Mojo’s top researchers jeopardize their souls in pursuit of black-and-white LeChuck’s Revenge 17 Apr, 2022 / 2 comments

History tells us that it’s always a mistake to expose staffers Benny and elTee to information of any kind. Naïve to their indefatigably compulsive ways, Dave Grossman had no idea what he was unleashing when he innocently mused in 2014 about an unlisted monochrome graphics mode for Monkey Island 2.

But those familiar with the personalities involved found it all too unsurprising when this ignited a near decade-long saga that even the most confirmed of basement-dwelling obsessives would go on to call, “rather sad.” Unmoved by pleas from concerned friends to walk back from the brink, the two defiantly embarked upon an unsolicited quest to resolve this most unremarkable footnote in SCUMM esoterica that guaranteed no wider interest and could only ever end in anticlimactic frustration – all the qualities that make for a classic article, in other words.



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    madmardi on 20 Apr, 2022, 07:48…
    I'm interested to hear where this story heads next...
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    Thrik on 17 Apr, 2022, 20:31…
    This was an incredibly niche adventure but exactly what I come to Mojo for! Kudos for sticking with it.

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