LucasArts have struck a very interesting deal with Blockbuster Video (US). It's basically an exclusive rental/sale agreement for the N64 version of Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine. I'll let part of the press release explain:

Indiana Jones' Debut On Nintendo 64 to be Available For Purchase or Rental Through Participating Blockbuster Stores Nationwide This December

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. -- October 30, 2000 -- LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC today announced that Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine for Nintendo 64 will be distributed in December 2000 as a retail exclusive with Blockbuster stores nationwide. The action-packed game can be rented at participating Blockbuster store locations, as well as purchased on each company's Web site, or

Nintendo 64 titles have consistently been one of the most popular video game rentals at Blockbuster, and the retailer will employ their "Guaranteed To Be There" program at participating store locations for Indy's Nintendo 64 debut. Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine also will be available as a previously played game (PPG) in Blockbuster stores following its new release period.

"This distribution arrangement represents a unique retail opportunity for LucasArts and Blockbuster and will greatly benefit Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine," says Mary Bihr, vice president, worldwide sales and marketing for LucasArts.

Read the full press release here

Hello my young padawans! It's Narrative here! Just a update to give you some juicy Star Wars: Episode II details and a quick note about what role in Mixnmojo. I'll be giving all the latest Star Wars and Episode II news for Mixnmojo when it breaks. At the moment my life is very hectic and busy with work and college, but hopefully you'll see me more on IRC and updateing the News over the next few months up to Christmas.

Without further ado, here some Episode II plot details that have been recently un-covered. Please bear in mind that my LucasFilm updates will contain spoilers so you might want to reconfigure your "My Mixnmojo" account if you don't want to read spoilers. Also bear in mind that from time to time, some things reported may not be 100% accurate due to the nature of Episode II news on the internet. Anyway... Some spies for were able to report the following:

Some of the first gripping scenes from Episode II shortly after the opening crawl include an assassination attempt on the life of the Senator of Naboo, M'Lady Padm? Amidala.
A new character to replace Panaka, Captain Typho, is in charge over the protection of the young senator. In the confusion around the attempt on her life, one of her loyal handmaidens named Cord? is killed as she doubled for the Padm?. In a tender scene Padm? holds the young girl in her arms, torn between what she must do and her passion for her people.

The tragic and disturbing news of Senator Amidala of the Naboo system's assassination spreads quickly through the galaxy, resonating in the great halls of the Galactic Senate Chamber.
Apparently the sources of these plot leaks are reliable and from what I've heard so far about Episode II, it is most probably true. Another plot leak is about a new character called Uv Gizen:
Uv Gizen is an aide to the Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and will be seen in Senate sequences with the former representative of Naboo.
Sounds very interesting!

Source: TheForce.Net


It's all work and no play for LucasArts on Halloween, as they publish this surprise press release.

Apparently, they are releasing X-Wing, Tie Fighter, X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter and lots of bonus missions in one big collection, all for: $29.95!

Here's an excerpt:

The galaxy's most popular Star Wars combat flight simulation games return this holiday season with the release of Star Wars: X-Wing Trilogy from LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC. The value-oriented compilation will retail for an estimated street price of $29.95 and include the award-winning LucasArts titles X-Wing?, TIE Fighter?, and X-Wing? Alliance? as well as the bonus sample X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter: Flight School?. X-Wing Trilogy is expected to release November 2000.

I can't wait - I just hope it finds it's way to the UK.

Happy Halloween folks, go out there and spook some old folk into giving you candy delights, or if your british then you'll probably get an old penguin bar thats been left in the back of the cupboard, or the chese flavour crisps that no one likes.

Anyways, to celebrate this spook fest we had a little logo made up (see above) courtesy of Jake, who is having a duel celebration, because he is 20 today. So happy birthday to him as well !
LucasArts have also made their site a tad more spine chilling.. woooooo go look see. Any other spooky site decorations? let us know in the comments!

We're running a poll to see if making a WAP site is worth our while. For anyone who doesnt know WAP is Wireless Application Protocol, and basically means you can recieve mojo news on your mobile phone. Please vote and let us know!

Speaking of mobiles, Milegend has the codes to add the Monkey Island theme tune to your phone as a ringing tone.

