DREAMM a Little DREAMM of Demos 19 Dec, 2023 / 2 comments

So, you’ve already downloaded DREAMM to play all those classic LEC games—that’s just the connoisseur you are. But, instead of going through Zak for the umpteenth time, you want to see something different. Something weirder. You want more.

Enter our collection of LucasArts demos.

During the nineties, there were a bunch of chunk-sized samples to try, ranging from the bizarre to pre-release bugfests. And we have collected them all for you to load into DREAMM. (Or, as it is, features editor elTee has—his Christmas bonus looks pretty sweet this year.)

Jedi Knight and Yoda Stories? They’re right there. That weird standalone Secret of Monkey Island? We got you covered. Outlaws? Grim Fandango in French? All there.

There were, of course, a million different demo bundles through the years, but seventy-one different picks should be enough to get you started. We even provided a handy little filter for a smoother search.

Run download to your heart’s content, if only to summon your inner elTee!

(Oh, we added demos for non-PC platforms, too. Give ’em a try in ScummVM, too!)



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    Thrik on 22 Dec, 2023, 15:30…
    It was great how they mashed up Melee Town to make the Monkey Island demo(s). I also really enjoyed how Curse of Monkey Island had so many beta assets in, giving us different music to enjoy and insight into the development of the art.
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    Jennifer on 19 Dec, 2023, 19:42…
    I miss the days when demos were commonplace. I still remember the excitement I got from playing the Grim Fandango demo before the whole game was released.

    My favorite types of demos are those that show off the game world but have a different story. Passport to Adventure in particular is a favorite of mine.

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