Mojo delivers Festivus miracle, accomodates minor header art request 23 Dec, 2020 / 1 comment

The reaction to William Eaken's header art for that loopy Sam & Max 2 article was predictably positive, but it has been brought to our attention that Laserschwert poster enthusiasts at large would be even merrier if they could also get a "clean" version of the art without the title and dialog bubbles.

Well, despite conflicting reports about how well behaved you've been this year, we set our elves to the task, and they've emerged from the Photoshop mines with the goods. It's almost enough to make us feel like heels about paying them in Planet Threepwood coupons.

Risk taking Mojo down and simply click here to grab the image while Remi figures out how much cruelty will need to be inflicted on his stylesheets to add it as a second download link at the top of the feature. It's the best Festivus ever!

Thanks again to William Eaken for the brilliant art.


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    JonesJr on 23 Dec, 2020, 23:34…
    Big thanks to Mr Eaken for the tremendous art, staggeringly good!
    Also to Mojo for that Sam & Max 2 article, nice work Jason. Going to need more time to get through those appendices, wow...
    Both masterpieces!

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