Today we launch the second of our exclusive Super Bombad Racing screenshots, courtesy of LucasLearning. In this shot we can see Darth Maul losing in 5th place in his Sith Interceptor, whilst little cute Battle droids wander about the track! More next week!

If you are interested in helping out with our Starwars / LucasLearning coverage, or would like to add your related site to our network, please get in contact with me.

Ok Here are a few Release dates for Escape From Monkey Island. Those of you lucky enough to be living in the USA will get EMI first, on Nov 6th. The UK gets it's shipments on Nov 17th, and Spain gets theirs on the 24th. The Spanish date might reflect the rest of Europe, but I'm not sure. If you know of any other dates, please post them as comments.

A new Adventure Project has joined Mixnmojo. The Adventure game is a great looking project, with fantastic art work and a cool sounding story. The game will be using the SCRAMM engine (if its ever released) and i advise you go check it out. Weclome to our Community!

The Second part of the Mokney Center's exclusive interview Interview with Dominic Armato (the voice of Guybrush, CMI + EMI) is up now, you can see it here,

Today, alongside the LEC Insider newsletter i recieved issue 1 of the LucasLearning 'Spark!' newsletter. In which it talks about some crazy looking little games:

Star Wars math: Jabbas game galaxy? (ages 6-8) In which you have to play little puzzle games to earn credits and fix your crashed ship.

Also,Star Wars Early Learning Activity Center? (ages 4-6) I which you can "Do a little "Deesco" dancing with Jar Jar Binks" amongst other crazy things.

Most importantly of all, to any readers slightly older that 7, is the Bombad Racing section which has an 'ask the team' style question
Who came up with those funny big heads in the Super Bombad Racing game?
Super Bombad Racing was created by the Lucas Learning art group. You can read more from the lead artist here
Finally, probably the coolest thing is the Halloween StarWars Costume creator where you can dress up SW characters in Halloween gear and send them to friends as an E-card.

As if there wasn't enough EMI news! Andy Mishler has informed us that the EMI screenshot section has updated with what appears to be either the back of the EMI box or possibly an inside front cover flap. The image depicts Guybrush doing some sort of kung fu action stance, proclaiming "Now in Srurvy Inducing 3D!" below his feet (Also: note the much rumored "" URL is printed on this back cover image, but it still doesn't point to the EMI site). Also, as is standard with MI boxes, the back contains an excerpt from the Memoirs of Guybrush Threepwood, the Monkey Island years. Andy also pointed out that Amazon has updated their cover to reflect the slight change in Guybrush's face, the new slogan at the bottom (which to the horror of many is written in ... comic sans) and a note saying the game includes a "free Quick Path walkthrough from Prima Games." Pictures are included below for your browsing convenience.

Source: Andy Mishler


The LucasArts Insider #3, emailed earlier this evening, also mentioned the great news that Battle for Naboo and Indy: Infernal Machine, both for N64, have gone gold, and are expected to be in stores December 18, and December 11 respectively. On the PlayStation front, Star Wars: Demolition has gone gold as well! It is expected to be in stores the week of November 13.

The LucasArts Insider #3 email newsletter just arrived (for many, some get it a day late it seems), containing some great news. Most notable in the news is that Escape From Monkey Island has gone gold! (For those who don't know, "gold" is short for "golden master," the term used for the copy of the software completely ready to go off for duplication) The newsletter continues, saying EMI is "Expected in stores the week of November 6th!" So there you have it!

A Source that has yet to be confirmed has told us that LucasArts has announced Escape from Monkey Island as gone gold. I personally dont see anything about it anywhere so dont go believing it quite yet. This 'rumour' could be based on the fact that some game stores say they will have it in on Nov 6th, 2 weeks before scheduled release. More to come shortly - I think we might have heard a little more about this if it were true, but we shall see..

Source: Doug Tabacco


The Monkey Center has landed an Interview with none other than Dominic Armato, The fantastic voice actor of Guybrush Threepwood.
I'd give my right arm, or at least some other substantial appendage, to be able to do the voice for the first two games in the series. I was a huge MI fan long before CMI was even being considered, and I'd love to hear them voiced... especially if I'm doing the voices :-)
LucasArts take note of the above please!

