowadays, you can find music from LucasArts games all over the Internet, but back in the 1990s, there was nothing. That is, until 3 May, 1998, when Highland Productions launched. As any self-respecting LucasArts fansite of the day, it was of course hosted by good old Mojo. Highland, along with our other hosted sites, has been absent for a while, but we're now happy to announce that it has returned! And with HTTPS support!

Listen to some good MIDI tunes (and some MP3s)! Marvel at the wonders of late 1990s web design! Read a news page that hasn't been updated since 2001! All that, and more, over at Highland Productions!

Hey there! Remember us? We’re still alive, we just find it a lot easier to post to Twitter, because, you know… Never more than 140 characters.

So! Here is a recap of what we have posted there over the last few days.

What would an HD version of Curse of Monkey Island look like? Now you know, thanks to this Tweet from Šarūnas Ledas. (And yes, I did re-tweet it saying somebody should post this on Mojo. Turned out that somebody would be me.)

Zaarin has promised hosted websites (may begin) to reappear this week. Why would you not trust Zaarin? Surely he is not so hateful he wouldn’t make this happen?

Spaff, still working undercover at Double Fine, points us to a Limited Run copy of Broken Age on PS4. You’ll see it, all 4,500 copies worth, in a week. You know, if you’re a completionist type of a person.

Then we canceled the Pari… Wait, no, that was some other Twitter user. :(

Zaarin downright promised he world do it. Then he promised to fix our admin section so we could have a header image for the review.

But what the hell, we just went ahead and reviewed it all the same.

Read! And give Zaarin a ¬¬ look.

Update! Zaarin fixed it, so you can stop shaming him. :D

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