Aric Wilmunder interviewed by The Retro Hour 21 Oct, 2023 / 2 comments

For their 400th episode, popular podcast The Retro Hour have a two-part interview with Aric Wilmunder. Aric always has plenty of interesting stories so this will be well worth a listen.

Our only fear with posting interviews like this is that Mojo CEO Thrik will demand that we jump back on the podcast bandwagon. Look out for our 15 part retrospective on Star Wars: Pit Droids soon.

Source: The Retro Hour



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    Laserschwert on 23 Oct, 2023, 08:04…
    Because not everybody is Daniel Albu.
  • Avatar of the CEO
    Thrik on 22 Oct, 2023, 16:18…
    My only question is: why is this just an hour long when it could be four?

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