The Fantatic EMI site has posted a general Monkey Island strategy guide. This guide attempts to explain to beginners how to play the games successfully.
When it comes to strategy in adventure games, one must remember: walk-throughs are not the way to go. Granted walk-throughs may solve a puzzle that you have been working hard on for hours, but the problem with walk- throughs is that they are very addictive
You can read the guide here



There is another preview of Escape from monkey Island up online, this time though it's a MAC preview on You can read it here

Update: I have just learned that this is infact not a preview, but rather an entry in their databse of Mac games. I've also learned that coming soon to their site will be an interesting exclusive EMI Mac feature, so stay tuned!

Today we post the first of 4 Exclusive new screenshots of Bombad racing, the Mario kart style StarWars racer from Lucas Learning, as our featured pic. This pic is from the PSX2 version of the game. The following 3 pics will appear once a week for the next few weeks, which will lead us up to an Exclusive Interview with the Bombad Racing development Team.
Thanks goes to LucasLearning for this great opportunity.

Yes that's right. It's time for another one of DJG's lengthy posts explaining all of the nitty gritty details of the new board. :) Anyway, here we go with the help of the trusty <li> tag:
  • First of all, check out the new board here.
  • To post a message, use your Mojo7 login (the one you use to customize news, etc..) If you don't have one, then sign up.
  • If you are logged in to Mojo7, you should automatically be logged into the board and the opposite is also true.
  • For those of you who want to use a signature in your messages, edit your Mojo7 user preferences and it should be there.
  • The script we're using, Phorum allows you to view messages in a threaded view a la WWWBoard, or in a flat view for all of you UBB people out there.

    That's all there really is too it, so with that said, enjoy the new boards! :)

  • As you all have noticed, the board is down.. well instead of fixing it we made a new one which is linked in with the My.Mixnmojo DB. (meaning you can always be logged in) This new board will be up within days, and fear not, for it is threaded! Apologies for the downtime.

    GamePen recently posted an artical called The Grumpy Old Man of Gaming. It is basically more about LEC closing down fan games, and more specifically, Legends of LeChuck, by our very own Matt Shaw (Narrative).
    The Collum has a reply from the PR Dept. of LEC:
    In addition, over the past few months we've become proactive in working with numerous fan sites such as and the We've provided them with exclusive interviews with various game teams and the president of LucasArts, as well as demos of upcoming games (Escape from Monkey Island)....(Snip)....The bottom line is that we truly appreciate and respect our fans but we also have a responsibility to protect our property. We hope our fans will understand and respect our position on this.
    Interesting huh? Well the article is very interesting and delves into some topics I know every one of us has discussed over the last few months. Read it, and it's reply, you might learn someting.

    Source: The Scumm Bar


    The Clearly Unofficial MI Website has put together a collection of all the (known) characters in EMI along with all their characters. Along with a few you may not have seen before! Be sure to check it out!

    LEC has once again updated their site with new screenshots, concept art, polls, and yes, a new Ask The Team question. This one concerens EMI, and some suprising news.
    Here it is:

    Q: I've heard that you will be able to play as Elaine Marley in certain points of "Escape from Monkey Island". Is this true?

    LEC: We've heard that, too. But no, it's not true. Elaine is her own person, and really hates other people telling her what to do.

    So for now, it seems we will only be able to control Good Ol' Guybrush.
    Check it out


    Another episode two pic has been released at The photo, taken by George Lucas, is of the canadian actor Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker). Take a look

    The LucasArts Company Store updated today with the announcement of an official Monkey Island sweatshirt available for preorder! The sweatshirt, not actually available until November, is a dark greyish-green, and features the EMI rendetion of the Zombie Pirate LeChuck (from CMI) -- a little odd, but doesnt look bad or anything (it in fact looks good! Click here for a closer look).

    "Back in the day" LucasArts' store catalog was packed with merchandise related to their games, including tshirts, pens, pins, keychains, mugs, etc, but most of that stopped with the dissapearance of the quarterly releases of the Adventurer magazine/catalog. This sweatshirt is, as far as I remember, the first non-promotional (not shipped with preorder, etc) item of this kind to hit the Company Store in a while. Lets hope the trend continues!

