Michael Lands a New Interview 08 Jan, 2024 / 2 comments

Did you know that Michael Land composed The Secret of Monkey Island theme in fifteen minutes? Or that LeChuck’s theme was conceived at a urinal? These are just some of the crazy facts you’ll learn in the latest entry of the “Conversation” series:


Almost three hours long, so buckle down!



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    Remi on 08 Jan, 2024, 17:25…


    Also, Michael seems to by such a chill guy

    Definitely worth mentioning that he’s a total class act.
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    Laserschwert on 08 Jan, 2024, 15:34…
    Another banger. Also, Michael seems to by such a chill guy, I sometimes had the impression his video feed froze (no pun intended... even though it's a good one).

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