Return of Merchandise? 19 Oct, 2000, 23:52 / 3 comments

The LucasArts Company Store updated today with the announcement of an official Monkey Island sweatshirt available for preorder! The sweatshirt, not actually available until November, is a dark greyish-green, and features the EMI rendetion of the Zombie Pirate LeChuck (from CMI) -- a little odd, but doesnt look bad or anything (it in fact looks good! Click here for a closer look).

"Back in the day" LucasArts' store catalog was packed with merchandise related to their games, including tshirts, pens, pins, keychains, mugs, etc, but most of that stopped with the dissapearance of the quarterly releases of the Adventurer magazine/catalog. This sweatshirt is, as far as I remember, the first non-promotional (not shipped with preorder, etc) item of this kind to hit the Company Store in a while. Lets hope the trend continues!


  • Remi O on 20 Oct, 2000, 14:29…
    Notice the Lee brand too - that's pretty good quality.
  • Jake on 20 Oct, 2000, 03:17…
    I'm betting the shirt will look exactly like that! Its totally cool looking. I just think its weird that they didnt use either the CMI LeChuck as he appeared in CMI, or the EMI LeChuck however he will be appearing in EMI. Regardless, I'm buying one!
  • TaXicab on 20 Oct, 2000, 02:12…
    that doesnt look like an actual decal, or embroiderment, it just looks like a green sweatshirt w/ a picture of LeChuck, superimposed on it. It doesnt appear to accurately represent the actual sweatshirt.