April Fools 2002 Mar 31, 2002: "MI5 Continued" (Spaff, on Mojo)

We're back with another MP3 from what indeed seems to be a new Monkey Island game! The anonymous person sent us this file (click here to download it), which is supposed to be from a cutscene that will be shown at this year's E3. The scene features (from what we can tell) new music and a character that hasn't been seen since MI2. Some people continue to question whether or not Dominic Armato is voicing Guybrush in these, but it appears to us that it is in fact Dom.

I've been told that we should recieve a few more samples in the coming days. Keep checking back, as we'll post the files as soon as we get them. This looks to be the real thing mates! Stay tuned!