    The site has published a program with which you can view the background pictures from Escape from Monkey Island. With this he managed to extract a picture of "Timmy's House": a strange and simple picture made in paint or someting. Some of you may have seen this before when someone in #MI managed to get a screenshot of it when his demo crashed.

    The picture found resembles very closley the picture found in CMI with Scumm Revisited which you can see here. "What is it with hiding such lame things inside these games that makes you all so happy?" you might ask... Well: they make us laugh!

    LucasArts has posted the transcript from the public chat with EMI project leads Mike Stemmle and Sean Clark, which took place yesterday evening. In the room I was in, the general opinion was that the (made up) award for most cleverly worded question went to "Various reviews say that your games have "Monty Python-style" humour. Was this the chief inspiration for the games? Or, was it something completely different?". You really should be gone reading by now! Also, for those of you who missed the chats with LucasArts president Simon Jeffery, those transcripts are (still) available here.

    Also if you are Spanish, this site has translated the Log from yesterday into Spanish for your reading pleasure!

    A lot of pictures of Star Wars: Episode 2 have accumulated scince early august. There is now a total of 13 pictures. Check it out!
    Sorry about not updating about this for a while, I've been too wrapped up in EMI.

    Right in all the server confusion and moving, I clean forgot about this article! But now I've remembered, and I can present you with the 5th part of the Old Days article.
    For those of you who dont know what it is or haven't read the other parts, the article covers what the early days of the online Monkey Island fan communiy were all about! This, the penultimate part, is about the Legendary site: LucasFans, run by Swrodmaster. Enjoy!

    Gameslice have got an interview posted with Justin Chin (Jedi Knight Project Leader) and Che-Yuan Wang (another ex-LEC employee). It covers their plans on developing an Xbox-only title to be published by THQ.

    Source: Frightener


    Just thought I'd update everyone with how the server problems are. Good news is that all seems to be running ok, hopefully there will be no more hiccups from now on. The only problem we had was that when they isntalled the new HD they accidentally deleted all our stuff, and restored it from a back up. Unfortunatley this back up was a week old (Grrrrrr), so any html updates and things will need to be made again, this includes hosted sites. So anyways sorry about that and Here's to everything being ok atlast.

    The LucasArts-sponsored chat with Escape from Monkey Island project leaders Mike Stemmle and Sean Clark went off without problem this evening (unlike the chat with LEC president Simon Jeffery, which fell prey to countless server crashes and evnetually a rescheduling). It seemed that people thought the questions chosen by the chat moderator were hit and miss (asking questions that had been asked previously in the numerous magazine interviews with the pair, or going off topic to the point that text-based groans were being emitted from the croud), but on the whole it was quite fun, and at times informative. For those of you who missed it, LucasArts should be posting a log soon. Of course if we or another site get one up before we'll post it here.

    I was given a url to a site called FatRumours upon which the follwing was to be said:
    "There was a recent announcement from Lucas Arts Entertainment that their Obi Wan project has fallen out of the year's release schedule. Rumor has it the project leader on the thing for the last 3 years was one Stephen Shaw, who previously headed up the Mysteries of the Sith project. At Lucas Arts, project leaders are the producer & lead designer and overall dictators over their projects.
    What the announcement failed to mention was management is pulling Shaw off the project and behind the decision was a classic "palace coup" with the entire team, sparked by the current lead programmer (the 4th or 5th on the project thus far). Shaw was on vacation when the decision was made, and he was even asked to delay his return for another week while management sorted things out with the team. Eventually the decision was to remove him from the project and admit to the inevitable delay.

    Apparently Shaw is now working on some sort of "special projects team," which everybody knows is essentially one foot out the door. "
    Hmm interesting, I have no idea how they know this.. or whether its true or not but hey! it's news!

    We are now on a new hard drive meaning all the problems we were having with space are now well and truly sorted! I'm not sure if everything is working.. but if it isnt, it will soon.
    The new hard drive means we can bash out all our new sections, new sites and get the downlaods up for y'all. Hooray

    As of Friday The Thirteenth, the EMI Soundtrack Petition is over. It closed with a total of 965 signatures. Do you think that will be good enough to convince LEC to make an EMI soundtrack? Voice your opinion in the poll!

