Mixnmojo selflessly donates April Fools 2002 material for educational purposes 11 Apr, 2022 / 3 comments

Our most legendary April Fools prank, never to be topped, was the successful counterfeit of some “leaked audio” from a fabricated fifth Monkey Island game called Return to Monkey Island (ahem) back in 2002. This prank was carried out by a previous generation of the staff with exacting fastidiousness, employing the help of professional resources, toward the goal of abject cruelty.

Some of the fake dialog lines even wound up in Tales of Monkey Island, earning Mojo billions in royalties that it defiantly insisted be given to a worthy children’s hospital, after The SCUMM Bar achieves solvency.

But with the 20th anniversary of the web’s finest prank having passed, few are alive who remember it firsthand. The issue of preservation thus announces itself. Dom already did his part by filing the audio files safely away on, ensuring its survival of extinction events. The problem is that these mp3s, impeccably produced though they are, remain estranged from their context. Sure, the old news posts they belong to technically still exist, but only as sad phantoms of brokens links and absence media.

”What is to be done about this?” is a question you shriek to the heavens with knowing urgency, given that an imposter Return to Monkey Island looms and threatens to permanently supplant the real McCoy in perpetuity’s memory.

Well, we just handle it, of course. Now settle down, and try to have more faith next time.



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    ThunderPeel2001 on 11 Apr, 2022, 11:42…
    That was an excellent read! The best part is the comments on the original post.

    Was Ron a fan of this joke? Did he take the title from here? And is there an alternative universe where Mojo posted this 10 years later, the same time as Ron made his announcement, and reality and fiction got totally mixed up?
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    Goury1 on 11 Apr, 2022, 09:09…
    What a coincidance! I've asked Dominic Armato where I can find his voice clip of Largo LeGrande only yesterday on Twitter!

    Thanks for sharing it! I've been trying to locate these files for some time now!

    I hope Largo returns in RtMI! :)
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    OzzieMonkey on 11 Apr, 2022, 03:35…
    I've wanted a new Monkey Island game to use this title ever since I discovered Mojo's prank. It is honestly so satisfying to see everything come full circle like this. Now all we need is Dom to voice Largo for real in this game (Though James Arnold Taylor did a great job in MI2:SE)

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