Mojo vs. Bay Area Sound, Redux 08 Jun, 2021 / 3 comments

You are probably aware of the fact that audio titans Julian Kwasneski and Jared Emerson-Johnson operate professionally as Bay Area Sound, the decorated studio founded by Kwasneski and Clint Bajakian back in the day. You might even be aware of the Pulitzer-repelling interview we did with them over ten years ago, in which we asked well-researched questions like “What was it like working at Skywalker Ranch?” even though the Ranch wasn’t a thing since the Lucasfilm Games days.

Lately, we got to thinking about the “ten years” part with a bit of embarrassment, and anyway BA Sound is involved with both Skunkape and HappyGiant on these Sam & Max projects we find ourselves surrounded by, so Mojo felt the time was right to confront them, put them on the defensive, and demand to know why it never happened between us after that first date went so well. Also, we talk Sam & Max sound/music. Enjoy!



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    Remi on 09 Jun, 2021, 14:19…


    Yesterday the Playdate console's launch titles were announced.

    We posted the news yesterday. ;

    The Firewatch thing was new, though, so I updated it. Thanks a lot!

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    salty-horse on 09 Jun, 2021, 10:41…
    Yesterday the Playdate console's launch titles were announced.

    Jared Emerson Johnson is working on DemonQuest 85 along with Alex Ashby, Lawrence Bishop, Duncan Fyfe, and Belinda Leung.


    Nels Anderson is working on another game featuring Firewatch's mascot Forrest Byrnes:
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    Thrik on 08 Jun, 2021, 23:37…
    Excellent interview. Plenty of Sam & Max insights of course, but also interesting stuff about Firewatch, Psychonauts, etc.

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