    Another EMI demo review has popped up at The most of it has been said before, and it goes down well with the reviewer who finishes the review with a statement i think we all have on our minds;
    p.s. and all I could think through the whole demo was how cool Sam and Max would look in a 3D game of their own. (hint, hint Lucasarts).
    Hint hint indeed LucasArts!

    Mac using Episode I: Racer owners should be pleased to know that you can now play multiplayer Internet games of Racer thanks to the handy netgaming and chat program GameRanger. Up until now Racer could only be played against others on a local area network. More at LucasMacs.

    Once again i find myself having to apologise for down time. This time however i hope i have sorted it out. At great expense i have ordered an additional Hard drive to be fitted to the server which should sort out most problems. It also means that our downloads may well be online sooner than planned. Stay tuned and we'll stay online... with any luck. Oh and any religious people please pray for us to any gods you worship =) that is all.

    LEC has performed it's weekly site update yet again. This time it includes some new Star Wars: Starfighter screenshots, A chat with the EMI project leaders, Sean Clark & Mike Stemmle. Also there is Grim Fandango deal in their store, If you order Grim Fandango now you get a.... TASTE OF THIS FINE MOUTHWASH! Just kidding, you get a copy of the Grim Fandngo soundtrack FREE! GO! BUY! NOW!

    Already think you're going to need a helping hand through EMI? Too afraid to post to the Mojo message boards? Well, you're in luck, as apparently you can already order the Strategy Guide to EMI from Prima (filed under the general category of "books." At first I thought it was a novelization of EMI... that would be interesting!). Whether LucasArts will release an official guide themselves is still to be seen.

    Update: Apparently I'm behind in the times. Swordmaster was kind enough to point out that Prima is the publisher of the official LucasArts guides. So just go buy it now, as Jo Ashburn's guides are always a great read (don't forget to beat the game first if you're reading it for personal enjoyment)!

    Also while browsing Amazon I noticed that they were selling Curse of Monkey Island, jewel case only (that means without a box), for $9.99. Thats a good deal, especially for people who haven't yet played CMI and need to catch up on it before EMI comes out!


    Gamespy has released a few "exclusive" EMI screenshots. Check them out here. Also, it seems that the release date of Star Wars: Obi-wan has been delayed into some time in 2001.

    We've had a bit of news here from Frightener - I'll let him explain:

    For the next 48 hours, Compuexpert is offering adventure gamers the jewel case version of Grim Fandango for $9.90. Limited supplies and a limit of one per customer, grab your copy now! As of this post there's 43 hours left to take advantage of this offer!

    This a deal if ever I heard one!

    Source: Frightener


    Star Wars: Demolition seems to be shaping into quite a nice little game to add to your collection. In this interview at Checkout.Com, Mike Gallo (the project leader), shares his insights into the game and has some interesting things to say. Read on!

    We're getting into the E3 games now: LucasArts has announced that the Dreamcast game 'Jedi Power Battles' is available to buy. You can order it directly from their company store here.

    There is an interesting Interview over at Tendo box with Brett Tosti, Project Leader for Battle for Naboo. Here's a snippet;
    Tendo Box: We understand the game uses the same game engine as Rogue Squadron. What modifications were needed to the engine for this title?

    Brett: Battle for Naboo does not use the same engine as Rogue Squadron. We are using some portions of Rogue's code but the majority of the engine is new. This was necessary to accommodate ground combat as well as air combat. We also wanted to have further drawing distances and more detail in our environments. These new features required a new engine. .
    The interview is accompanied by some great concept art and a photo of the BFN team.

    A while ago lucasarts had a poll about Guybrush running for president, well UGO have taken that a bit further;
    When we heard that independent presidential candidate Guybrush Threepwood had selected zombie/ghost/demon pirate LeChuck as his running mate, we were skeptical. The two have been politically and personally opposed for so long that it seemed like quite a mismatch...not to mention LeChuck?s tendency toward lunacy. After witnessing the spooky sailor?s performance in the vice presidential debates (in which he forced his opponents to walk the plank), however, we?re ecstatic. Onward to November!
    They then go on to link to various reviews and related EMI articles with lots of amusing introductions involving GT & LC's presidential campaign. Look for the pictures of Gubrush on this page

    I've updated the Things to try page of our EMI Demo review with all the stuff posted about earlier, and some more updated stuff including how to play the .lab movie files. Once again i got all the info From The ScummBar!

