April Fools 2002 Apr 01, 2002: "MI5: An April fools joke" (Dalixam, on World of MI)

As many of you suspected the MI5 box art we posted earlier today was fake. We assumed the sound files posted on Mixnmojo was fake and part of an April fools joke, so we decided to play along and make our own April fools joke :) I hope you're not too mad at us :)
The fake box art was created by Paco, but I think the design of it is much better than the box art for EMI. LucasArts should use this when they make MI5 for real :)

Also, Mixnmojo just posted the third leaked sound file from MI5 and with that comes clarification. Just as we suspected, the sound files were fake and a very elaborate April fools joke by Mixnmojo and Dominic Armato. The last sound file is hilarious and you can download it here.