elTee sits down with Limited Run 23 Oct, 2020 / 4 comments

Many questions have surrounded the upcoming Monkey Island bundle from Limited Run, so we decided to put our Pulitzer Prize winning* journalist, elTee, on the case. In his interview with the company, you can among other things learn about the edition of Tales they have included:

I received the files for TMI last week but I haven't had the chance to verify anything yet. My gut feeling would be that I was sent the latest and greatest versions of each episode, so my assumption would be that we have the Earl Boen version.

Go read the whole thing right now, if you know what's good for you!

* Unconfirmed.


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    Retro-and-Click on 26 Oct, 2020, 18:58…
    This interview is pure gold. Thank you Josh and LRG for listening to fans and revisiting the box!
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    Scummbuddy on 24 Oct, 2020, 02:36…
    As one of the not-so-pleased-but-vocal, thank you Josh and LRG for your fandom and listening to us crazed fans. It really does mean a lot. In fact, I ordered four games from you all just today BEFORE I saw this article, so please know I hadn't written you all off. I'm still happy to support you all. I was perhaps the first one to report to Mojo over a year ago when you first made your Monkey Island announcement and had been feverishly awaiting the release. That I'm sure factored into some of my displeasure with the reveal. I absolutely appreciate your team's effort to reevaluate the Special Edition but I'm sure it's a mighty task anyways. Thank you for being able to do this. (Plus I'm amazed that it wasn't LRG that approached Disney/LA. That's wonderful that you all were sought out and that they weren't just sitting on their IP)
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    LuigiHann on 23 Oct, 2020, 23:51…
    This sounds pretty promising. I'm glad they're looking at revisiting the box, that did feel like a weak point. Everything else seems pretty neat.
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    AlfredJ on 23 Oct, 2020, 21:59…
    I kinda feel bad for those guys for all the negative reactions - I love that they're doing this and trying to do it right. Their hearts definitely seem to be in the right place for this.

    Really curious to see what's next. The possibility of a Grim Fandango statue is making my mouth water.

    Also, I think that Sam & Max hint is a scoop for Mojo??? You guys are putting in the journalistic work. Love it.

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