    Whilst we are on the subject of EMI (which we are a lot at the moment..) may I just remind you that there are only 3 more days left in which to sign the EMI Soundtrack petition! Go! Go! Go!

    I was sent this hilarious picture of a slight bug in the EMI Demo by 'wormy'. In it we see that the Demolition expert has shrunken to the size of a cat capice? I'm not sure how this kind of thing can occur, but it's funny none the less!
    If you have any more funnny EMI pics, send 'em in to me!

    The #monkey-island homepage is finally online. The aptly named chat room is on DAL net and this home page has news and info for all regular chatters, and even 'newbies'
    This info used to live on the Scummbar where the chat originated from, but has grown so popular it has left to spawn a whole site!

    There is a preview of Obi-Wan up at which includes a nice collection of screenshots from the game. here's the intro:
    Although not officially dubbed as a sequel, Obi Wan is in fact, the continuation of the famous Dark Forces series from Lucas Arts. Over the past two and a quarter decades the Star Wars franchise has served as an inspiration to many generations of gamers, including myself. George Lucas' universe pushed the limits of our imagination further than we ever thought possible with an elaborate space adventure set in the future of shining knights and high-energy light sabres.

    This is the first thing we've heard about the game in a while now.. maybe more will be uncovered soon

    Source: Lucasgames


    News reaches me that the just released Escape from Monkey Island Demo has some great tweaks. As well as the reported fact that you can rename the .lab music files in /music to .mp3 and play them, there are a whole bunch of cool things you can edit!
    Undocumented Hotkeys:

    Strg+M -Movement Modes
    Alt+Q -Exit-Menu
    Alt+X -Exit-Menu
    O -Open the Map

    Command line options of "monkey4.exe":

    -cd -start EMI without the launcher
    -t -write the "Escape From Monkey Island Dialog Transcript" to
    -fps -??? (frames per second)
    -cdf -???
    -l -??? (error)
    -w -window mode
    -gl -OpenGL mode

    The Scummbar has a whole load more on the site including the nicely named 'mario mode'! Thanks to all who contributed that news!

    If you are Spanish or French or speak either of those languages then you'll be pleased to know that a version of the Demo is now available for download that has been translated for you.
    Spanish : small | medium | large

    French versions can be found on
    French: small | medium | large

    The file sizes of the demos are 35mb, 81mb and 119.mb, Thanks to Claudio and Vincent for the news

    Source: The Scummbar


    Still having problems with the Emi Demo ? well fear not because The Scummbar team have put together this trouble shooter where you can find help !
    You might also want to check out this post on our Trouble shooting forums, where 'Trinity' has posted a long and detailed email from LucasArts Tech support.

    The Mac news press agrees: of all the games announced by Aspyr this weekend the most anticipated of the lot is Escape From Monkey Island. Top news sites MacCentral and InsideMacGames are already warming up the hype machine, running articles touting the potential return of LucasArts to the Mac platform. More details on this as well as vague rumors and speculation on a Mac version of Episode I: Obi-Wan, today at LucasMacs.

    LucasArts' new screen of the week is from the upcoming Dreamcast game 'Demolition'. It looks quite cool, but it's kind of hard to see what's going on. Check it out here.

    Source: LucasGames


    Next game had the chance to chat with Stephen Shaw - 'the man behind' the upcoming LEC FPS; Obi-Wan. The interview is accompanied by a few screenshots and some concept art and details a lot of the prodction methods of the game.
    News we missed out on however is that the release date for the game has been pushed back, and will not be making an appearance this year. No date is specified yet, so hopefully we will see one soon.

    If you are having trouble running the EMI Demo on Windows 2000 then NT Compatible has the answer:

    After the WinExec failed error, click on OK, open explorer, go to the WINNTTemp directory, and run mnkydemo.exe

    Thanks for that, seems easy enough !

    Source: Bluesnews


    The German MI Site has some unreleased footage of Lucre Island from EMI. This footage is not from the Demo (because that island wasnt in it ! God only knows how they get all this stuff...) Anyway, the demo is in MPeg format and the page is in German Bluesnews suggests using Babel Fish to translate

    Source: Bluesnews


    Well I can finallly say that we are up and currently fixing all the problems we have. If you have an email address or rather HAD an email address, then youll be wanting to email me to get it back again
    The Hosted sites that dont work will be fixed as soon as possible ! Sorry for all the problems, now lets bring you some news !

    So the demo isn't enough for you, eh? Well if thats the case you're in luck, as LucasArts has updated their EMI product spotlight with some concept art, character biographies, and shots of what looks to be maps of all of the game's islands, although Monkey Island is still remaining mysterious (secretive even). If I'm not mistaken this is our first look at the fairly small, yet cleverly named, Knuttin Atoll (could Knuttin be the "half" of the "two and a half" islands Sean Clark was talking about in the GameSlice interview?). You can see a few of the screenshots below.

    Software Developer Aspyr Media has been contracted to make a port of LucasArts' upcoming game Escape from Monkey Island for the Macintosh! Big news for all of you Mac users out there. For more information, check out Mixnmojo's own LucasMacs.

    LucasArts has updated their Escape from Monkey Island page today, updating it from an "In Production" feature to a full blown product spotlight. This of course came about with todays releasing of the playable EMI demo, currently available for download in four formats (Large, Not-So-Large, Small, and cinematics only) from this location at as well as our list of mirrors below. We'll have more to come soon, including our own review! Here's the list of mirrors.

    IGNDC have just put up their review of LucasArts Jedi Power Battles for the Dreamcast. We'll have our full review soon, in the meantime, you can read the IGN article here.

    Welcome to the all new Mixnmojo! We're sorry it took so long to re-open, we had some real problems this last week, as you may have noticed. Anyways, we know its a bit rough on the slower modem goers, but you have to admit; it look gorgeous! There are a few changes and new features to make note of, and below DJG will explain all. There are bound to be a bunch of bugs, as we're still buried up to our necks in things to fix or polish up, but if you find any you can report them if you like , just mail Spaff! Enjoy!

    Also we will be mirroring the Escape From Monkey Island demo very soon, and later today will be posting a demo review, walkthrough, and more. Its great to be back! And dont forget to create your Mixnmojo user account!


    If you're reading this then you've probably noticed the fact that the new International House of Mojo, (Mojo 7) is now up and running. What's this sign up feature you ask? What happened to the newsletter? How do I choose news? Well hopefully this post'll be helpful to you so here's your introduction to the new system:

    First off, sign up and enter in your desired username, password, e-mail address, and select what type of news you would like to see on the page. Also, select the number of news posts you would like to see on the main page when logged in. The default is 20 posts. If you want to recieve the Mixnmojo newsletter then simply check the box. Note: You MUST sign up in order to recieve the newsletter.

    Fill out the rest of the form and hit the submit button and your new user should be ready to use! Simply log in at the main page and if you chose not to select let's say... oh I don't know... "STAR WARS NEWS" then it should have disappeared.

    So have fun with the new system and if anything breaks, drop a line to the Mixnmojo Webmonkeys.

    Lots of great EMI news, Firstly LucasArts have organised an online chat with Sean Clarke and Michael Stemmle; The chat is scheduled for Tuesday, October 17th from 6-7pm PST. The chat room will open around 5:30pm so you can hang out with other Monkey Island fans and send in some questions before the event begins.

    Right also Amazon are doing a great deal whereby you preorder EMI and get Grim Fandango FREE!

    The EMI Demo is set to be released this friday (October 6th) the demo is 116mb download, and 130mb installed.

    Finally LucasArts Insider newsletter brought us a look at the EMI box art, although it was apparently an exclusive, this box art was seen a few days before on See below.


    'The Insider' #2 Brings us news that Jedi Power Battles Dreamcast has gone gold ! which means it will be hitting the shelves incredibly soon !
    Sporting 60 frames per second, an entirely new Jedi (Ki-Adi Mundi) and a new Versus mode, Jedi Power Battles Dreamcast has Gone Gold and will be available soon! You can pre-order your copy now in the LucasArts Company Store
    Dont you think you should!?

    LucasArts have released their members only newsletter; 'The Insider'. This months brings us some interesting and exclusive news which the following news posts will cover ! If you want to join up to be a member, head on over to the LucasArts site.